Can Christians celebrate Halloween? 

We do a lot of stuff, but do we realize where it comes from? We celebrate things, but do we know what we celebrate? Do you know where it comes from? The Bible says when we do communion, its in Remembrance of Christ (1 Corinthians 11:24-26). Communion is to reflect/remember on what Jesus did for us, and a reminder to show fourth his death; meaning in other words it’s a reminder to turn from the things he died for. Now I ask many, what do you celebrate Halloween for? What are you remembering? Do you know where it comes from? Halloween is demonic. They began celebrating halloween because they believed on that date it was easier for spirits to get into our realm, they believed the dead visited them on that date, due to this they left TREATS FOR THE SPIRITS, in order to show hospitality. Also, they served a god they felt would help them endure the winter, so they left a treat for it on this date as well. The whole concept, ROOTS, background, reason for halloween is filled with rebellion, and it’s demonic. How? The Bible tells us to be lead by his Spirit, not other spirits (john 16:13), neither does God doesn’t tell us to leave him treats so we can get through the winter (Leviticus 19:32). There should be a biblical reason behind what we celebrate, and don’t celebrate, there should be a biblical reason (scriptures) behind what we do, and don’t do. This what it means to be girded in truth: when you are held up by the word of God, the word of God determines what you allow, and do, and what you refuse, or don’t do. (Ephesians 6:14). The world has dressed halloween up in costumes, and candy, and caused it to appear to be good and fun, when is rooted in darkness. However, it’s like that with many sins. The sex outside of marriage may seem to feel good to your flesh, the weed may seem to feel fine to your mind, humiliating another may seem to feel fine to your ego, BUT ITS ROOTED IN DARKNESS, it’s rebellion, it leads to eternal damnation, It’s of the devil, it comes from the devil (revelations 21:8, 1 peter 5:8, Ephesians 4:31). If you agree with the devil, and do what the devil does, and follow his ways: you go to hell with the devil (Matthew 25:41, romans 6:16). Search the scriptures before disputing. Jesus loves you, and has the power to change you. BUT DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE? Do you want to start living Holy? He’s knocking on your heart ❤️


Dream life?

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern your dreams. All dreams aren’t from God (I had to learn the hard way). Yet, all dreams aren’t from the devil. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you examine your dreams. Is sin promoted, is vanity promoted? Is it influencing you to do something right, or wrong? Does it line up with the word? Are you shown something that the Bible says will happen? Does the dream leave you in fear? Does the dream leave you with greater faith, or did it cause you to lose hope? Does the teaching line up with the Bible? Allow the Holy Spirit to help you discern your dreams.


That moment when you realize that your really a prophet, and God shows you the future, and you see everythingggggg he gives you come to past???? That moment you see a house on your block being sold for 24k, and you became a home owner at 22 and paid less than 4K for your home??? (No rent, no mortgage) FAVOR!!!! Mannnn I do not have time to play with God!!! God has been toooooo good to me! I don’t not want to live in sin! I do not want to break his heart! I don’t want to sin against him, nor sin against others!!!! In my sin I was making 500-4K a day, and I didn’t have anything… I’ve gotten way more with God, than without God. Stop trying to do it your way, and do it Gods way. A belief in Jesus brings a change in your life style. Jesus becomes the foundation of your life, the decisions you make begin to reflect the word of God. Your a liar if you say you believe in Jesus, yet you willingly live in sin. Our savior is Holy, and so should we be Holy. The Bible says let everyone be LIKE their master (Matthew 10:25). If our master is Holy, shouldn’t we carry ourselves Holy? Yet, you refuse the word of God because you do as your father THE DEVIL. ITS TIME TO REPENT!!! FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD (James 2:17). Meaning saying you believe in Jesus, yet you don’t live like Jesus will leave you DEAD IN YOUR SINS, burning in hell. Faith in Jesus will change your WORKS (behavior). Allllllll things are possible with God, he can change you! ❤️

Lady fired due to beliefs in Jesus!

