Do you agree with God? 

Know that if God says something is right, it’s right. Know that If God says something is wrong, it’s wrong, and if you choose to do What God says don’t do, you commit sin. Now the purpose of this post is this: CONFESS YOUR SINS TO GOD. Admit your wrong doings to God. When you do something God says don’t do, don’t blow it off, don’t go it’s no big deal, don’t make up excuses for your behavior, or come up with these vain philosophy’s. Instead, confess your sins. The Bible says if you cover your sins , rather it’s with pride, not thinking it’s wrong, & etc., YOU WONT PROSPER. However, whoever confesses their sins, and stops doing them will have mercy (proverbs 28:13). Learn of God, read your bible. The Bible will reveal your destiny, and purpose, and cause you to prosper!


Do you take communion?

#COMMUNION It’s amazing how God is consistent from the Old Testament, to the New Testament. In the Old Testament, when God set the standards for eating the pass over, strangers, and people who were uncircumcised couldn’t eat The Passover. However, today, when we take communion (the crackers, and juice on first Sunday) the Bible basically says strangers, and those who are uncircumcised shouldn’t drink it. How? The Bible says before taking communion we should examine ourselves (1 Corinthians 11:28). We are examining ourselves to see if our life style shows the death of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 11:26). Meaning, does your lifestyle (actions, thoughts, desires, intentions & etc.,) show/display/indicate that you are turning from everything Jesus died for? (Pride, getting drunk, lying, stealing, idolatry, killing, sex outside of marriage, partying, homosexuality, watching evil stuff & etc.,? Revelations 21:8). If not, this means you are taking communion UNWORTHILY, and you will be found guilty of the body, and the blood of Jesus (1 Corinthians 11:27). How? When you take communion, your life should show the death of Christ, and if it doesn’t, and you take communion YOU ARE FOUND GUILTY, A TRESPASSER. The Bible goes on to say many are weak, sick, and sleep because they take communion unworthily. I urge you this day to pray that God fills you up with his spirit, because it’s impossible for us to serve God in our own power, for example: We may get in a situation where we have to do the right thing, do the right thing in joy, do the right thing with the right intentions, while being under pressure, with other things going on, in the midst of temptations & etc., WE CANT DO IT IN OUR OWN STRENGTH. After all, it is written that Gods people will be built up, not by power, nor might, but by his spirit! (Zechariah 4:6). I just want people to know the truth. This world operates off the principles of the Bible. We have to get out of these lies, put away these “Christian” name tags, and obtain a relationship with God! A relationship is a indicator that you have something in common with a person, it’s time for us to have beliefs/morals/standards that God has. I’m not saying we will be perfect, and we will never sin again… However, God will give us a perfect heart. We will strive to always confess our sins, repent, and desire to live out the will of God. #BelieveThatGodCanChangeYou

Do you believe God can do it?

Consider Joseph: In a moment he went from being in jail wrongly, down, and out, Til in a moment, exalted, with jewels, new clothes, and ruling over Egypt (genesis 39:20, genesis 41:42-43). In addition to that, his promotion came with a wife! Yet, this situation happen in a MOMENT. God is able to turn it around for you INSTANTLY, in a moment! But where is your faith? Do you even believe it? I pray God gives us understanding. Understanding is the ability to know the effects of doing something, verses not doing something. Understanding allows you to view the situation with all the needed information, in order to come to the CORRECT conclusion. The enemy wants you to feel holding onto Gods promises is vain, nothing will change, and your waiting for nothing. However, the conclusion that UNDERSTANDING gives us regarding waiting our God is amazing! What does the Bible tells us about waiting on God??? Don’t become weary in well doing, you will REAP IF YOU FAINT NOT (don’t get tired of waiting on God Galatians 6:9). Don’t cast away your confidence in God, your faith has a reward! (Don’t stop trusting in God, your faith in God will be rewarded (Hebrews 10:35). He is faithful thankful that promised, who will also do it (Hebrews 10:23). Therefore hold onto Gods promises, and rebuke that lying devil with the word of God! We serve the God of the turn around! Sarah was barren one moment, and pregnant the next. Paul was living in sin one moment, to saved the next. The water in the wilderness was bitter, and undrinkable one moment, to sweet, and drinkable the next. Those walls of Jericho were up one moment, til down the next! Know that this stuff is just temporary, but what God promises is forever, and it will happen! (2 Corinthians 4:18). After all, the Bible says Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they will mount up on wings like an eagle, and soar. This means if you trust in God, and keep expecting God to do what he said, like an eagle soars above all, you will rise above your situation, and it won’t even affect you! God will renew you, and restore you! Therefore don’t become impatient, and don’t shrink back! This walk in not in vain, the Bible tells us that!

