Be encouraged!

If your experiencing spiritual warfare right now, I just want to encourage you ❤️ Those weapons may have formed, but they won’t prosper. They won’t stand, it won’t remain!!! You are not a victim, you are victorious!!!!! It’s not “poor little me,” it’s my enemies gone be driven away as the chaff before the wind!!!! Period!!!! I pray God strengthens you, so you look at his promises only, and not your situation. After all, the word says YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOUR ENEMIES. You will not get worn out, neither will you faint! You will overcome this, and get past this, JUST LIKE LAST TIME!!!!


What did God say?

You really have to know God for yourself. People will tell you that if you listen to Christian rap your going to hell, if your a woman preacher your going to hell. You wear make up, weave, nose rings, use bath and body works candles: hell. Remarriage: double hell. Oh you a preacher with money 😳😳😳 your going to burnnnn. Yet, a lot of it isn’t biblical. Does God like divorce? No. Does he gives you options? In 1 Corinthians 7, yes. However, what I notice is ppl who’s want their marriage to work use one scripture, and ppl who want out the marriage use another scripture… Yet, I pray God has dominion. Can make up, and etc., become sin? Depending on your reasons for wearing it, are you trying to seduce a guy, and get his attention through it? Can candles be used wrong??? Absolutely, in witchcraft. However, we need discernment, Or we will live in lies, and ppl will believe the lies and live in lies. We need to study to show ourselves approved, or else we will just be following behind ppl regarding things that SOUNDS RIGHT (2 Timothy 2:15). How can rap music be wrong, when the lyrics are straight biblical, and glorifying God??? It’s about the content, the lyrics, the purpose behind the song. We can’t let the devil have everythinggg. The Bible condemns tattoos, and cuttings in the flesh for the dead, not piercings (Leviticus 19:28)… You have to understand that in the biblical days, they were really cutting themselves when ppl died, like ppl get RIP tattoos… Yet again, piercings are not evil… Why else would God say he gave earrings for the nose and ears in Ezekiel 16:12??? Abraham had money, Job had money, Solomon had money, yet it’s a problem when today’s saints have it??? The love of money is evil, but money itself isn’t evil… How you get the money is what makes it evil. However, studyyyyy the Bible! Lies are out here, how can you avoid the lies if you don’t know the truth? I’ve been in deceptions before, and I prayyyyyy that God keeps me out of them, and everyone reading this post out of them! ❤️

Are you being affected by church hurt?

One of the ways to avoid “church hurt,” is to lower your expectations of people, or completely remove the expectations. When I look back on the times I was hurt, it was simply because I felt because the person was a Christian, they were flawless, and perfect. I had these super high expectations of the person. However, when the gossip surfaced, personal information got out, or personal information was thrown up in my face, let downs occurred & etc., came to past, reality hit me. I would go to God like what’s up, I thought they were a Christian. I’ll admit, I would give them the side eye as well 👀 However, by the grace of God, I realized this: alllllll have fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). We all stumble. While their sin may have manifested openly through disloyalty, I know in my heart I stumble… and that doesn’t make me any better than them because they don’t see it. Therefore, who am I to hang this over their head? I wouldn’t want God hanging things over my head. We all have areas within us that need to be perfected, and completely cleansed. Therefore, please remove the expectations, remove the pedal stools… Just pray for them… Understanding and humility will help you so much at overcoming “church hurt.” Also, in situations like this you get to embrace who God is: he isn’t going to talk about you, leave you hanging, lie to you, gossip about you, and etc., Your able to thank God for who he is, and truly appreciate him, and behold his beauty and his glory. ***Now I’m not saying let people run over you, I’m just showing you (A) way to shut the door on “church hurt / offense. ❤️ ***Marriage have different rules, no I’m not saying go into your marriage without expectations / general standards before the “I do.”

God loves you!

I went to church tonight, and worship was amazingggg 😍 God gave me this: JESUS IS THAT FRIEND THAT STICKS CLOSER THAN A BROTHER (proverbs 18:24). Man if you’ve been walking with God through some challenging times, just imagine how God is there with you giving you strategies, confirmations, revelations, answering your prayers, providing strength, lessening the burdens, giving you understanding, making ways out of no ways, providing for you, and just there with you the whole time. When I look at my life, I have never been consistent with anything in my life but God. None of my friendships /relationships, jobs, or anything ever lasted more than 2 or 3 years… But I’ve been walking with God for about 5 years, and I’ve never ever been this committed, dedicated, devoted to anything, and I loveeeee it!!! 🎉🎊🎉 God loves you! God won’t push you away, and reject you like ppl have done. You have to believe his word. Once he gives you the truth concerning a thing, you mustttt hold onto that word. The devil will keep trying to challenge you, and take it… But you have to hold on to the truth!!!! Resist the devil, and he will flee! (James 4:7)

Be encouraged!

If you pray in the midst of the trial, in the midst of voices telling you to give up, in the midst of the urge to complain… If you pray, and ask God for discernment, and to give you understanding to help you with the situation, he will. Complaining is one way to block your blessings! Things have been kind of difficult for me lately, and it was kind of clouding my understanding. But God straightened me up lol. The ice cream truck came the other day, and I was at my door shouting hooooo and it stopped. Then I realized it was the one I didn’t like, and I said mannn I don’t like that one. Now I knowwww the ice cream truck couldn’t hear me, but it pulled off right when I said that. Then I poured Neriah some juice, and she said “I don’t want a little bit,” as if I didn’t give her enough. Then right when she went to drink the juice, it poured out on her clothes, and she really had a little bit then. God revealed to me that just at he voice of our complaining, things walked away, it’s likewise everyday when we decide to voice our dissatisfaction about things. It’s so important to avoid complaining at alllll costs, you’ll push the break through right away! Lord strengthen us!!!