This world is so wicked. In Australia they’re trying to pass same sex marriage. This Christian nanny changed her profile picture to “it’s ok to vote no for same sex marriage,” and was fired from her job. It was labeled as hate speech, and she was considered homophobic. This form of persecution is coming to America, yet the Bible says we will suffer persecution while seeking Jesus. It’s amazing how the world wants us to adjust, condone, accept, and tolerate wickedness. Jesus is coming! (2 Timothy 3:12). Lord let us not conform to the ways of this world! Lord give her peace!

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Examine yourself!

We ought to examine our inside, the way we examine our outside. We check to see if we match, and we make sure no tracks are showing… if we know it’s a track loose, we will check it a ton of times to make sure it’s covered. We check to make sure our eye liner is on right, we check our fake eye brows throughout the day to make sure they didn’t smear 🤣, we check our eye liner and mascara to make sure it’s not smudged, or running. We wipe the corners of our mouth constantly to make sure nothing is in the cracks of our mouth. We check ourself out in the mirror before leaving to make sure we look descent… WE ARE GIVING ALL THIS ATTENTION TO THE OUTSIDE, SHOULD WE NOT GIVE MORE ATTENTION TO THE INSIDE? #SelfCheck #HEARTCHECK Do you find yourself feeling like what you have is not enough because of what someone else has??? That’s envy! Do you find yourself trying to out do someone else? That’s emulations! Do you find yourself purposely being harsh, and cruel to your kids, and provoking them to anger? Do you see yourself putting your ways, ideas, likes, and dislikes over what God says? That’s Pride and idolatry! Do you see yourself always telling somebody else personal business? That’s gossip! Alllll those things lead to hell!!! #SELFCHECK LETS FOCUS ON THE INSIDE!!! Prepare for the day of the Lord!!!! No liar, fornicator, adulterer, idolater, unbeliever, drunkard, & etc., has a place in the kingdom of God. We must all repent! (And I’m not posting this like I have it all together, because if I don’t submit to God I’ll go to hell to.) so Lord… Please don’t let me just be a hearer, and teacher of the word, and not a doer of the word. If the blind leads the blind, we will allllllllll go into a ditch! Let your redemption manifest! Let us walk in your purpose!

We have to forsake all for Jesus 

This is for me, and everybody else: the Bible says if you don’t forsake every for Jesus, you aren’t worthy of him. That means if you aren’t willing to give up everything that Jesus declares to be wrong, your going to bust hell wide open. That means if you choose to think it’s ok to dibble, and dabble in sin, and go to church, or claim to be a Christian, Your attendance at church won’t save you from the fires of hell. Jesus said forsake allllll!!!! Forsake the lying, stealing, slander, the getting high, disrespecting your parents, humiliating ppl, illegal activities, getting drunk, dressing half naked, tv/music that promotes sin… OR YOU ARENT WORTHY TO BE JESUS DISCIPLE. OR YOU ARENT WORTHY OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD. OR YOU ARENT WORTHY OF A “well don’t my faithful servant!” Repent! Prepare for the kingdom of our God! Be HOLY!!!! Luke 14:33 So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.

How to Persevere?

Persevere! Meaning in spite of the difficult times, continue on. In spite of it looking as if it’s nothing to hold on to, hold on… Many times when God did mighty things in the Bible, it looked impossible prior to him moving. At 90 years old, it looked like Sarah and Abraham would never get a baby! It looked like Joseph would never rule over his family, how when they sold him for money and sent him away; I would have thought he would never see them again. It looked like it would have been impossible for little ol David to beat Goliath. Yet, by the grace of God they all persevered. In those difficult times they continued on, they remained faithful to God. It’s so important that we hold onto Gods promises in times of difficulty… they are allllll yes, and amen! Our God is not a liar, he will keep his word! His word will become visible! The word says pray, and faint not! Meaning don’t get weary on this walk with God, and give up on him, and his promises. Jesus said NEITHER be of a doubtful mind, meaning don’t start thinking God can’t do it, or won’t do it! (Luke 12:29). We walk by faith, and not by sight! Nothing can stand before our God! If hell couldn’t hold Jesus down, if death couldn’t hold Jesus down, if these demonic spirits, and fallen angels couldn’t stand before Jesus, and tame him… NEITHER WILL THEY BE ABLE TO STAND BEFORE US, and HINDER US FROM GODS PROMISES. Greater is he who is in us, than anythinggg in this world.

