Do you want more of God?

I hope this helps those who say they want more of God, and they want to do the things the apostles did in the Bible, and see their family saved!!! So lately I’ve been feeling like I have to let every vain thing go, and really pursue God MORE. So this morning when I got up, I began to sing “I can’t entangle myself, in the cares of the world, because I must please him who has called me to be a soldier.” Now I haven’t read this scripture in a longgggg time, so I know it was God opening my understanding, and showing me how important it is to let go of vain things. God showed me this: the scripture says “No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” (2 Timothy 2:4).

Warreth means: fight, to engage in spiritual warfare. When you war you are opposing the devil, your praying strategically against the devil, your against all darkness, your exposing darkness, your standing in the gap for your family, your taking everything back he stole, and your not being ignorant to his devices, and etc.,

Yet the scripture says no man that does those things entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who hath chose him to be a SOLDIER. That means when your warring, your not involving yourself in worldly (sinful), vain pointless stuff. Your too busy in the presence of God, and redeeming the time, because we are striving to please God. What soldier on the battle field has time to get caught up in vainity??? They may lose their life!!! That thing may distract them! They are in a different environment than a normal citizen, so they must focus more. A soldier at war loses things/and pleasures that a normal citizen has access to. Now, I’m NOT saying don’t brush your teeth, don’t go out to eat, don’t get your nails done, don’t go on vacations, I’m saying, why sit up playing video games for hours, when you can be reading the Bible? Why sit up on the phone for hours talking about vain things that’s not helping your walk with God? Why hang out with ppl for hours who don’t believe in God, and they influence you to sin? Why stay on snap chat, Facebook, and social media for hours, when you could be praying, reading, and breaking the back of the devil??? We can’t develop those type of habits. You say you want more of God right (I know I say this lol), well you have to give him more!!!!!!


What did God say?

We really have to line up everything next to the word of God. That’s how we are able to see if what we are doing is right or wrong, otherwise you are leaning unto your own understanding, which is wrong (proverbs 3:5). In this world people are beginning to say they aren’t a male, or female, they are changing their genders, teachers are even refraining from using “he,” and “she,” yet the word of God says

“And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,” (Matthew 19:4). God made us male, and female! We must stop coming up with our own conclusions, and solutions, and be who God MADE us to be. We must let the word direct us. If God said it’s genders, its genders. If God created you as a male, then you are male. No matter what the devil says, you are fearfully and wonderfully made! God made you perfect! There was no mistake when God made you, formed you, and put you in your mothers belly!! The devil strives to pull us away from our identity in Christ, because he is sooooooo far from who God created him to be, so he wants us to be so far from where God created us to be. God wants us to be on one accord with him, so the devil strives to get us on one accord with him #Nope

God will use your enemies!

God dropped this in my spirit a few weeks ago “The same people the devil used to tear you down, I’m going to use them to build you up.” Satan will use a person to slander you, lie on you, belittle you, cause you too have low self esteem, & etc., the enemy will use ppl in your life to make you feel inadequate, feel like you can’t accomplish something, feel like your less than a man/ woman/mom/dad and etc., which can really impact a person, because it can break their spirit, mind, and confidence down. It can cause them to question things about themselves, that they shouldn’t question, and lack confidence in areas, they should have confidence in. They can end up depressed, bitter, and etc., Yet, God will use those same people to build you up!!!! How?!? God will cause you to help them, love them, forgive them, speak well of them, be there for them when they weren’t there for you, and etc., which is all indicator of GOOD FRUITS, love, peace, faith, godliness, holiness, and etc., It’s an Indicator that you are walking in the purpose God created you for, it’s an indicator that your in the will of God!!! GOD IS TAKING HIS CHILDREN HIGHIER!!!!

Are you seeking healing?

If God told the disciples to heal the sick, what makes you think God won’t heal you??? (Matthew 10:8). Is got a hypocrite? Didn’t God say whosoever shall teach a person to do something, yet doesn’t do it, they are called least in heaven??? (Matthew 5:19). Will God tell us to do something, and not do it himself?!? No!!! Therefore believe!!! After all, the Bible says: All things are possible to those who believe. Jesus said, As you have believed, so it is unto you!!!! (Matthew 8:13). Jesus said, Ask, and you shall receive, period! (Matthew 7:8). You have to believe that God will do it no matter what opposition, and adversity you are facing! The Bible says if we being evil know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will our Heavenly Father give us good things?!?!? (Matthew 7:11). Jesus was saying I see evil people giving their kids good gifts, how much more will our father, who is Holy, and righteous, give us good gifts? God will give you healing, he will give you a permanent increase in your finances, he will give you what you ask for when it lines up with his word, yet you must believe! Speak the word of God into your life! Be encouraged! God is able to heal you physically, and spiritually! A lot of people are hurt in the inside, they are bitter, hurt, and angry. You can’t really see the wounds, like a physical wound, but it shows in your behavior, and even towards those who hurt you… Yet, God can heal your heart, and it will be as if you were never hurt, and broken ❤️

Our father is good!

