Bible prophecy is coming to pass!

God word is coming to pass. In the book of Matthew, the disciples asked Jesus what will be the SIGNS of his return, and what will be the SIGNS of the end of the world. One of the SIGNS that were given, that is occurring in our time is earth quakes. Jesus said their will be earthquakes in many places, and it was just a beginning of many things that would begin to happen. With that being said: Oklahoma had 7 earth quakes in 2 days. The Philippines had a earth quake recently, so did Tennessee, and Scotland had its biggest earth quake its ever had in over 30 years. God word doesn’t fail, if he says something is going to occur, it will, and as you can see it is. Therefore believe in Jesus for the salvation of your soul. The body your in has a expiration date, but the soul in your body will live forever in either heaven or hell. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, learn of him today. He loves you, and cares about you, but he doesn’t want you to prolong, nor delay your relationship with him anymore. Make him a priority. Put him first. Learn what he likes, and dislikes. Learn his ways and obey them.

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What is the circumcision? Does God still require it?

A lot of the things we read in the Old Testament is a shadow of things to come. In other words in the Old Testament God was just showing us a glimpse of what he would do in the future (Hebrew 10:1); one of those things is the circumcision. In the Old Testament, God made a covenant (agreement) with Abraham, and the Lord told Abraham this agreement is with you, Me, and your descendants FOREVER. God also told him that he would prosper him / cause him to be successful. However, another part of the agreement was that every MALE child among him, or a descendant of him (grand children/ great great great grand children) had to be circumcised. If they didn’t get circumcised they broke the agreement, and they would be cut off from the agreement (Genesis 17:1-14). Yet, today we are still required to be circumcised rather your a man, or a woman. However, it’s not a physical removal of the flesh of a penis, it’s a spiritual circumcision; a removal of ungodly/ sinful / rebellious things from our hearts. This is why romans 2:29 says:
But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. 
Meaning, a person is a child of God/ believer in Christ because of what’s going on within their heart. Circumcision is based on what’s getting cut out / removed from your heart. Circumcision is not based on you just saying your a Christian, it’s not just wearing a name tag. 
Why does our heart have to be circumcised? Our hearts contain our values, morals, desires, standards, and passions. Our hearts contain what we want, what we feel is wrong, and what we feel is right. The things we do, say, watch, & etc., is a direct indicator of what’s in our hearts, otherwise we would have no desire to do it, say it, or watch it. With that being explained know that the things in our heart isn’t always what’s in the heart of God. 
Yet, this is the circumcision: God is requiring us to put away, disagree with, refuse, refrain from everything that rebels against his word. God wants us putting away sin (lying, gossip, stealing, homosexuality, jealousy, maliciousness, arguing, & pick up love, joy, peace, faith, & etc., )
Remember, if we break the agreement, we are cut off from him (Genesis 17:14). This means that when people die in a state of mind where they agree with sin, they think it’s ok to lie, have sex and not be married, lie on ppl, be rude, disrespect their parents, oral / Anal sex, lie on ppl, & etc., they cut themselves off from God forever, and they end up in hell (revelations 21:8). 
Now ask yourself, how many ppl do you know that agrees with / willingly do the things listed above??? This is why the Bible says MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN (Matthew 22:14). All hear the word of God, but few obey what God said, therefore few are chosen to enter the kingdom of God. Alotttt of ppl will enter hell if they don’t repent. Yet God wants me to tell you that hell isn’t your portion, it isn’t your lot. It isn’t your dwelling place. Believe in Jesus, believe that God will change you, and He will free you from every unnatural, evil desire that is in our heart. Let the Holy Spirit circumcise your heart, and remove things from your heart that doesn’t belong. Let the word of God correct you and remove things out of your heart that doesn’t belong. Just believe that God will do it. Believe that God ways are right. God will perfect that concerning you. ❤️

The word of God is coming to past! 

