What does “Dont judge” mean?

Whenever the word of God is spoken, in regards to what GOD SAID we are to do, and not do, Ppl mention “The bible says don’t judge.” Listen, i’m not judging you. I didn’t write these words, I didn’t come up with what’s right, and what’s wrong, I’m just repeating what God said. The Lord is JUDGING YOU, not me. He wrote these words, NOT ME. God is givnig you a chance to consider your wicked, evil ways, before you die in your sins, and perish. But do you want to know what’s judging? When you speak evil of someone (James 4:11). When you slander someone, speak down/badly about them, when you gossip about ppl. Do you know what the bible says about this? DONT speak evil of each other, he that speaks evil of his brother, and judges his brother, speaks evil of the law, and judges the law… Yet if you judge the law, you aren’t a doer of it, but a judge. In other words–When you speak evil of someone, your speaking evil of Gods law. How? Because God said don’t speak evil of ppl, so by you speaking evil of ppl, your basically speaking evil of his laws, which means your judging Gods law, and saying his laws are wrong… Yet, WHO ARE WE TO TO JUDGE GODS LAW, AND SAY WHATS RIGHT OR LONG??? WE DIDNT CREATE ANYTHING!!! CAN THE SUN TELL GOD IM NOT GOING TO SHINE ANYMORE? CAN THE MOON TELL GOD, I’M DONE GOING UP?!?! Repent!!! Jesus is coming!!! Yesterday morning in the spirit I heard the enemy trying to plant seeds of gossip, and slander… But as I wrote this post, God dropped in my spirit how slander is going rapid in the word… You have the phone carriers, slanderring each other on commercials. You have the Television, and internet carriers slandering each other. You even have the restaurants on commercials, slandering each other with their 2 for 4, and 3 for 4, and 4 for 4 deals. Not to mention all the slander we saw in the last presidential election. HE IS PLANTING SEEDS OF GOSSIP/SLANDER. Yet, this is what Satan wants… The whole world worshipping/serving/obeying him, and disobeying God… We say we believe in God, but we dont listen to him. Yet, we say we don’t believe in Satan but we listen to him… #Repent, JESUS is coming… NOTHING is too hard for God. Confess your sins, admit the wrong things you have done.. God will surely cleanse you from all your sins! (1 john 1:9)

Do you remember what God said?

God showed me this in the spirit today: The enemy wants us to forget what God said to us in the midst of trials (finacial situations, sicknesses, family situations & etc.,). The devil wants us to forget God’s promises in the midst of hardships, and sufferings. Why? The word of God is what we stand on , its what we depend on, its what we look forward to in a trial, its what we hope in, its what direct us, its what we EXPECT God to do. Therefore if we forget the word, we forget to rely, and trust in God… We forget to HOPE in Gods word, which results in us falling into sin, complaining, getting offended, being mad at God, being depressed & etc., Which is only going to set us back, verses allowing these trials we go through to take us to another level in God. Yet, I thank God that the word says the holy spirit will bring back to our rembrance alllll things God has said to us! (John 14:26) When you find yourself in a trial, pray that God gives you the strength to endure & remember what he said. Its so important that we remember what God said, and we speak what he said… God looks over his word, and he PERFORMS IT. (Jeremiah 1:12), God said just as you have spoken in my ears, that’s what I’m going to do to you! (Numbers 14:28)Therefore if you speak his word to him, he will do it! You will see God be loyal to you and perform his word. That same word that transforms us, and causes us to act like Jesus, is the same word that will transform our situation! ***This is why we have to keep our lamps filled with oil (Luke 12:35)… So in the midst of dark situations… We still have the LIGHT (the word of God) to direct us, and instruct us OUT OF the traps of the devil.

Where does Egyptology, and greek Gods come from?

Ppl are starting to go after the same idols they went after in the bible… Yet, this is EXACTLY why God is creating a NEW heaven, and a NEW earth (revelations 21:1): spirits don’t die. As long as we are in this earth, they will continue to lead humanity astray, and influence us to disobey God. How did I come up with this conclusion? God destroyed the world with a flood in the days of Noah, yet those same wicked spirits are here, Leading humanity astray, to do the same sins the world was flooded for (Genesis 6:13) . Yet, yesterday I read a scripture, where God mentioned the people loved the moon, sun, stars & etc., They served them, walked after them, sought them, & obeyed them (Jeremiah 8:2) Yet God told them in Deueteronomy 4:19, dont worship the sun, stars, moon, & etc., Yet they disobeyed God, and did it anyway. This was thousands of years ago. Yet, lately i’ve been hearing ppl say stuff like “thank you universe,” coming up with crazy reasons on why we are the way we are “because girls come from jupiter” or some other planet, i’ve heard people say the universe is in us, i’ve seen ppl worshipping these egyptology sun Gods & all type of CRAZY stuff. Yet, iIt hit me… They did this samething in the bible. In the biblical days, and the days of the Roman Empire, the ppl worshipped those Greek & Egyptology gods, who claimed to be gods of the sun, moon, stars, water, fire, having babies, love, peace, dance & etc., Yet those same spirits are beginning to manifest themselves in our time, in our days, in the ppl and cause them to seek after them. Yet, if you read the bible… BEFORE God took his ppl into the land he promised, he told them DO NOT DO AS THE CAANITES, NOR THE OTHER NATIONS… Yet when you look more into those nations you will see its because they served those greek Gods, and Egyptology Gods…. All Satan did was change their names, and had ppl worshipping the same IDOLS / DEMONS…. If you look into what those nations did, you will be able to see why God gave some of the commandments he gave in the old testament… Because those other nations were serving demons, and God didn’t want his ppl apart of it! Yet they did it anyway, and God was VERY upset with them, and his wrath came upon them. Therefore… To all of you ppl who are converting over to EGYPTOLOGY, and honoring grerk gods… & any other DEMON IS DISGUISE… #REPENT Ask God for the truth… Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior! This is not a coincidence… Instead of pushing away what I’m saying… Ask God for the truth!!! Its all in the bible!