Christian game night tonight!

#Share Christian game night is back 🎊🎉🎊 tonight if it’s Gods will @ 815p EST, 715p CST, 5P PST. The purpose of Christian game night is to help us utilize scriptures as we come across temptations, trials, bad thoughts, and emotions etc., in our everyday life! After all, that’s how Jesus defeated Satan in the wilderness, with the word of God! Scenarios will be mentioned, and each person will have a chance to mention the scriptures they would use to help them stand on the word of God! Come play, come learn how to utilize the word of God 🎊🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊 Call: 1-857-232-0156 Conference code: 193128

How do l live in this world, and not be of it?

When we start seeking God, and we begin to apply the Bible to our life, we realize we can’t go to the places we use to go to, nor hang with who we use to hang. We realize we have to give up the turn up drinking life, the getting High, the friends that want to pull up on guys all day, hitting the strip club, & etc., We realize we have to cut off the young jeezy, cash out dough boys, and everybody else that advertises sin (rebellion against God’s word). We realize we have to remove certain ppl off our instagram time lines, and Facebook friend list and etc., We don’t remove people because we are better than them, nor holier than thou. We just understand that if we willingly are around certain things it can influence us, persuade us, and cause us to do evil. We understand that behavior can rub off on us, which is why God tells us to come out from unbelievers and be separate. It’s like this: let’s say you get some all white shoes (Air Force ones or whatever) , your not going tobwalk trough a puddle of muddy water, because you know the all white shoes can get dirty. Likewise: when walking with God we realize we can’t go around sinful things, we can’t listen to wicked music, nor evil tv, or we might get dirty. Why? We might become defiled, stained, we may start doing what it says, Therefore we avoid things that can stain us, and turn from it… Just like a person in all white shoes would avoid dirty muddy areas. 
The Bible says for a reason: the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous, lest the righteous put their hand to it. Meaning evil things shouldn’t dwell around Gods ppl, or we could end up doing it, or be influenced by it. Therefore AVOID IT. Put the evil music away. Put all evil away! Lord help us be obedient!!!


#Testimony so a few months I made a video about how God had corrected because I got so caught up in paying everything, that I began to forget, and disregard paying my tithes and offerings. So when he revealed this to me, i became determined to pay God tithes and offering no matter what. However, I knew in my heart he would open the windows of heaven, and I would get so many blessing that I wouldn’t have room enough to receive (malachi 2:8-10). I even start speaking the word of God over my finances. So a few weeks ago I got a letter in the mail, and a check for $117, and a denial money stating they wasn’t giving me the rest of my money, but if I wanted a portion of it I had to send letters back. So by the grace of God I’m like ok, I’m still going to be thankful that I have something. & It was nothing but God because I would have needed money for gas that week. So anyways, I go to church… And we were asked to sow a seed, however I was like 🤔 I really don’t have it I have to get to work. And then By the grace of God i was like no I’m going to trust God, and not my money. God will make a way; this was on a Friday. The next morning I had a rough day, the enemy was sending so many attacks but by the grace of God, I was able to speak the word of God, and hold onto God. I went to take the trash out, and it was soooo much mail in there. I said out loud, I hope it’s a check in there. I look in the mail, it’s not 1 check, not 2 checks, but 3 checks!!!!!! My money was held since 2013, and not only that a week prior they said they weren’t giving it to me. But that’s just the power of God!!! Trust God, and not money! Give God what’s his, or the Bible says your a thief!!! In addition to this, the Friday God allowed me to give a offering, my pastor was saying that this week ppl would go home to unexpected checks lol… #GodIsGood