Is the devil attacking your finances, or no?

A lot of y’all not broke, poor, or living in poverty. Y’all have descent paying jobs, you just have some really bad habits thats eating at your money: lottery tickets, casinos, weed everyday, strip clubs, liquor habits… You are handing money right to the devil, yet, it’s causing you to have a difficult time concerning finances. I hate seeing the devil oppress ppl financially, especially when the reality isn’t they don’t make the money, but the demonic habits are eating it up! Jesus can deliver you from those things! ❤️

Know who you are in Christ!

I want everyone to know who they are in Christ. I want you to know who you are, because of your faith in Christ, I want you to know his promises for your life. This will help you to over come the devils attacks. Alot of the things we go through are mind battles / mental battles. These mental battles come from us sizing God up wrong, and even sizing up ourselves wrong, meaning we view/perceive incorrectly. Yet, when we know who we are in Christ, it’s easier to resist the devil and his lies. Many of these things come when the devil puts lies in our mind, or a situation occurs, and we begin to question / believe things we shouldn’t believe. The devil wants the girls insecure, feeling ugly, not knowing their worth, thinking their value comes from likes, poessions, weave. He wants them feeling lonely, running behind every guy, and broken, MENTALLY. He wants the guys feminine, or just unable to prosper, and be successful. Yet, when you know who you are in Christ, you can deny those false beliefs, which is powerful. The choices we make, are due to what we BELIEVE, it’s due to our morals, and values. Many have sex outside of marriage, because they BELIEVE ITS OK. Many ppl smoke because they BELIEVE ITS OK. Many lower their standards and date certain ppl because they believe they are ugly…. Yet, God wants you to know you are who he said you are… Period. So what if doesn’t look like it, so what it hasn’t manifested…. WE OBTAIN THESE PROMISES BY FAITH, by BELIEVING (Hebrews 6:12)… You have to believe it first… Faith is believing even when you don’t see it (Hebrews 11:1). … LEARN WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST, begin to read the Bible daily… God wants to take you so far away from your situation. Although nothing is wrong with a GED, diploma, job, degree, or business… God wants to take you somewhere those things can’t take you ❤️❤️❤️ ANSWER THE CALL!!! Confess your sins, believe in Jesus, ask God to have total dominion over everything concerning you forever! Read your Bible daily!

Christian dating

Don’t let any guy, or female manipulate you into being with them (I’m not speaking for married couples), I’m speaking to the boyfriends and girlfriends. Don’t let them throw these pity parties, and lies, to make you stick around, when you know God needs you to leave. In 2012 I was kicking with his guy, and I just cut him off because I didn’t want to tolerate him anymore. So he reaches out to me with this sob story about how he just found out his mother has cancer, she’s in the hospital, and I’m walking out on him. So I felt bad like dang, I do want to be there for him. So I started back talking to him. He was asking me to go to the hospital, and stuff with him. Do you know the whole story was just a lie to start back dating me??? Straight manipulation. His mom was soooooo healthy! Yet, guys and girls do that a lot. “I’m pregnant. You know what happen to me in my past. My kids love you…” and blah blah blah. That’s the devil using that person to hinder your growth in Christ, and block your blessings. Satan will use that toxic relationship to steal, kill, and destroy you. Please Trust God, I did! And worked it out for me!!!!! ***God doesn’t want you living in sin, he doesn’t want you shacking up and fornicating. God will take care of you!!!! ***Also, I know many girls are scared to leave a guy, because they are abusive. You try to leave they take your keys, block the door, make all type of threats… I been there… however, you must know that God will take care of you, and protect you, you are his baby. You are so special to him ❤️


🤦🏽‍♀️ so Disney has a show called zombies, Yet a zombie is a dead person revived by WITCHCRAFT… It’s based on a zombie and a cheerleader getting together, embracing each other differences, to make a difference…. Mannnn. Ppl better stop being so passive, over looking stuff, and thinking everything is funny, or not serious. The devil wants your kids, he doesn’t mind dressing evil up, and making it appear nice/cool/attractive, and putting it in your kids face, or even your face… It’s deeper than we think, it’s demonic spirits associated with those type of shows that will influence your kids to do bad stuff, they may even put curses on your children. Many ppl aren’t familiar with the Bible, so even if the devil puts evil in their face clear as day, its difficult for them to separate good from evil, and call evil out, because they don’t know anything about God. Yet, I thank God for all those he has allowed to make Christian shows, educational shows, and healthy shows in general for children. #ReadTheBible #LearnOfGod

God loves different!

God is so different… Just think, it can take people months, years, decades to CONSIDER forgiving someone for something they’ve done Yet, God forgives INSTANTLY. The moment you confess your sin, and ask for forgiveness, he forgives you. Better yet, at the cross he forgave you. Yet, ppl will say straight up that they won’t forgive you, or say they forgive you, and bring it up every chance they get, which is an indicator they haven’t forgiven you!!!! Another thing is this: GOD GAVE US THE KEYS TO HIS HOUSEEEE!!! He gave us the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Through information we learn in the Bible, we can OBTAIN ANYTHING. He shows us how to get money, a clean heart, healing, and etc., That’s huge!!! In addition to that… WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU HEARD OF A LOVE LIKE OUR GOD, or heard of someone do works like our God, and it’s soooooo pure/ good intentions!?? #Never 😍😍😍