The bible is coming to past!

They have no idea why 20,000 fish popped up dead in Canada, but if you read Hosea chapter 4 you’ll know why it happen. God said due to our disobedience he would begin to take many things away from us, including the fish. Just as parents take things from disobedient children as a form of punishment here on earth, God is doing the same thing. If the world uses that type of power for their own purposes, how much more should God use it in order to get us to turn from our wicked ways, that we may turn to him?
Hosea 4: 3 Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.

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What does the bible say about drunks?

The bible tell us that no drunkard will enter into the kingdom of God (1 corinthians 6:10). The bible also tells us what liqour/wine can do to our personality: Wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging: and whoever is deceived by it isn’t wise (Proverbs 20:1). You ever notice that when you are drunk, you end up doing things you wouldn’t do while sober? You end up doing things you wouldnt do period? And you end up making a fool of yourself? For many, a spirit of RAGE enters them, which results in them wanting to fight everybody / Say things that offend others (matthew 18:7–not to mention those sexual spirits that enter many, causing them to have sex outside of marriage). But just think, if your a DRUNK, and you get intoxicated daily, weekly, and etc., You are CONSTANTLY out of the will of God, because the liqour/wine is always causing you to make a fool of yourself from the things you do, say, think, and etc., The bible says if you are lead astray by liqour/wine, you are not wise. Therefore don’t make excuses for being a drunk. Simply confess this sin to God, and ask him to deliver you from it. Ask him for help. The word says if you confess your sins to God, he will be faithful to cleanse you of all unrighteousness, and if you repent he will remember it no more (1 John 1:9). In other words he will deliver you from being a drunk, and therefore he will forget that you were a drunk… He won’t accuse you of what you use to do in the past… Jesus love you, repent!

Do the things you laugh at please God?

When I first got saved in 2013, I stopped doing so many things instantly… & I didn’t understand why until I finally bought a bible and read it. One of the things that left was my vile sense of humor. I remember the person I was dating at the time would say “Your not fun anymore, your not funny anymore.” and I remember talking to God about it, and he gave me a answer to give the person I was dating which was “nothing is wrong with laughing, and having fun… But I don’t have to laugh at bad stuff, and sin.” In my sin I had jokes galore, I would make a joke about anything, and anybody, and I would laugh at any and everything. Yet God had to, and still is delivering me from laughing at the wrong stuff. The bible says if you rejoice in someones calamities, you will not go unpunished (proverbs 17:5) . In other words if you laugh at the unfortunate things that occur in ppl life, God will repay you. Rather the person your laughing at, heard it or not. Ppl laugh at others because their spouse left them, someone got beat up/jumped, someone was humiliated, their car messed up, and etc., & not only that people go on to make jokes about it. The bible says love doesn’t rejoice in iniquity, love rejoice in truth (1 corinthians 13:6). In other words we shouldn’t rejoice in evil occuring to someone, nor evil things said about ppl… We should rejoice in Gods promises being fulfilled in ppl lives. We should be happy about the blessings that are occuring in ppl lives: ppl getting saved, ppl getting blessed with homes, jobs, the fact they woke up today, and etc., verses getting excited, and smirking because bad things are occuring. I do not want to laugh at evil!!! #HelpUsLord #Repent #JesusIsComing Say the salvation prayer in Romans 10:9–I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that he died and rose from the dead, and Because I believe I am saved. Pretty soon the words that you just spoke will become visible in your life! Your behavior will begin to show that you believe in God! (Proverbs 18:21, romans 10:9)


God is justttt soooooo goooood!!!!!!!!!! I gave this guy some gloves last week because it was VERY cold outside, and Neriah asked mommy you gave him your gloves, why? I said because its cold and he don’t have any…. God will get me some more… So if your in Detroit, you know its been cold…. So my hands have been cold this week and those gloves would pop up in my mind, and I would just go… God will get me some more. Do you know that I went to work and this lady got me some gloves, a scarf, and a hat?!? #ThankYouJesus #Repent #JesusIsComing

Repent! Jesus Is Coming!

This country is doing so much to make everybody happy, BUT GOD… This country wants everyone to get their way, but God… Its doing things that make the homosexuals happy, the athiest happy, & so on… Yet its doing nothing to make the God we claim to believe in happy O_o #Repent God isn’t going to keep looking the other way as we live these REBELLIOUS LIVES. God is a JUST GODl, a GOD THAT CANNOT LIE (Numbers 23:19), very soon he will have to carry out his word and let his wrath come upon many… Because that’s what comes upon the disobedient children… & Its not my word that says wrath comes upon the disobedient… Its in the word of God… Read it… Learn of it… Study it… Hes coming!
Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.

Be Thankful <3

A lot of the Times we go through things, and we get mad at God, or complain… Yet instead we ought to be thankful and more appreciative… Because some ppl went through what we went through and didn’t make it out alive… Remember our situation does not determine how much God cares about us, what he did for us on the cross shows how much he cares about us. Whatever your situation may be, thank him… If you truly love him he will make it work for your good (Romans 8:28)