Today while reading, God revealed this to me: in this world, when people raise kids, sometimes they are super spoiled, bad, low self esteem, ungrateful, and etc., Yet, God raises PERFECT KIDS, he raises up perfect seeds! Just think: God causes us to be so strong spiritually, we can stand in trials, and adversity, verses crumbling, and breaking into pieces. He causes our minds to be strong, he gives us strength, he teaches us how to move in this deceitful world. He causes his daughters to carry themselves as queens, verses being promiscuous, half naked, with loud mouths. He teaches his sons to respect his daughters, live honestly, and forms them into kings. He causes our lips to speak right things. He causes us to be thankful, and appreciative. He causes us to love. He shows us how to rise up in adversity, and he teaches us how to war in the spirit with the word of God, through prayer, and praising him. We have a good good father! He’s a good dad! He creates strong children, and a Holy seed!!!! Praises be unto our God who has delivered us from sin!!!

Do you think it’s ok to love your family more than God? Let’s see what God says…

In Matthew 10:37 Jesus said: “He that Loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

Meaning: you should not allow your loved ones to cause you to rebell against God, otherwise you won’t qualify, nor be eligible to get into the kingdom of God. Why? If you obey someone, yet the obedience to the person causes you to disobey God, you have put them before God. Your actions show you love them more than God, yet the word of God tells us not to do this.

Example: You shouldn’t allow your dad to influence you to sell drugs the way he did, after all selling drugs is illegal. The word of God says let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. The higher powers in the scripture is referring to the government (romans 12:13), meaning obey the government. When you choose to submit to your dad, over Gods word in this scenario, your actions show you love your dad more than God. However, the scripture tells us don’t love others more than we love God.

Example: You shouldn’t allow your uncle to influence you transmit drugs, and do scams. God said don’t lie, and renounce the hidden things of dishonesty (2 Corinthians 4:2, Leviticus 19:11). When you choose to submit to your uncle in this scenario because you love him, verses doing what God said do, you are showing God that you love your uncle more. The Bible says if we love people more then God, we won’t be worthy of him, this means the soul that does that will end up in hell.

When your care for someone causes you to disobey God, that love is tainted, and perverted. It’s not the love of God, it’s a form of lust, because what your really doing is yielding, and submitting to SIN.

However, no matter where you are, no matter what you have done today, or yesterday, JESUS SAYS COME! He can give you a new heart, and new desires! He will give you a passion, and want for GODLY things!

Say “Thank you father for this day! Please cause me to love you more than anything, and anyone in my life, because your word says that if I love anyone more than you, I am not worth of you! Please give me your spirit, because in your word you said your spirit will cause me to keep your commandments, judgements, and statues! (Ezekiel 36:27). In Jesus name I pray, because you said whatever I ask in Jesus name, you will do!” (John 14:13-14).

The Bible talks about bearing fruit, but what does this mean?

Don’t overlook the parables in the Bible, many times they are a reference to US, humanity. Parables help us understand why it’s important to do what God said, because we are able to see how it will impact our life if we obey, or don’t obey. Many parables open our understanding, and God Is able to meet us on our level, and cause us to desire him more. Yet, In the book of Matthew, John stated: “And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn Down, and cast into the fire.”

In this case, we are the tree, and the axe will cut off every PERSON that doesn’t produce good fruit, and they will be tossed into fire. The question becomes, what is good fruit, and bad fruit??? What will cause a person to be cast into hell??? Good fruit, and bad fruit shows through OUR BEHAVIOR, ACTIONS, EMOTIONS, MOTIVES, THOUGHTS, DESIRES, & etc., They all can be good, or evil. Yet, the Bible clearly defines bad fruit, and good fruit (Galatians 5). What is your tree bearing? Lying, stealing, sex outside of marriage, nasty mean attitude, doing evil purposely to others, speaking evil of others, getting drunk, jealousy, competing, and etc.,??? Those are alllllllll bad fruits, and the Bible says those things will cause you to be removed from this world, and tossed into the fires of hell (revelations 21:8). Or are you bearing good fruit: love (treating people the way you want to be treated), joy (pleasant attitude), peace, Godliness (obedience to God), faith (trust God), gentleness (not speaking harshly, or dealing harshly with ppl), meekness, and etc.,?

