Tips for parenting

Parents… why do you let your children (elementary, middle, high schoolers) listen to this wicked / evil / sinful / wrong music? This stuff is inspiring your kids. Your kid could possibly want to do the things they speak about in the song This is what they see being glorified / lifted up / praised. For some reason ppl can’t separate, or ask challenging questions like “would I want someone to kill my relative, would I want my daughter to be a stripper, would I want my son to become a drug dealer…. well Let’s not listen to this.” Instead people go “it’s just a song, it’s entertainment, it won’t impact me.” That’s not true. Information is being put into your mind, when it’s time to make decisions, we make decisions based on the information that was put in their mind. This music is putting you under a spell, it’s causing you to do / think / stuff you weren’t created to do. Just think it’s songs that told society “baby we don’t need a bed.” So you want to degrade women to think it’s ok to have sex on a floor, or outside? It’s songs that have told society to make love in a club. Really? You want women to be this low??? And then we sing, and we rap, and we sing, and we rap, and your conscience, and your mind is becoming weak… And your more likely to tolerate things the artist talked about. God wants us to renew our mind, and build our mind up. (Romans 12:1-2). Yet many leave church, cut on the radio and tear their minds back down. We neeeeed God!!!


Is this the reason you are growing in Christ?

One of the reasons people aren’t growing in Christ is LACK OF PRAYER, and LACK OF CONSISTENTLY READING the Bible. When you read the Bible, you become aware of what you need to pray for, meaning you realize things to pray for that will make you more like Christ. However, you also realize things you need to pray against, meaning you realize you have to pray against things that will hinder your walk/relationship with Christ. Another thing God gave me is this: LACK OF SELF DENIAL IS ONE REASON MANY AREN’T GROWING IN CHRIST. However, the key to self denial, is PRAYING. You must pray that you decrease, and that God may increase (John 3:30). Meaning, you must pray that your ways, actions, thoughts, reactions, motives, emotions, will, and everything else begins to DECREASE, DIMINISH, and LEAVE you. A lot of us want to be filled up with the Spirit of God, but your already FULL. You’re full OF YOURSELF AND THESE EVIL SPIRITS. You are too comfortable saying things God doesn’t want you to say, and thinking things God doesn’t want you to think. You are to comfortable doing what you want to do, I pray for CONVICTION/CORRECTION within you, when you are yielding to what you want to do, I pray this for myself as well. God said DECREASE. DECREASE. DECREASE. When you begin to put yourself/your will/ your desires aside, thennnn God will be able to fill you up with his words, thoughts, actions, motives, and emotions. Why??? DECREASING IS YOU EMPTYING OUT / GETTING RID OF / REFUSING / RESISTING ALL THE OTHER STUFF THAT GOD DOESN’T LIKE. After all, Didn’t Jesus say whoever wants to follow him, must DENY THEMSELVES and pick up their cross DAILY? (Luke 9:23) This means you must deny your will/desires/motives/actions and etc., and pick up, yield to, submit to Gods purpose, and will for your life. I want to see Gods people growwwwwww ❤

Boundaries while dating.

Set boundaries for yourself when dating. A lot of the times when ppl have sex, they didn’t have intentions to have sex, it was spur of the moment. Their flesh start rising up, all these feelings started happening within their body, and they just went with the flow, and lost resistance. Someone told me last year: “if you never benched pressed before, would you go bench press 500 pounds? And why?” I said no, it’s too much pressure. Yet, we should apply this to our lives daily. Stop putting yourself in situations where you can be potentially be put under pressure to have sex. Stop going to the guy house, stop letting him come to your house. The devil wants to make a fool out of you. By the grace of God I have boundaries for myself. I even have boundaries I’m laying out for my kids dad. I can’t affffford to stumble in again! Sex is spiritual. You have two people coming together, connecting, becoming one. Within us is a spirit, it contains your intellect, thoughts, values, standards, mind, and and different spirits that influence your decisions, and etc., (fornication is a spirit, lying is a spirit, gossip is a spirit). YET, when you have sex with someone you connect with them, become one with them, and whatever reasoning, intellect, values, CURSES, behaviors/spirits they have within them, can now enter into you, and operate in you. You don’t know if one is coming, or all of them are coming. You may get a spirit of poverty, a sickness, a homosexual spirit, and etc., It’s not worth it!!! Ask God to set boundaries for yourself, protect yourself! Lord help us hate allllll sexual immorality!!!!

Who is Lord over your life? God, or Satan?