Is the devil manipulating you?

The devil uses the word of God against many. Meaning: he knows things in the world occur based off the laws of God. Due to this Satan manipulates people, and puts them in situations where they are influenced to break God laws, or just believe lies. By believing lies, and breaking God laws, you open up doors for Satan to operate in your life, and Satan comes to steal everything pleasant from you, destroy you, and kill you physically, and spiritually. The purpose this post is this: we must recognize that we have fallen short of the glory of God, and we have all sinned. We must recognize that if we aren’t living according to the word of God, we are rebelling against God, and we must admit our wrong doing, and turn from it; Otherwise, if we fail to confess our sins, and turn from them, the Bible says we won’t prosper. We have to stop covering our sinful lifestyle with pride. It’s proud to think ” I can live how I want, or what I’m doing isn’t wrong,” when the Bible says we are to live for God, and a particular action, motive, thought, and etc., is wrong. Proverbs 28:13 13 He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.

How do you deal with anger?

I found myself getting angry quickly recently, and God convicted me, and directed me to the medicine cabneit (the Bible). It was soooooo refreshing. It gave me more temperance (self control), knowledge, and understanding regarding why NOT TO ANGRY FAST. For one, the Bible says be slow to wrath (James 1:19). Meaning, it isn’t the will of God for anything to take us from 1 to 100, nothing should move our emotions where we can go from calm, to angry in an instant. The Bible says he who is of a hasty spirit (quick tempered), exalts folly (proverbs 14:29). That means people who get mad quick, are more likely to operate in sin. People get mad, and start cursing, fighting, disrespecting people who did nothing to them, being mean to their kids, and etc., People who would have never killed a person outside of being angry, have killed people due to being angry; This is why the Bible says the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God (James 1:20); this means it’s difficult for people to operate the way God wants us to operate, in the midst of anger. The Bible also says anger rests in the bosom of fools (Ecclesiastes 7:9), I don’t want to be a fool. A fool is someone who is deceived, tricked, unwise… JESUS SET ME FREE FROM THAT ALREADY! I hope this helps someone.

Say this prayer now!

Wherever you are I encourage you to ask God “do not let me die in my sins, do not let me die in lies.” I say this, because I made this request to God, and he granted it. Right before I started dancing, I wrote a letter to God saying “God, please don’t let me get caught up in this life.” Yet, when I got evicted out of my apartment due to me getting saved by Jesus Christ, and refusing to go back to dancing, and scamming, I found the letter I had wrote to God. I realized God grated me my request by not allowing me to to get stuck in dancing, nor stuck in my sin. So I encourage you to open up your mouth, and ask God “please don’t allow me to die in my sins.” I have sisters in Christ who prayed similar prayers while living in sin, and God bought them out of a sinful life style. God has your best at interest, his rules, and regulations isn’t to suck the fun out of our lives. God knows where things stem from, and where it leads to, you God loves you, he doesn’t want you involved with things that will be tormented, burned up, and afflicted forever.

Is God light shining through you? Let’s see!

As I was worshipping, God dropped this in my spirit regarding his people being empty. When things are empty/clear, light is able to shine through, and you can see the light through it (glass cups, windows & etc.,) Yet, if something is filled up with a substance, light won’t be able to shine through it. Likewise with us, when we become empty, the light of God will shine through us. When PRIDE, arrogance, hypocrisy, jealousy, envy, & sin in general., is removed from us, people will be able to see the love of God through us! People Will see someone cares for them, and someone has their best at interest. Yet, ask yourself, What page are you on? Is Gods light shinning through you all the time? Are you always submitting (serving/helping) one another? Are you always Putting other people first? Or does the light of God shine through you sometimes, when you feel like it, when it’s convenient for you, or when you can get something in return? (Either way God has determined your intentions behind it). Or are you straight up opaque?!? Meaning you never want to help someone, you never have anything nice to say, you are never kind to people, meaning God is never shining through you. The goal is to be a complete reflection of Christ. The goal is for Christ to been seen through us all the time. The Holy Spirit wasn’t given to us in vain, this is possible! & No I don’t claim to be perfect, nor do I claim have to have reached this point… But like Paul I confess my sins, repent, forget what I did before, and every day I strive to live like Jesus (Philippians 3:13-14). & even if you try to “do good stuff” it means nothing if You don’t do it with a conscience towards God (1 peter 3:21). Meaning when you do what you do, who are you trying to impress? The people who are watching, or God who is watching. Is it to satisfy yourself, or to satisfy God? This cleansing that God does is deep. God will clean your actions, thoughts, emotions, and your very motives for doing things. Say “Lord remove anything in me, that’s hindering you from being seen in me! I want to decrease, that you may increase! I bind, and curse every demonic spirit, and the strong man over it, that would try to dwell in me! Because you said whatever I bind on earth is bound in heaven!” *bind means to declare unlawful, to tie up, chain up, to restrict. That means those demonic spirits have NO LEGAL RIGHT to operate in us, or around us. Curse means To hinder a thing from prospering, or growing, to harm a thing, To literally kill it.