This is not a time to backslide, this is a time to draw near to God. The solar eclipse that’s going to occur this month is the word of God becoming visible, it’s the word of God manifesting, it’s God being faithful, it’s a WARNING. It’s a SIGN that Jesus will come for his people soon. Yet, if you don’t read the Bible how will you know the signs? How will you be able to identify the signs that Jesus is about to return, considering he gave us the signs in the Bible, if you don’t read it? You’ll just think it’s getting bad, crazy, and etc., Yet, if you read the Bible you’ll see that God word doesn’t fall to the ground, and God does what he says he’ll do. 
Acts 2:20 tells us The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:
This month the sun is going to go BLACK, it’s going to be turned into DARKNESS. Many call it a solar eclipse, yet it’s God performing his word. The word of God says God will turn the sun into darkness before his return. He already turned the moon blood red twice in 2014, and twice in 2015. REPENT PPL, believe the gospel! Say “Lord please forgive me for my sins, I have done wickedly by not obeying you, yet you have been faithful and kind to me. Forgive my ancestors as well for not walking in your ways. Please come into my heart and transform me, and make me born again (John 3:5). Cause me to endure til the end and trust in you forever. I thank you that your blood covers my family and I. Amen”

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Do you feel God is mad at you?

God is breaking off these liessss!!!! When we are turning from our sins, and truly seeking God… God is not mad at us! When we confess our sins, and repent, God is not mad at us! The Devil is always trying to pervert our perception, and view of ourselves & God. The devil wants us walking around guilty, and ashamed, and thinking God is waiting to squash us like a bug, when we’ve already confessed the sin and repented. Instead of submitting to his lies, and walking around feeling as God is mad, we ought to be rejoicing, and glad at the kindness of our God, and what Jesus did for us!!! Jesus paid for our sins, he got beat so we wouldn’t get beat! He was wounded, spit on, because of our behavior. Yet, died for us just to pay our debt that no man could pay! When the enemy comes to make you feel like God is mad at you for a sin you know you already confessed to God, and turned from… SPEAK THE WORD OF GOD!!! Utilize the sword of the spirit (Ephesians 6:17). Utilize the word of God to resist the devil that he may flee from your mind with his lies!!! (James 4:17). The Bible says We have peace with God through Jesus Christ (romans 5:1). Meaning because you believe in Jesus, you have peace with God, and he isn’t mad at you! He isn’t camped out waiting to hurt you. He isn’t giving you the evil eye. Speak the word of God, when those lies come to your mind regarding God being mad at you. I’m saved from wrath because of Jesus Christ!!! (Romans 5:9). Meaning God isn’t waiting to punish you, Jesus has saved you from wrath!!! God has cast your sins into the sea of forgetfulness! (Hosea 7:19). God is for you, not against you. God wants to prosper you, not hinder you. God wants to plant you, not uproot you. God wants to build you up, not tear you down. HIS THOUGHTS OF YOU ARE OF PEACE AND NOT EVIL!!!! He wants to give you a expected end and hope!!! Again, God has plans to prosper you and see you succeed and obtain his promises, not oppress you. God wants you to expect his promises in your life! Expect him to do what he said!!! (Jeremiah 29:11).
***if you feel God is mad with you, ad you haven’t admitted your sins to God and repented, do so now. 

“Lord I confess I am a sinner, I have rebelled against you. I have forsaken your ways. And I haven’t done what you’ve told me to do. Please forgive me, your are righteous, and I am now. Forgive my ancestors as well. Please come into y life and save me, let me endure to the end.

How to get strong in your walk with God? 

This is a revelation God gave me the me other day: just as the world has a way that things grow, Gods kingdom is likewise. In the world in order to grow a fruit you need a seed, water, sun light, and dirt. Without those things, or the proper amount of those things, the fruit won’t grow properly, they may die prematurely, may not get the maximum of fruit you can get, or it may not grow at all. Yet, it’s likewise when we want to grow fruit in Gods kingdom. We need a seed, water, sun light, and dirt. Without It, we won’t grow! If you want to grow in God, take heed!
The seed is the word of God! When we speak the word of God over our lives, we are planting a seed. We are planting Gods promises, desires, thoughts, mind, favor, love, passions, and actions. 1 Peter 1:23 refers to the word of God as a seed, in Luke 8:11 Jesus said the seed is the word of God.
Yet, as we know we still need water, sun light, and dirt to manifest those fruits. Now Ephesians 5:26 compares the word of God to water. The water is also the word of God. When you speak the word of God, you plant the word of God (the seed) in your life, yet when you continue to speak the word of God into your life, your watering those seeds that you planted as well. Yet as we know, a seed, and water isn’t just enough to produce a fruit. 
Just as we need sun light to grow things, we need SON light to grow us. We must stay in relationship and communion with Jesus. We must speak to him, we must truly know him. Going to church, and being on the praise and worship team, playing drums, being a usher, & etc.. doesn’t mean you know Jesus. Do you truly believe in Jesus to the point your life style is changing? Your behavior is changing? Your desires are changing??? Your thoughts are changing??? He knows you, but do you know him??? You receive son light from being in the word as well. Remember, Jesus said I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (John 8:12). You get the light needed to grow in Christ by staying in the word, reading it, applying it, hungering after it, wanting it, knowing Jesus, and living in his word. 
So while we’ve discussed the seed, water, and the SON, we still need dirt to produce fruit. Remember, the Bible tells us God made us out of The ground (Genesis 2:7), out of the dirt. We are the dirt that the seed, the water, and the Son goes into. When we have the seed, the water, and the son placed into the dirt, fruits will begin to show up and spring up in the dirt, which is us!!! Gods promises will manifest IN US, and around us!!! They will be visible. Healing, joy, peace, faith, godly behavior and etc., will all be visible when we have the water, the seed, the dirt, and the son. Therefore go fourth! Spend time with God! Set times aside where you can just go into his presence, plant seeds, and water them. You are the ground for the seed, whenever a seed, water, and sun, meets the ground (The dirt), fruits must spring up!!