Recently I watched my flesh rise up, and I noticed I was being influenced to be interested in someone I had no business being interested in. I gave my number to someone, and within the first phone conversation I discovered he believed in God, but not Jesus. However, I kept entertaining the conversation, as if I was interested. God allowed me to see that my flesh was interested, and it was trying to take me somewhere; yet in my mind, in my heart, I knew it was done. By the grace of God I know better than to date someone that doesn’t believe in Jesus. I’m not even about to waste my time and get to know someone that doesn’t believe in Jesus. I’m not about to wait for anyone to get saved, and attempt to convert them either. Yet, just think… If I didn’t know the word, if I had no standard, I would have continued talking to him, and he could have potentially turned my heart away from the truth, which is why God told his people not to marry unbelievers (Deuteronomy 7:3,4). If you don’t have the word of God as a standard in your life, if you don’t allow the information in the Bible to assist you at making decisions, chances are it’s the devil influencing you to make decisions. We have no biblical right to have sex outside of marriage, gossip, agree with things God disagrees with (heresies), get drunk, masturbate, and etc., Yet, if you don’t know the word of God, if the word isn’t in your heart, the devil will deceive you into thinking you can do what you want, which is PRIDE. When you know the word of God, you are able to resist/refuse/reject things that go against the word of God. Yet, when you don’t know the word of God, you end up doing many things he said don’t do. Don’t be another soul that perishes because of lack of knowledge, you have been advised to study the word of God today! (Hosea 4:6)

Devil tactics

Have you ever had someone tap you and say “Look…. look!” However, when you look, it’s nothing there? Yet, the person that tapped you is sitting there laughing? God let me know that’s exactly how the devil is. He wants us looking at alllll these things, he sends things to grab our attention, and take it off God. The devil wants us focused, overly concerned, anxious, about things that are already settled, solved, and taken care of by our Heavenly Father. The enemy wants to break our focus sooooooo bad. He wants to steal our attention sooooo bad. We, yes, me included have to learn how to be still, sit back, and see the salvation of the Lord. We have to learn how to give it completely to God. We have to put situations down, and leave it at the altar. This means stop thinking about it, stop letting it frustrating us. We really have to talk to God, and become so intimate with him, speak with him, commune with him. When things cause you to get out of line with Gods will, ask God to reveal to you why did you do it? Why did it frustrate you? Why did it make you anxious? MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHAT CAN YOU DO DIFFERENTLY NEXT TIME? HOW CAN YOU AVOID STUMBLING THE NEXT TIME? WHAT DECISIONS CAN YOU MAKE? WHAT BOUNDARIES CAN YOU SET? God will give you a scripture to help you over come those thingsWe have to get to the root of the issue, these strong holds; these things the enemy uses in our lives that causes us to always stumble. Get to the ROOOOOOT of the issue, so when the devil tries to get you to LOOK again, you can look back at God; Completely confident that God has, and will take care of it, verses getting anxious, scared, becoming impatient, and etc., Lets go higherrrrr!!! ❤ ***Example: I was dealing with anger recently. I was lashing out my kids, they kept breaking my stuff. Or I was just becoming impatient with them because of other reasons. I realized anger was not the root. Anger was a reaction. I needed to set treasures in this earth (Matthew 6:19–Stop setting my heart on things in this earth), if I did that I wouldn’t be so mad when they broke things. I was attacking anger, and binding up anger, when anger really wasn’t the root. It was a heart issue within myself, the problem wasn’t that they broke something, they are kids; the problem was MY REACTION. ***By the grace of God an example was given because I want you to understand this message clearly**** I hope it helps someone ❤

Is something breaking your focus? Distractions

Distractions operating in your life, is just as bad sins operating in your life. Distractions can hinder you from growing in Christ, and focusing on Christ. Distractions can be the reason why a person is never available to read the Bible, has time to be taught by the Holy Spirit, talk to God, or learn things concerning God, because you are always busy; or every time you get ready to focus on him, something takes your attention. Distractions are DANGEROUS. When I first God saved in 2013 God told me this world was a big distraction to keep me from learning of him. Beware of how your phone starts ringing every time you start reading. Beware when every time you begin to read the Bible, someone texts you, drama starts coming into your life, or even pains try come. Beware when you begin to seek God, here comes some ex, or the opposite sex trying to get your attention. Beware how the moment you begin to get into a bible teaching church, your job causes you to work on service days (bible studies, Sunday’s, and etc.,)

Are you training your kids?

Are you training your kids, or are you just letting them get older. Meaning are you instilling biblical Principles in your kids daily, teaching them the do’s, and Donts, or are you just tossing your kids in front of the tv? If you don’t instill morals, and values into your kids, chances are they maybe easily influenced, and be willing to do anything; Verses a child who is trained up, they will resist peer pressure and evil influences. We have to start raising our kids better, they are the next generation. We don’t want them to be drug dealers, strippers, robbers, and killers… Yet, we have to train them now!!!