The truth about sex, and no marriage

I was reading the book of proverbs today, and sex outside of marriage appeared sooooooo disgusting, and abominable, as it is. Proverbs 5:20: And why wilt thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger? Ravish in Hebrew means “shakab,” which means slept. The scripture is saying why would you sleep with / have sex with a stranger? Why should you be laid up / cuddled up with a STRANGER? Knowing the person you have sex with for years, months, or decades isn’t a excuse to have sex with that person. Without a marriage, without a legal binding agreement between the man, and woman, that sex is illegal; and in the eyes of God it’s two STRANGERS having sex together. A marriage is a covenant (contract), It’s a agreement between a man, and woman. The marriage causes them to have a obligation, a duty to one another. This covenant unites them as one. Yet, many people wonder why they lay up, have sex, and get dropped; NO CONVENANT WAS MADE WITH YOU. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO YOU. So now your bitter, wounded, and insecure, and you feel as if you have no value, because that person didn’t stay with you, or didn’t treat you the way you wanted to be treated. Yet God says, why will you be ravished by a stranger MY SON. The scripture says MY SON (or my daughter), because it’s an indicator of how high God esteems us, and views us, it’s an indicator of God expressing how we are better than sex outside of marriage, it’s God telling us we are honorable, and we should not settle for sex outside of marriage. Stop allowing that tingly, lustful, rushful feeling to rule over your body. We are children of the most high God, he deserves allll of us!!! He gave us the power to over come every sin! #believeit

What side are you on?

So I’m reading the book of acts, and I noticed the Sadducces didn’t believe in angels, the resurrection, nor spirit; however they believed in the law God gave to Moses (acts 23:8). When I read it I was like 😳 they don’t believe in angels, resurrection, nor spirit, but it’s talked about greatly by the old prophets? Did they consider the angels Abraham saw, Ezekiel saw, or even Zachariah saw? What were they reading? How did they just accept one thing from the word of God, but reject another? Yet, as the Bible says there is nothing new under the sun, because people do the same thing today (Ecclesiastes 1:9). I hear people say: “I believe in God, but not the Bible. I believe in some of the word, but not all the word.” I hear people saying God won’t send people to hell, but the Bible says he will (revelations 21:8). I hear people say they are saved by grace, and they can live how they want to live, when the Bible tells us: SHOULD WE CONTINUE ON IN SIN? GOD FORBID (omans 6:1-2). I want to encourage you this day to search the scriptures for yourself! The Bible RIGHTLY DIVIDE THE SCRIPTURES. The Bible says, examine yourself to see if you are in the faith or not; meaning look through the Bible to see if your living in a way that’s pleasing to God, or not (2 Corinthians 13:5). Without the Bible as a standard, your mind, and heart will deceive you into thinking all that you do is right, the excuses will even seem legit (Jeremiah 17:9). However, if it doesn’t line up with the Bible it’s wrong! This why the Bible says there is a wayyyyy that seems right to people, but the end of the ways are death! (Proverbs 14:12). Meaning the way you live may seem right to you, but the way you live could send you to hell if God doesn’t approve of it. Lorddddd please let not sin rule over us!!!!! (Psalms 119:133).

Do you consider this when people die?

I just pray that as we see ppl leave this world, we begin to really think… If I died today where am I going, heaven, or hell? Would God accept me the way I’m living? Am I meeting his standards, or even trying to learn them? When you die in sin, you are not resting in peace. It’s Time out for the “God knows my heart.” Yes, he knows your heart is wicked! The Bible says God will not at all requite the wicked. That means God won’t make excuses for your rebellion when it’s time for him to see if you were a witness for him, or a witness for the devil! Meaning does your life bring attention to God, or attention and praise to the devil? We have a purpose here, and it has nothing to do with turning up, getting high, being popular, or having fancy stuff. We are called to worship Jesus. How much is Jesus worth to you? Is he worthy of a life style change, or just a Sunday service? Is he worthy of you refusing sex outside of marriage, or just a notification from your bible app? Although I’m seeking Jesus, I can’t even afford to die in the state I’m in. I NEED MORE OF GOD!!!! We must turn from alllllllllllllll sin! It’s time to prepare for Jesus, tomorrow isn’t promised. Don’t over look this message, take your life SERIOUSLY. This is your life. You don’t have to die in sin, Jesus wants to set you free from all the lies of the devil ❤️