Teen vogue is influencing kids to reveal against God!

Teen vogue magazine is teaching kids how to have anal sex. Teen vogue magazine is aimed at readers that are 13 years old, to 17 years old. This is nothing but the work of the devil. It’s advocating , and influencing CHILDREN to fornicate (sex outside of marriage), and commit sodomy. Sodomy is a SIN. The term sodomy comes from SODOM AND GOMMORAH. God sent fire and brimstone upon the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, and destroyed it because of rebellion, and sexual immorality (unnatural/illegal sex). Sex is illegal / unnatural when it’s outside of marriage, and or consists of SODOMY. The deification of sodomy is anal sex and oral sex. Information to perform anal sex shouldn’t be given to little kids, or adults. Father forgive us for our sins!!! If you have committed sodomy (anal / oral) confess this to God, and ask him to remove this desire out of your heart! Ask him to take the desire from you to give it or receive it! He will! 
Blessed be the name of the Lord who gives us wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that we inherit his kingdom!

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How to approach the Bible?

When you read the Bible, read it as a tutorial, a instructional, a manual. Why? Because the Bible isn’t limited to just telling you something, it’s trying to teach you how to live this life, and obtain everlasting life. We are to apply the teachings of the Bible to our life. In other words we are supposed to do what the Bible says do, and refuse what the Bible says refuse. This is why 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says all scripture is profitable for reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness, that we may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. Meaning, the Bible is to correct us, direct us in this world, show us when the things we do is right, show when the things we do is wrong, yet the purpose is to make us PERFECT in the eyes of God. The Bible contains rivers of LIFE, this means the words in it will literally cause you to live for ever (John 7:38). 
Know that we were not created to die, we were created to live (Genesis 2:7). Adam and Eve may have cause a hiccup by rebelling against God and causing death to have its way for a MOMENT (Genesis 2:16,17,Genesis 3:6). Yet, God was merciful, kind, and fair enough to send his son for us (John 3:16). Because while death had its way because of one man, now life has its way because one man (Jesus) romans 5:17. 
The choice to obtain life, or death is in your hand, not Adam and Eve. You can now choose your own inheritance (or future). Due to Jesus giving his life for us, so that we can have life, anybody that wants to get in the presence of God, can get into the presence of God. Anybody who wants to live forever, can live forever. 
Therefore, open up the Bible and DRINK!!!! (Read the Bible). We feed our bodies, but it’s a spirit in you that desires the word of God. Your spirit cries out that it wants loyalty, its wants true love, it wants to be comforted, it wants someone to be there for them, it wants to be happy, it wants to be confident, it wants to feel secure, it wants someone to show they care… Your spirit is crying out for the word of God 💝 
Repent (stop rebelling against God), the kingdom of God is at hand!

Christians, and tv?