Do you have a desire to live right?

A lot of people believe in Jesus, yet a lot of people aren’t living according to God’s PURPOSE, and his CALLING. Many people are doing what they want to do, living for themselves, living how they want to live. Yet, 2 Timothy 1:9 says God called us with a HOLY CALLING. That means when you began to live for Jesus, and acknowledge Jesus, our father called/purposed/desired for you to STRIVE to live holy. God expects you to turn from everything he declares to be wrong, and live according to his word; by his power of course. A big issue within people is they don’t have a DESIRE/ZEAL to live for God, and live right; they enjoy their sin, they think it’s ok, and fine. Its one thing to understand we aren’t perfect, yet’s it’s another thing to just plain out think it’s ok to live in sin, and have no desire to obey God. The Bible says if you hunger and thirst after righteousness, you will be filled (Matthew 5:6). Meaning, if you desire to live for God, God will put all his ways in you by the Holy Spirit, and cause you to live for him, and be obedient. The way you talk will change, your attitude will change, your morals will change, and you will begin to act Jesus like God. It may not happen over night, but it will happen. Yet, you must get a desire to want to live for God. Therefore begin to PRAY! That means RIGHT NOW “ASK GOD TO MAKE YOU HOLY, ASK GOD TO BE YOUR ONLY INFLUENCE, ASK GOD TO CLEAN YOUR HEART AND REMOVE ALL EVIL DESIRES. ASK HIM TO ONLY HAVE HIS WAYS OPERATING IN YOU…… #Transformation is coming for all those who asked!!!

What did God say about your hard times?

A lot of times we find it difficult to get through betrayls, friends/family talking about us, financial difficulties, people we helped refusing to help us, selfish people, people who are mean for no reason, and etc., However, have you read 2 Timothy 3:3? It says says “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good solider of Jesus Christ.” God is saying ENDURE/Overcome/Get through those difficult times, this is what soldiers in Christ have to do! Isn’t it written that no solider is greater than their master? (John 13:16) Meaning, the things Jesus went through, we will go through! We aren’t greater/better than him! Didn’t Jesus go through HARDNESS??? Didn’t Jesus endure betrayals? His disciple Judas betrayed him, his disciple Peter denied knowing him. The people he came to save beat him, spit on him, and nailed him to a cross. The people who were excited about his coming, ultimately killed him! Yet, he endured! He over came! He didn’t allow any of that to hinder him from doing what God called him to do. We have to have the mindset Christ has, verses being quick to give up on God everytime something doesn’t go our way. ENDURE THE HARDNESS AS A SOLIDER!!! Don’t allow those people, nor your situations to cause you to walk away from your purpose in Christ! Soldiers are prepared for the battle, soldiers are aware, soldiers are alert!!!

Will God send people to hell?

The other day I was at the gas station, and this man approached me saying “I got that loudddd (weed).” Yet, this was an opportunity to share Jesus, and I actually walked away blown away at what God gave me to say to him, because God hadn’t broken down /explained scriptures to me that way lol. I then realized it wasn’t me speaking, but God. The man was so shocked, he never had the gospel, the Bible, our salvation broken down that way. I’m thinking like, me either lol… Yet… Just think: in this world, when you break the rules, and commit horrible crimes, they want to put you in jail, or give you the death penalty; if it’s “that bad.” Well… IMAGINE WHAT GOD IS GOING TO DO IF WE REJECT HIS TRUTH, and keep LIVING in a way he declares to be wrong? If the world, the court systems are killing ppl for doing wrong, WHAT WILL GOD DO?!? Know that hell is real, and it’s not bearable. We must repent, we must turn from our wicked ways. If you live like the devil, you will go where the devil is going (to hell – Matthew 25:41). Therefore, while you have breath in your body, turn from getting drunk, child molestation, not taking care of your kids, masturbation, stealing, pride, lust, hypocrisy, Luke warm (one foot in with God, one foot out), and etc., and live for God! If you turn from your sins, it’s an indicator of REPENTANCE, and God will receive you in his kingdom (Matthew 3:8, 2 Corinthians 6:17). However, if you continue to LIVE in your sin, and you think it’s ok to live rebellious, God will refuse you, which means he will say DEPART FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU! He will say this because his ways/character/morals/way of living wasn’t seen in you, it didn’t operate in you, he really didn’t know you, he didn’t become one with you, you were not on one accord with him, you did what you wanted to do. Yet, I hope you repent today! (Matthew 7:21-23). If God changed me, he can change you!