How does the story of David relate to us today?

The story of David is so powerful. Although David defeated Goliath, whom was a giant with a rock, a stone, it’s deeper than David beating up a man with a rock (1 Samuel 17). That rock represented Christ! That rock represented our God! After all it is written Christ is the STONE the builders rejected (Psalms 118:22), the Lord is our ROCK (Psalms 18:2), Christ is the stone spoken of in Zechariah that would contain the 7 spirits of the Lord (Zechariah 3:9, Isaiah 11:2). Yet, that story allows us to see that no matter what we are facing, no matter how big it may appear to be, no matter how unskillled/untrained we may appear to be, we will always come out victorious due to our rock, our savior, the living word of God Jesus Christ! (John 1:14). Therefore, just as David threw a stone at his giant, throw the stone, the word of God at every giant in your life! Throw the word at the giant of poverty, sickness, delay, fornication, smoking, and etc., It’s power in the word of God! For everything the enemy could possibly attack, or send, there is a scripture that tells the devil it is off limits, and he must obey the word! After all every knee must bow rather it be things in heaven, things in the earth, or things under the earth (philippians 2:10). This means these demonic spirits must obey Gods word, and depart. Therefore speak the word! This is how your enemies won’t stand before you, and nothing will hinder you! (Joshua 1:5). This is why the weapons formed won’t prosper! (Isaiah 54:17). This is how we will possess the land, and remove everything that’s trying to hinder us! (Deuteronomy 1:8). The word of God is how we tread over serpents, we literally stop/cancel/paralyze every thing sent by the devil (Luke 10:9). Therefore speak the word to those giants! Yet, they aren’t giants at all because GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN US THAN ANYTHING THAT IS IN THIS WORLD! (1 john 4:4).


Are you the Rahab of your family?

God dropped this in my spirit last week! “The Rahab of the family!” Not because she was an harlot, but because of the other works she did! The works she was praised for throughout the Bible! (Hebrews 11:31, James 2:25)When Rahab heard of God, she feared him, and acknowledged that God was the God of heaven, and earth. She feared/respected God to the point that she took care of Gods people. Yet, when her life, and the life of her family could have clearly been destroyed, and wiped out, God remembered her, and honored her, because of what she did for his people. & not only did God honor her alone, HER FAMILY WAS SAVED AS WELL!!!! Therefore don’t become weary with well doing. Don’t become tired with helping ppl. Don’t stop fearing God/Respecting God. God will remember what you did for other people family, and he will be sure to take care of your family, and save them!!! After all, the Bible says we believe in the Lord and he saves our wholeeeee house! That’s EXACTLY what happened in the book of Joshua concerning Rahab! (Johnsua 2, and 6).

Do you really believe?

For those who believe in God, yet they don’t feel their life style must change, they don’t feel their choice of words must change, nor what they willingly listen to, and etc., simply because they believe In Jesus, or know that Jesus exists, this is for you: James 2:19 says “You believest that there is one God; you doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.” This scripture shows us that we can’t limit our walk with God to just acknowledging Jesus exists, knowing he is real, having a belief in him, because even devils acknowledge Jesus existence as well , yet they are going to hell… Why? DUE TO THEIR BEHAVIOR, THEIR WORKS, THEIR DEEDS, THEIR FATHER SATAN (revelations 21:8, Matthew 25:41, Matthew 8:29). Which is why James 2:18 says show me your faith by your works!!!! Meaning we show that we believe in Jesus by what we do, how we live, our morals, standards, life style, and etc., We live a particular way because of who we believe in! ❤️ God wants to get you off the fence, he wants to take you to the next level, he wants to increase you, he wants to take you from luke warm, to Hot, yet your mind must agree with him. You must believe that his ways are true, so he can manifest his ways in you ❤️

Are you taking God serious?

God dropped this in my spirit today: GET INTENTIONAL REGARDING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. We wouldn’t fall off with reading our bible, get distracted, and etc.. if we became intentional with God. Intentional means: done on purpose, consciously, knowingly, willfully. We have to seek God on purpose, and become dedicated, and determined. Come up with a time to seek God on purpose. Just like we come up with times, and adjust our schedules to do other things we want to do. You sit a time aside to get your hair cut, hair done, go see your boyfriend/girlfriend, take your dog for a walk & etc., but we want to go visit God, and seek him whenever “time alllows.” The devil will make sure your time is limited for God, if he sees your getting a desire for God, therefore you must become intentional about your walk with God! Seek him on purpose, and consciously. Be aware of the time you have sat aside for God, and do it! Get intentional with God, rather it’s getting up early to seek him (which is preferred psalms 5:3), before you go to bed, in the middle of the day, just become intentional!!!!! Aren’t you tired of “falling off with God,” forgetting to read your bible, getting distracted, and etc.,? I know I was! Get intentional ❤️

What does the Bible say about how we should live?