No CHILD OF GOD, or SAINT should be watching POWER. God isn’t pleased with his ppl watching things that Jesus died for. Jesus didn’t deliver you from sin, and die for sin, for you to go back crawling into sin! It’s inappropriate, and offensive to God when we watch something that advertises sin. As believers, we should not be ok with watching something that the Bible declares leads to death (The wages of sin is death romans 6:23). We should not watch stuff that advertises drugs when The Bible says be sober minded. (1 Peter 5:8). We should not watch things that promotes/advertises violence, sex, profanity & etc., (2 Timothy 2:16). We must stop compromising our walk with God. We must BEGIN PICK UP OUR CROSS AND DENY OUR FLESH. In other words RESIST/REFUSE TO WATCH or LISTEN TO STUFF THAT PROMOTES SIN AND REBELLION (lying, stealing, sex outside of marriage, gossip, and etc.,) 
Stop allowing Satan to plant these wicked seeds into your life. The evil things you view / listen to are seeds, and as you watch more wicked stuff you water those seeds, and eventually you’ll weaken your resistance to evil, and you’ll begin to take part in evil. 
This is why the Psalsm 125:3 says

For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity.
In other words evil/sin/wickedness shouldn’t dwell with ppl seeking God, or Gods ppl might end up doing wrong. This goes for the things we watch as well. God knows if we’re around/watch certain things, it can influence our behavior ( 2 Timothy 3:5-6). Yet, It’s a difference from being around evil by force, verses by choice. When your riding in someone car, you can’t control the radio, So it’s by force, and God is merciful. But when your in your own car you can control if you want to listen to sin or not, therefore if you choose to willingly listen to sin / watch sin, you give the devil permission to come into your life and oppress you. 
Remember, God said remove the abomination from your eyes (Ezekiel 20:7). In other words stop watching sin!!! Have you not read that God said stop your eyes from seeing evil??? (Isaiah 33:15). This means stop watching sin/ things God said don’t do!!! Stop watching homosexual shows, stop watching shows filled with witch craft and ppl communicating with the dead, stop watching all these transgender shows, and shows filled with drunks. Have you not read that whoever is a friend of the world is a enemy of God??? (James 4:4). When you are ok with watching SIN, you become a friend of sin (the world). How? because you allow / accept watching wickedness. Yet when you become a friend of sin/wickedness you become Gods enemy because God hates wickedness!!! Have you not read that Jesus said let your eye be single, because if your eye is single it’s full of light. But if your eye be evil your whole body shall be filled with darkness, and if that light in you be darkness how great is that darkness? (Matthew 6:22-23). If you watch godly things only, you’ll be filled with godly things (love, joy, peace, faith, godly knowledge, wisdom, understanding & etc.,) Yet, if you decide to dibble and dabble, and watch some Godly stuff, and some sinful stuff you’ll be filled with darkness. That darkness consists of many other sins: arguing, envy, jealousy, maliciousness, bitterness, & etc., In other words the sinful stuff you watch will begin to plant seeds in you, and It will begin to show within your behavior. THE BIBLE DECLARES SATAN WILL DECEIVE NATIONS… & if you think it’s ok to watch power or any other abominable show… SATAN HAS DECEIVED YOU!!!! 
If you battle with this and you want to be set free from Satans lies say: Lord thank you for this day! Please forgive me for willingly listening to sin, and watching sin. Please take this desire, and passion from me that I have to watch and listen to sin, and replace it with a passion, zeal, and desire for you, and you alone Jesus (1 John 1:9). You sat me free from every sin, demonic assignment, every fallen angel, every wicked device at the cross! Therefore they have no power over me! According to your word I rule over my oppressors now, and I declare and decree that I will walk in the purpose and destiny you’ve created for me! Your word says I’ll declare a thing and it shall be established! (Isaiah 14:2, job 22:28). Your word says whatever I ask you for you will do (John 14:3). Your word says you will perfect that concerning me (psalms 138:8). Your word says if I confess my sins, you’ll be faithful and just to cleanse me of allll unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9). Thank you for answering this prayer!

Christians dating?

