Is your kids paying attention in church?

I remember in 2011, or 2012, I was at a bar, and I was reading a flyer, and it had John 3:16” on it. I asked, “what is John 3:16?” All the dancers were shocked like, “You don’t know what John 3;16 means??? That’s the most popular scripture in the Bible! I was stated no, but ok… Yet, I thank God for what he did in me! 😍 On another note, I went to church almost every Sunday growing up, Yet I didn’t know GOD, I didn’t know his word, neither did I know his likes or dislikes. Taking your kids to church, and teaching them about God, and teaching them the word of God is DIFFERENT!!! My mom would put us on a brief punishment if we fell asleep in church, so I never fell asleep in church, yet I couldn’t tell you what was preached because I was day dreaming… Don’t let your kids trick you! Ask, what did he / she talk about today?


Do you keep doing things you want to stop doing?

What’s your problems, habits, addictions, fears? What do you keep doing that you want to stop, but you can’t because it’s a habit??? Believe in Jesus, and get baptized! He can fix it! He died for your sins, and rose so that your life can be fixed! All the sins that you have done, and all the sins your ancestors have done, that have allowed the devil to come into your life, and plague you, hinder you, and etc., JESUS PAID FOR IT, HE WIPED YOUR SLATE CLEAN, and through faith in Jesus, he will restore order in your life, and cause his purpose in your life to manifest! Yet, you must believe in him!!! (John 3:16).

Do you battle with anger, depression, shame?

#Revelation so last week I was on the greyhound bus, and rather it was a dream or a vision I don’t know. Why these type of experiences happen to me, I kinda know, but I know the Bible says the more they afflict us, the more we will multiply and grow! So in the dream or vision I saw my daughter! She was like mommy why you always whooping me, be nice to me, I want to go to my auntie house. I saw she was manipulating me, I got very angry. When I got angry, something entered into my body, I opened my eyes and it was pitch black, (I was in the spirit realm)… because on the bus it was lights, ppl, SeaTac and etc., however, immediately a voice began to audibly speak to me… Thank God I couldn’t hear it clearly. By the grace of God I did come against that experience In prayer / canceled it and etc., but what God revealed to me is this: The devil creates situation, in order to control us / manipulate us into doing things we aren’t supposed to do / or feel ways we aren’t supposed to feel. He wanted to cause my daughter to manipulate me, so that I would give myself up to anger. However, ungodly emotions are DEMONIC SPIRITS AS WELL, which is why something entered me when I got very upset. This is why it’s sooooo important to refuse ungodly emotions (depression, anger, shame, and etc., ) Another thing God showed me is when that anger spirit entered into me, it immediately began to speak to me… When you are operating in a ungodly emotion, that’s literally an evil spirit in you, Yet it’s putting thoughts in your mind as well so that you can do something you have no business doing. Ppl are more inclined to do wrong things when they are under pressure, depressed, stressed, angry, and etc., When ppl are down / or angry, it CAN be difficult to resist the devil, especially when he is so loud in your ear, Yet I pray God always has dominion! When a person is striving to turn from sin, and Satan can’t get them to willingly/ purposely sin, the devil will create situations, to influence / manipulate them into sinning / rebelling against God… This is why things may go on in your family, work place, and etc., The devil wants situations on the outside (ppl), to provoke you / move you to sin! #NotNeverSatan I’m going to forsake wrath! I hope this helps someone see the bigger picture ❤️

The glory of God!!

God dropped this in my spirit the other day: when you speak your testimonies, when you declare my works, the glory of God is present. The same glory / power that delivered you in the situation, the same glory that was present when I made a way out of no way, is the same glory that is present when you SPEAK OF WHAT I DID. Therefore, declare / speak works of God! (Especially during difficult times). That’s why when many praise God, or declare the works of God they feel the chills (goose bumps). When the glory of God is present all fear, doubt, depression, evil voices and etc., has to leave!!! Not to mention, in the presence of God is the fullness of joy!!! Meaning when you speak the testimonies & works of God, you will be joyful!!! #WeOnlyGoingUpFromHere

How to deal with Difficult times?

Difficult times is a sign / indicator that greater is coming!!! It’s the trials and tribulations that births / pushes you into your purpose!!! God knows this so he tells us he will give us double for our trouble!!! And that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!!! Rejoice knowing that greater is coming!!! This is another reason we have to pray to endure, and see the promises of God, especially when God speaks great things into our life, or uses a prophet to speak great things into our life. Some difficult seasons will be used to push us into the great places God and the prophets speaks to us of. Joseph didn’t wake up as the second person in charge of Egypt, it was the trials and tribulations that were used to put him in that position. Even with Jesus, it was the beatings, Whoopings, and betrayals, that pushed him into his destiny, where from there he died, and rose, and sits at the right hand of God!!! Rejoiceeeee!!! Greater is coming!!!!

Redeem the time!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself praying for more time to pray, praying for more time to read the Bible, praying for more time to talk to God, praying for more time worship, and etc., Yet, I must admit God has answered those prayers many times, and I’ve blew it! In 2015 I collected unemployment for 5 months, and didn’t work at all. While that could have been a time to draw closer to the Lord, seek his face, read more, pray more, and etc., the time was spent distracted, crying, depressed, and confused. Many of you are in a season where you have a lot of spare time on your hands, and unfortunately, you aren’t utilizing that time the way God wants you to. God is saying redeem that time!!! Utilize that time to pray, read the word, worship, and etc., stop being a busy body in everybody business. Get off of social media, snap chat, Facebook, Instagram, and etc., Stop living in your thoughts; thinking everybody has an issue with you. GET IN THE WORD OF GOD. Let the Lord give you oil, so that his light can shine bright through your, causing you to endure, and overcome in the midst of dark situations. YOUR SPIRIT MAN IS HUNGRY!!!! FEED YOUR SPIRIT WITH THE WORD OF GOD!!!