A lot of people, even “Christians,” put living according to the word of God on the back burner. Many put living Holy to the side, and the excuses I hear are “Jesus died for my sins already, im saved by grace, and etc.,” Now all those scriptures exist, and they are in the Bible, yet it’s taken out of context, we are using it the wrong way. Those scriptures don’t mean you can live the way you want, we must pray for understanding. Why would Habukkuk 2:4 say “the just shall live by his faith?” This means Christians, those who claim to be Holy, those who believe in God, and etc., ought to live by their faith. You ought to live according to what you believe in. Your life style should be a reflection of the Bible, your life should match what the Bible teaches. I hope this helps: your faith / the Bible should dictate /determine the things you do, watch, say, and etc., YOUR FAITH SHOULD INFLUENCE YOUR LIFE, not demonic songs, ppl, weed, liqour, and ungodly relationships. No matter where you are, ask God to help you to live according to the word. Pray that the word of God will be your standard for living, and your only influence! God is able! All things are possible to those who believe! If you hunger and thirst after righteousness, God will fill you! Meaning if you desire Godly things, God will give them to you! I pray that it be written in the volume of God books that you delight to do his will! (Psalms 50:7-8).

How to be successful!

Proverbs 12:3 says “A man shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.” I need all the drug dealers, strippers, scammers, and liars to read, and understand: Establish means to be set up on permanent bases, to initiate on permanent basis, to achieve. Know this: God will not allow you to be established, and accomplished through wickedness, or wrong doing. God will not allow you to be successful, if your achievements are done through wickedness. You may get things, but God will not allow you to keep those things, and enjoy it, if you get it through wickedness such as lying, stealing, stripping, drug dealing, and etc., Look at how much fear, harm, hatred, envy, set ups, deaths, robbings, worrying/anxiousness and etc., those life styles come with. I remember when I was out dancing, girls got found in trunks, one is still missing, and a girl got shot in her stomach (thank God she is ok). I remember when doing scams, someone who did the same thing I did got killed. I remember I would end up with thousands of dollars, yet end up with nothing. I was so young, with big plans regarding what I was going to do with that money lol, ,yet for some reason I couldn’t reach my goal, I couldn’t reach the mark. Yet, I found out that Gods principles rule, and dictate what happens in this world. You will not be established in wickedness. Stop going after wickedness, the devil wants you to keep going after it until it costs you your life. I hope this allows you to see that pursuing after sin isn’t worth it! Get your funds the right way! It’s not too late to go back to school, nothing is wrong with a 9-5, the devil is a liar! Repent, Jesus loves you… Trust him. He knows you may have kids, and have stuff to take care of, he’s a good dad… He won’t leave you hanging, he won’t fail you, he won’t abandon you like the dads in this world. He’s a good good father ❤️

God is our fortress? What does it mean?

I was reading Psalms 91 the other day, and I was lead to look up the word “fortress,” because the scriptures says “I will say of the Lord, he is my refugee, and fortress:” and I was amazed at the meaning, and became more confident in God, appreciative, and in awe, lol; so I’ll share this with you all. ❤️

Fortress means: a heavily protected, and impenetrable building. A place with EXCEPTIONAL security.

Impenetrable means: impossible to pass through, or enter.

This means in God, we are completely secure, and safe! After all in Zechariah 9:8 he said he will encamp around us! This means God is in front of us, in back of us, on the side of us, and etc., This means It is impossible for the devil to have his way in our life when we trust, and believe in God. God is always watching over us, protecting us, and leading us away from harm. We are heavily protected, and surrounded by him!!! Surely his word is a hedge of protection around us!!! (Job 1:10). Surely God is our shield! In the biblical days, the cities had walls around them, to protect them from their enemies. Yet, God said he would be a wall of fire around them to protect them. Yet, today we are Gods city! We are his dwelling place, his word is in our hearts, his word is our desire. Therefore, GOD WILL BE A WALL OF FIRE AROUND US!!!! (Zechariah 2:4-5). God will protect us, and keep us safe!!!! Yet, no matter what your situation may be NOW… know that God looks over his word to perform it! (Jeremiah 1). That means God word will manifest in your life! Walk by faith, and not by sight! (2 Corinthians 5:7). That means go through your life believing Gods promises, and not your circumstances. God will bring his word to past in your life! After all whatever we pray for, believing we shall receive! (Matthew 21:22). It doesn’t matter what you see now… Jesus said Scriptures can’t be broken! (John 10:35). That means means nothing can stop Gods word from occurring in your life! God is not a man that he should lie, nor a man that he should repent, meaning he won’t change his mind! (Numbers 23:19), he won’t fail us! All His promises are yes, and amen!