We must turn from wickedness. It’s not good to bear good fruit, and bad fruit. We have to pick a side, no luke warm, no more riding the fence (the devil owns the fence!) If you notice you bear good, and bad fruit, ask God to come into your life, and remove everything that’s not like him! The Bible says must be Holy, as he is Holy! (Undefiled, separated from sin, refusing/rejecting/resisting sin, yet this is done by the power of the Holy Ghost.) FYI! Don’t trust in your own level of “good,” We can’t do it on our own! We need the Holy Spirit, we need Jesus Christ! Let his ways lead you, and order your decisions!

To live is christ, to die is gain!

Today God reminded me that when I got saved, I refused to go back to dancing, and scams, which lead to me making no money, which lead to me getting evicted from my apartment. Due to this, I ended up moving back to my mom house. Yet, A year later God blessed me, and I bought a home. No mortgage, or anything. Know that whenever you give up something for Jesus, God is going to reward you greatly! Whenever you love God to the point that you decide to remove sin out of your life, because you want to obey God, God is going to bless you. Have you not read what Jesus said in:

Mark 10: 9And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s, 30But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life.

This means Jesus will bless you when you take action for him, and When you remove things for him! In addition to that, the Bible says to live is Christ, and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21). This means living a life style of rebellion, smoking, stripping, selling drugs, and being popular for the wrong reasons isn’t living the life. Living the life is obeying Christ. Denying your sinful desires, and ways, and etc., is really GAIN! You gain salvation, the character of God, and a relationship with God! Therefore, don’t become weary, at your well doing towards God! Don’t listen to the lies of the devil, you are on the right track by giving up these sinful things for God! The word will begin to manifest in your life! Be patient, relax, rejoice, it will come to past! God is faithful that promised! Scriptures can’t be broken! God is not a man that he should lie!!!! Don’t let your situations remove you, nor your mind, nor your heart from Gods word… THAT IS HOW YOU STAND, THAT IS HOW YOU BE STEAD FAST!!!! 🎉🎊🎉 #HOLDONTOTHATWORD

Do you have rules for dating?

Be careful while courting / dating, especiallyyyy Christians. Don’t falll for potential, don’t fall for what they could be. What patterns do you see, what fruits do you see? If a person can’t respect the standards you set in place, that would help you avoid stumbling, that person isn’t sent by God. The devil is attempting to use them to cause you to stumble, and backslide. I was dating somebody this past summer, and we would read together, pray together, and etc., Yet, even after I thoroughly explained to him why I didn’t want to kiss, and do all the extra huggy stuff (because of the arousals that come with it, which lead to sex), he kept trying to convince me that it was ok, and the feelings were normal 🤦🏽‍♀️ Yet, I kept talking to this person because of potential. Then I noticed we almost stumbled into fornication twice, and I’m like wait 🤦🏽‍♀️✋🏾we’ve had this conversation tooooo many times. He is not for me. God is not going to send me this. Yeah he may want God, but I’ll let God deal with him on his own level, because God already delivered me from this. I can’t afford to break Gods heart, AGAIN! On another note…. So many people want marriage, but Why would God send you one of his true children, when everybody you date, you lead them into fornication? God is going to keep you soooooo far away from his true sons, daughters. Pray for self control, if you notice you stumble in this area! **& if your reading this, this is noooooo shot at you. I’m just trying to warn Gods people ❤️

Have you been hurt before

When someone has hurt you, and you find yourself questioning your value, what you stand for, or you find yourself in emotional / mental pain… Its soooooo important you take the entire situation to the Lord. Tell him how you feel, and why you feel that way. Let him know what offended you, so he can heal that wound. Otherwise the devil will try to make you bitter, mean, angry, and fill you with unforgiveness. Yet, the Lord will remind you of who you are in him, he will remind you that you are special, important, and unique. He will show you why you shouldn’t let that offend you, nor “get under your skin.” He will show you his love, and care for you. He will give you so many reasons to love on that person, and forgive them, after all… we’ve sinned against others , and hurt others, and God forgave us ❤️