Are you condemning yourself?

Many ppl sit around condemning themselves, feeling as if something is wrong with them, feeling like they won’t make it into the kingdom of God, because of all the random evil thoughts that try to fly into their mind. The Bible says the flesh lusts against the spirit, and the spirit wars against he flesh. This means your flesh is trying to have its way in you, and the spirit of God is trying to have its way in you. God understands that these evil thoughts aren’t you, he hears your prayer, he knows you want a clean heart, he knows you want to run away from sin. However, now that you have this revelation you have to resist the depression, anxiety, and worrying that comes with those evil thoughts! Utilize the word of God, cast the evil thought down / replace the evil thoughts with the word of God, and keep it moving. Continue your days with peace ❤️


For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would

Do you wonder if God speaking to you?

Many wonder, is this God speaking to me, or the devil??? Is this God putting this in my mind, or the devil? As you read the word, and spend time with God, you will be able to discern his voice easier. One reason being is reading The word of God allows you to become more familiar with his voice. This will allow you to be able to discern condemnation verse conviction, and etc., One thing for sure is the devil is a liar, yet when you get a relationship with God, and start turning from sin, the devil begins to tell deceitful lies; meaning he presents lies to you in a way where if you arent seeking God seriously, the lie may look like the truth. Yet, the Holy Spirit, he will equip you, so that you can discern it, and prove / test all things, by lining / comparing the voices next to the word of God, which will allow you to see WHO IS BEHIND THE VOICE / THOUGHTS; God, or the devil? (1 thess 5:21). Spend time with the Lord, commune with him. Don’t just zoom through your reading time with God, ask questions, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE READING. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, would God say this to me??? Did he say things like this in the Bible for these type of situations? Please read the Bible, Jesus said my sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me (John 10:27). Most ppl don’t listen to strangers, don’t be so distant from God and his word, that his voice is strange to you, and sounds crazy to you, because you don’t know him / aren’t familiar with him; which results in ppl not wanting to do anything God says. This is why when ppl hear the true gospel, they say what?!? I can’t stop having sex, what?!? Nobody is going to talk to me like that and I forgive them; Ppl become so distant from God, that his voice is strange, and weird to them. Yet, when they hear the voice of the devil “get high, masturbate, go to the club, tell her business,” they know that voice, and they follow his ways…


I’m about to be 26 😱😱😱 Yet, I’m so happy God saved me right before my 21st birthday. Sometimes I’m shocked at alll the things I did before turning 21, I was living such a fast life! Stripping, scamming, being gay, escorting women, and etc., God is real!!!!! If he did it for me, he can do it for you!!! You don’t have to stay bound, and connected to a evil life style. You don’t have to feel if you stop doing it, you won’t have a place to stay, or be able to take care of your kids. When God saved me, because I refused to go back to dancing, and scamming, I got evicted because I ran out of money. In addition to that, i had just found out I was pregnant with Neriah, and the relationship was falling apart because God saved me, And I became a complete different person over night, therefore we didn’t get along anymore. I was so tempted to get an abortion, and go back to my old life. What was I going to do with a baby? I didn’t even like kids. Yet, Something in me decided to trust God. I didn’t know any of the stuff I know now about faith, yet in my heart, in my mind I kept saying I’m going to have faith. A few months, I finallyyy landed a job making 10$ an hour. The next month I became a team lead making $16 an hour (I had experience), the next year I became a HOME OWNER, no rent, no mortgage, in addition to that i received 2 more promotions and became an operations manager WITH NO EXPERIENCE, or NO DEGREE. I say this to encourage you. TRUST GOD. Don’t go getting a abortion. Don’t feel you have to keep making money the wrong way. My daddy will come through for you! Trust him. Just give him your problem, and walk away from the evil desires to do wrong, and tell yourself God is going to work this out. Yes it may hurt, you may cry, you may even be anxious because you are a baby in Christ, but GOD IS GOING TO COME THROUGH FOR YOU, AND THIS SHALL BUILD YOUR FAITH!!!! THIS SEASON WILL PAST!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ***Just think, what if I would have doubted God, got an abortion, and went back dancing and scamming? I would have missed what God had for me!!! I would have missed out on the house, the car, the awesome job, and etc., GOD HAS PREPARED A PLACE FOR YOU IN THIS WILDERNESS; in this difficult time THERE IS A BLESSING IN THIS SITUATION FOR YOU, BUT YOU MUST TRUST GOD, AND DO WHAT HE IS TELLING YOU TO DO. TURRNNNN FROM THAT EVIL DEMONIC LUSTFUL DESIRE! You are FREE!!!

Are the people around you hindering you?

A lot of you would be alot further in Christ, and stronger in Christ, but you refuse to cut ppl off. I’m talking about those ppl that are in your life, and you value their opinion over God, and you end up sinning because you keep trying to please them. You keep going places you know you aren’t supposed to go, because you are trying to keep them happy. Those ppl who have a greater influence on you than God. Meaning, the person can persuade you to do something, quicker than the word of God can. Have you not read that whoever loves their mother, father, children, and etc., more than God, they aren’t worth of God? Meaning if you keep putting them before God, and letting them lead you into making the wrong decisions, you will NEVER see the kingdom of God. You won’t be worthy to enter. I didn’t make up the scriptures, it’s not my words, it’s Gods. I pray that God would strengthen you to separate yourself from ungodly relationships in this hour! God wants to take you higher, but the enemy is trying to use ppl in your life to walk you away from God. Yes we were created to love our neighbors, yet if us submitting to people causes us to disobey God, then that’s not the type of submission, nor love God is referring to. We must put God first!

Matthew 10:37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.