How does God love me?

Although God told us he loved us, he didn’t stop there. HE SHOWED US HE LOVED US. God saw that due to Adam, and Eve, humanity was surely going to hell. However, God had a desire, and a passion to RELIEVE us, help us, and save us from being tormented in hell. God was concerned about us, he thought about us. He wanted to make our lives easier. In addition to that, he had a desire to see us prosper, possess things, and increase his people. Yet, his desires, and wants didn’t remain desires, and wants. He manifested, and showed his love to us by sending his son to pay for our wrong doing, by dying for our sins. (1 john 4:9). Yet, in his son is the fullness of ALL THINGS (Colossians 2:9). Through Christ we are redeemed from the torments us helll, and saved from the plans of the devil. Through Christ we can get everything God promised us, we can get all the things our sins once stole from us. Know that GOD LOVES YOU. He wants to prosper you, he wants to give you all his things, and his power. The creator of the world desires for you to sit on his throne one day (revelations 3:21). Will you answer the call? Will you begin to be a reflection of God, and love in ACTION AS WELL??? The Bible says don’t love in word, nor through the tongue (the words of your mouth). The Bible tells us to love in deed, and truth (1 john 3:18). Meaning: God word outlines, and declares to us what love is, john 17:17 also tells us his word is the truth. Yet, when you do the things that God declares is love, you are loving in deed, and in truth! Your deeds/behavior show your loving, because your obeying Gods word (the truth); Verses saying “I love you sis,” yet your actions/behavior show you strongly disklike her/hate her. How? Your mean to her, gossip about her, you have the means to help her, and you don’t. Your rude/disrespectful, lie to her, lie on her and etc., Lets stop loving in word, and love through THE WORD OF GOD! Because the Bible says if you don’t love your neighbors, you don’t know God (1 john 4:8), and Jesus said if a person doesn’t know him he’s going to say I NEVER KNEW YOU, DEPART FROM ME YOU WORKER OF INIQUITY (Matthew 7:23). Which means you will end up in helll. Therefore Loveeeeee the way God says love ❤️❤️❤️

Do you feel like the devil is busy?

And the waveeee that was meant to crushhhh you, will be the waveeee that will lift you HIGHIER 🎼🎤🎼 sometimes the enemy sends so many things into our lives, and it’s literally like a WAVE of things; things that are bigger than us, overwhelming, things that we have no control over, things that are so big… that it can be difficult to look beyond it… Yet, The enemy sends these things to crush us, wear us out, cause us to backslide, and give up. Yet, I’ve learned that if you hold on to God in the midst of those storms, you will come out closer to God than ever! You will be a bigger reflection of him than before! You will have more confidence, and faith in him because you knowwwww God did it, and you knowwww he made the situation work out for you. You may not understand why your why your situation is the way it is, yet trust that God is going to work it out for your good. After all it is written: Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers us from them all! This light affliction is only for a moment! Cast your cares upon him, and get your eyes back on him. Give God your UN-DIVIDED ATTENTION. The devil is using those things to DIVIDE YOUR ATTENTION & FOCUS. He uses those things to separate you from thinking about God, and seeking God. Get your mind on God, he wants to down load something’s into your mind today ❤️ #GodWillTakeCareOfThat !

Are you taking the steps to seek God?

When people say they want to be a nurse, they do the things needed to become a nurse: take classes, and etc., when people want to become a lawyer, teacher, doctor, whatever the case may be, they do what’s needed to achieve the goal. Yet, people say they want to go to heaven, and they do nothing. It doesn’t work like that. You must learn of God, just like a person would go to school to learn to become a nurse. Would a nurse go to the hospital, and forsake everythinggggggg they learned in school? We shouldn’t claim to be of God, yet, forsake, forget, refuse, resist everythinggg the Bible teaches us. Our faith in Jesus should produce WORKS, a different life style, a different vocabulary (Godly speaking), different thoughts, and different desires. Live your life diligently pursuing God that’s going to remain FOREVER, verses wasting time pursuing things that’s going to be temporary, and land you in hell. Your exaltation, and promotion comes from God. Although the world paints a picture that rebellious living will promote you, it will really demote you. Jesus loves you ❤️