The world teaches us about the worlds holidays, but what about Gods holidays? #PassOver

This world teaches us all about their holidays: Easter, halloween, and etc., However when it’s time for Gods holidays, it gets perverted (mixed with something that has nothing to do with God / lead away from the true meaning), or unmentioned! Yet, one of Gods holidays are approaching. #PassOver. The #Passover is a day God informed us to acknowledge FOREVER, due to him delivering our ancestors out of slavery, after 430 years! How did God set his people free? God kept telling Pharaoh (the ruler at that time), to let his people go from slavery, so they could worship Him, however Pharaoh refused. God sent many things into the land of Egypt, so that pharaoh would let his people go, yet Pharaoh refused. From there, God killed all the first born sons in Egypt, so that Pharaoh could see that God was indeed God. However, God protected all his people. Gods people were commanded to take a lamb, kill it, and put the blood around the door posts. When the spirit went out to kill the first born sons, it had to PASS OVER every house that had the blood of the lamb on the door post, which is why it’s called the PASS OVER. After every Egpytian home in Egypt suffered a death that night, Pharaoh finallyyyyy let Gods people go. The amazing thing about the passover, is the passover is the SAME DATE JESUS DIED. It’s even written in Matthew 26:2. Just as the blood of the lamb protected people in that day, and caused the spirit of death to pass over, the blood of the lamb (Jesus) protects us today, and causes every evil spirit to pass over (premature death, sickness, word curses, poverty, and etc.,). God didn’t just deliver his people out of bondage that day, and protect them, GODS PEOPLE ALSO RECEIVED MANY possession (gold, silver, and clothes)! Therefore this season will always be a season of deliverance, protection, and posesson of Gods things! #ExpectIt If you want to read more about the pass over, and Gods feast days, read Exodus 12, and Leviticus 23. ***The passover is sundown Friday, March 30th, til sundown Saturday).


Is it division in the church?

Last week God dropped something in my spirit, and I let God know that it sounds right, but confirm it with scripture prior to me sharing this, and by the grace of God he did. God put this in my spirit: when people don’t like their pastors in a church, when people don’t like their leaders in their church, and they talk about /gossip/ speak down on their leaders, they hinder themselves, and block their blessings. They hinder themselves from entering into the things / places the pastor teaches them about, because they don’t even like the person teaching the message; which could result in them not understanding certain teaching the pastor preaches. In addition to that many are busy sowing discord, and division, regarding their leaders, convincing others to not like the leader, and trying to discredit the leaders. Have you not read about what happen to Korah when he rose up against his leader Moses? (Numbers 16). Korah died, and his house hold (his family)died; all those who came into agreement with Korah died. When Korah rose up against his leader, he was unable to enter into the promise land, because he ended up dying. Just like we saw that spirit operating in the camp / in the church, it operates in the church today, and it must be stopped. We ought to learn not to speak negatively about people. Even David refused to speak evil about Saul, although Saul was clearly wrong ( 1 Samuel 26:9). Yet, David refused to touch Gods anointed, his leader. Being a murderer is more than killing someone physically, your tongue can kill ppl as well, and cause ppl to be depressed, suicidal, and worry. Not mention, your words can influence ppl to think things. Would you really want to be the reason why many people go against / speak against Gods servants? God is teaching me: if this information is going to cause people to view this person negatively, don’t even speak it. It’s one thing to share a testimony that may include negative information, yet it shows the power of God. It’s one thing to share negative information when requesting counsel, because you have to tell them what’s going on. However, it’s a different thing to gossip / spread information for no reason at all. God pleaseee deliver me, and everyone reading this message from every form of gossip towards all your servants!

***This applies to the president as well!!! The Bible tells us all the powers that be is ordained by God. Meaning, Trump is in the office because God allowed it to be so. Stop speaking against the man, and pray for him ❤️, or you may just have a difficult time while he’s in office. Pray for your leaders, verses gossiping. When you have leaders, who teach the word of God, their attacks are greater than our attacks, the devil has to try to attack the head, in order to get to the flock (congregation).

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the thins going on in your mind?