#Share #ReadAll Saints, don’t get tricked, caught up, nor deceived while dating another “Christian.” It’s amazing how two people can be seeking God, yet the enemy will try to sneak his way into their relationship through fornication (sex outside of marriage). Therefore, leave noooooo place for the devil, lay aside everything that would cause you to stumble (Hebrew 12:1, Ephesians 4:27). In other words, regarding this topic it means cut off/remove/avoid things that would cause you to commit sex outside of marriage.Why kiss knowing you can get turned on from kissing? Do you not know that horny lustful feeling will try to rule over you, and lead you into fornication? That lustful feeling will cause you to go further than you’re supposed to go. Why spend the nights, and lay up in the bed together??? Be honest with yourself!!! When ppl lay up, and spend nights, and cuddle… it can lead to kissing, touching, and before you know it lust has over taken you and your having sex!!! Therefore, Why create opportunities for sex outside of marriage to occur? Close all doors that could possibly lead you into fornication. ***after all the Bible says lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from all evil (Matthew 16:3)*** In other words, don’t put yourself in a situation where you can be tempted/influenced/lead to do something God said don’t do. STOP LEADING YOURSELF INTO TEMPTATION. The Bible tells us for a reason: MAKE NO PROVISION FOR THE FLESH, TO FULFIL THE LUST THEREOF (romans 13:14). In other words let no opportunities be available that will cause you fall into sex outside of marriage, Let no doors be open that could possibly lead you to that sin, don’t put yourself in a situation that will make room for sex outside of marriage to have its way. Know that when you allow that tingly/horny feeling to lead you into sex, your being lead by a spirit called LUST. Lust is a powerful spirit! Have you not read that the Bible tells us corruption entered this world through LUST? (2 Peter 1:4). In other words Corruption (wrong things, evil) entered this world through ppl being curious, going after ungodly desires (lust). Yet, Satan is trying to corrupt our lives through lust. He’s corrupting the lives of many because they WANT/DESIRE/GO AFTER / SEEK OUT THE WRONG THINGS. The devil isn’t playing with you, he wants you to stumble. When you fornicate you don’t just sin against God, you sin against yourself (1 Corinthians 6:18), you offend yourself. When you have sex outside of marriage your committing SPIRITUAL SUICIDE, your giving the devil permission to steal from you, bring things into your life, influence your decisions, behavior, and walk you AWAY from the purpose/destiny/reason God created you for… A lot of saints are dating and falling into fornication, and wonder why marriage isn’t coming. If you want God to open up the door for marriage SHUT THE DOOR TO FORNICATION, AND THE DOORS THAT LEAD TO IT. God wants the two of you to build each other up, but due to the sex outside of marriage (fornication), you guys are spiritually tearing each other DOWN. Spiritually you two are the reason why the other can’t prosper, and possess the promises of God! Take heed!!!!!!  

**Know that God doesn’t honor boyfriends and girlfriends having sex, nor fiancées having sex, nor ppl that’s been dating for years having sex. God will only accept married couples having sex***
This message isn’t to condemn anyone, but to correct ppl. If you battle with anything listed in this post repeat this: Thank you God for waking me in spite of my rebellious ways. God please forgive me for having sex outside of marriage, obeying lust, and disobeying you. Your word says if I confess my sins to you, you will be faithful and just to cleanse me of all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). Please deliver me from all sin. Please let your spirit rule over EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE; my thoughts, actions, motives, and emotions. I cancel every demonic assignment that has been sent into my life to kill, steal, and destroy me utilizing lust, and any other demonic spirit in Jesus name! & I know it’s canceled because your word says Every knee must bow, and every tongue must confess that Jesus is Lord… Rather it’s in the earth, under the earth, or in the heavens. (Philippians 2:10).

God kingdom is at hand!

As I laid down with Neriah tonight I began to pray: I said now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord our soul you keep, and if we die before we wake I pray Lord that our soul you will take. But then I realized that people really do you die in their sleep, wow. As people we all know that we will die, but nobody knows when they will die… I advise everyone to get right with the Lord, you don’t know when that will knock at your door, you don’t know when God will require your soul from you, take this life that you’ve been given seriously. This life is not your own. You were not created to please yourself. You were created, you were made, the breath that you have in your body, the movement that you are able to make, is to please God and bring glory to his name. For those who wonder, how do I get right with God? This is for you: ask God to forgive you for all of your sins, ask God to forgive you for being disobedient, ask God to cleanse your heart and help you hate sin the way he hates it, ask God to cause you to be born again by his spirit, ask God to cause you to turn from your wicked ways. We all claim to be Christians but Jesus said we must be born again in order to enter the kingdom of God (John 3:3-5). That means your behavior, your motives, your actions, your thoughts, and everything about you will change and you will begin to behave as God, After all we were made in his image (Genesis 1:27). Please do not lean unto your own understanding, please do not come up with your own conclusions of what’s right and what’s wrong; the Bible tells us that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and God’s ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:9). Let go of all you’ve considered right, and go back to the father. The way back to the father is through his word. Learn of him. Your FOREVER is on the line, eternity is on the line. This life we have here is just a few moments, but how we behave here will determine where we will spend eternity. A few seconds of pleasure is not worth being tormented in flames forever.