I know at times while diligently seeking God, the mind battles can be overwhelming. Especially when you knowwww your striving to serve God, yet unwanted thoughts, and emotions continue to come. Yet, Remember this: RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE SHALL FLEE FROM YOU (James 4:7). Continue to resist envy (feeling like what you have isn’t enough because what someone else has, or has accomplished), continue to resist thoughts of sex outside of marriage, resist the desire to argue/fight/anger and etc., When you continue to resist the devil under pressure, God sees that you are serious about him, and you really want him. Therefore, because you delighted in his ways, you preferred him over the devil, God is going to give you the desires of your heart! (Psalms 37:4). That means you will no longer battle with those thoughts, and emotions… Keep resisting the devil. Through the power of God, keep casting down (pushing out) every thought, high thing, imagination, and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. (2 Corinthians 10:3-5) Don’t become weary with well doing, you will REAP if you faint not (Galatians 5:9), that means don’t get tired, don’t feel like it’s too much! You will receive! You will see God cleanse your heart!!!! After all, isn’t it written that if you huger, and thirst after righteousness, you shall be filled? Keep desiring Gods ways, and he will give them to you. (Matthew 5:6).

Could your hardships grow/mature you?

#Revelation After finishing my bag of pop corn today, at the bottom of the bag was the kernels. I began to think, these little hard things become eatable, and pretty under heat. They bloom under heat. God began to reveal to me that it’s like wise with his people. Just as pop corn is popped under heat, flowers grow under heat, gold is purged/cleaned under heat, its likewise with us. We grow, bloom, and get cleansed  by heat, and that heat is the many afflictions we hate. I know we hate having our backs up against the wall, we hate these trials, tribulations, and afflictions, but the truth is God will use these situations to mold us, change us, shift our perception, help us love more and etc., it’s some very difficult times I’ve had in my life that has changed me for the better. It’s the times I didn’t have anything, that has caused me to be considerate and give to others in their time of need. It’s my early fasting days that made me go whoa! This is how homeless people feel? Let me start feeding them! 😧 It’s the times I really felt I needed a word, that urges me to be consistent with sharing the word of God. The things we go through can help us bloom, grow, and be cleansed. It’s those difficult situations that make us think “I don’t want anyone to ever feel how I feel, I will never treat anyone like this!” However,  Is it not written that God is a refiner, and he will purge (cleanse) us as gold? (Malachi 3:3). Gold is purged/cleaned by being under great heat. When gold is under great heat, all the impurities (dirty stuff) float to the top. This means if gold is never put under great heat, it won’t be cleaned properly, and it’s likewise with us. Many thought they were delivered  from envy, gossip, fighting, and etc., until they were put in a difficult situation, and that old man/fleshly man/ the old you start trying to come back. Let’s stop wasting our trials with complaining, and ask God what can you learn? How can you respond like him? What perception should you have? How can you love people like yourself in this situation? ❤️ Let’s go higher in the Lord! 

It’s better to live to please God, than people!

So many lose who they are, and what they stand for, core values, and principles to live by, because they are concerned about pleasing, and impressing others. When you live to please people, you go through constant changes, because your trying to meet someone’s else’s standards. Your style of dressing changes, music, and scenery. You may go through tattoo phases, gay phases, smoking, and etc. because you want to feel loved, and accepted, by someone you look up to, want to impress, or maybe you just value their opinion. Yet, by the time you meet that mark, and become what they wanted, they like something else; or you look up to someone else, So now you have to change again. One of the things I’ve learned about God is he doesn’t change. The same things he liked thousands of years ago, are the same things God likes now. He liked when his people loved one another, had faith, lived righteously, lived humbly, and etc., and he loves it now (Mark 12:30,31, Genesis 15:6, James 4:10). Therefore, you can’t loose yourself striving to please God, because the goal will always be the same: becoming like Jesus. God doesn’t change, he won’t switch up on you. Try it, surrender today! Being loved, and accepted by God, goes wayyyyy further than being loved, and accepted by man. Therefore live to please the Lord, verses living to please people. ❤️

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

My testimony #HappyAnniversaryGod

5 years ago around this time, I got saved. I’m thankful God didn’t mind meeting me in my living room, because honestly I hadn’t been to church in years. Yet, when God met me, when the presence of God met me that night, I was neverrrrrrr the same! My perception change, my morals changed. He set me on fire him that night, and I became zealous, and passionate about God. As my last breath approached me, and I saw these demonic spirits approaching me, God thought of me, and instructed me to REPENT! When I called on God, and asked him to forgive me for my sins, those spirits left. God began to communicate with me, and show me what this world is about, and how it’s filled with distractions that hinder us from learning of God. I am not perfect, and I’ve made many mistakes, but God has given me a repentant heart, to get back up, and seek him diligently, and consistently. #HappyAnniversaryGod 🎉🎊🎉 by your grace #iWontGoback, I remember Lots wife 🤔 Learn of God now, surrender now, tomorrow isn’t promised! Don’t let the world trick you into thinking God isn’t real, when our eyes see things that man can’t make: moon, sun, stars, animals, and etc.  It must be a God! He is the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac. The God who put the waters on the face of the earth. A Holy God who will pay everybody according to their WORKS/BEHAVIOR (revelations 22:12). Choose this day, who will you serve? Your current master, Satan isn’t keeping it real. The devil isn’t telling you the consequences of your behavior, regarding what will happen if you die in your sins. Yet, God is honest. In the Bible, God tells you what happens to liars, those who have sex outside of marriage, those who disrespect their parents, those who steal, those who gossip, those who watch sinful things, and etc., (revelations 21:8, James 4:4).  However, if you never read the Bible, you won’t know what will happen, yet the word of God will still happen/occur,manifest. You will still end up in hell, if you die in a rebellious state. Why? Even while reading this, God has given you an opportunity to learn of him, therefore if you refuse to learn of him, you will be held accountable. I hope you take heed, and listen, and read your bible. Just like the world tells us its consequences for breaking the law, God has consequences as well for breaking his laws. Believe in Jesus, and you shall be saved! (Acts 16:31). God will equip you, give you his Spirit, and you shall over come EVERYTHING THE DEVIL SENDS, God will transform you, and cause you to hate, and refuse every evil, wrong way. Don’t worry about how you will stop doing certain things, God has it figured out, you just need a willing mind to change, to serve God, he will do the rest. Say “I am going to serve the Lord!!!!” There is power in your words! (Proverbs 18:21). God will make sure that word comes to past!

Are the doors you have open, causing other doors to remain closed?

Why keep doors open to things that contradict the word of God that has been spoken over you? If you’ve been told God will send you a godly husband, or godly wife, why are you still dating, and having sex with your baby momma/baby daddy, or ex, that wants nothing to do with God? The door to your godly spouse will remain shut, due to you having other doors open. Why? Well obviously you don’t believe the word spoken over you, or else you would have believed to the point you cut them off. Shut doors that contradict Gods word for you. Shut doors that goes against the word God has given you. Some of you are aware that God wants to use you to win souls for him, but you refuse to shut doors that are hindering your growth in Christ. You refuse to cut ppl off that influence you to disobey God, you refuse to go to ungodly environments that always cause you to sin. God wants to walk you through some doors, however you must be WILLING to close some doors–Yes, willing. The Bible says if you have a willing mind, God will accept you (2 Corinthians 8:12). God is a gentlemen, this means he won’t barge into your life. However, if you want Gods things, if you have a willing mind for God, your desire gives him permission to come into your life, and fulfill your desire/want. I understand some things are difficult to do, therefore pray that God removes everything that doesn’t belong, and shut all doors that dont need to be open, God will do it! Didn’t David pray that God never remove his spirit from him, and God never took his spirit from him? (Psalms 51:11). Pray to hate what God hates, and love what he loves! We must be in complete alignment with God! ❤️

Jesus loves you!

In the world I would be so hype listening to Jeezy, and other worldly artists (artists that produce music that advertises sin). Yet, now I get hype listening to Godly music. It’s a hyper hype, and a higher high. Why ppl we listen to music that degrade women, and people as a whole? Why do ppl listen to music that promote strippers, murdering? Would you be ok if your daughter stripped, or a loved one got murdered? Well why do you even allow that music to be played around you? Stop coming into agreement with these demonic/evil songs, if you don’t want it to occur in your life. God ways are right! He wants to separate us from things for a reason! He wants to see you prosper! ❤️ however, you have to let some things go. In Christ we are new creatures (2 Corinthians 5:17), that means you begin to have a new mindset, which brings a new life style. Can’t get to church on Sundays? Visit Great Faith today at 12pm! (It’s on Grand River)