Before I began reading the Holy Bible you couldn’t pay me to believe that I was not going to heaven. I thought as long as I believed in God I was straight. You couldn’t tell me that dancing, having a nasty attitude, fighting, being drunk, high, having sex, masturbating, arguing, gossiping, talking to girls, scamming, disrespecting my parents, walking around half naked, being arrogant, full of pride would eliminate me from inheriting his kingdom. I would probably laugh at you and think you were crazy! But ITS TRUE! We can’t have one foot in and one foot out! That is serving two Gods. We will be repaid according to what we have done, but if we turn from our sin and do right he will remember them no more. Thats why I make all these posts hoping that someone will ask him for the truth so he can show you an capture your heart the same way he captured mine! I  didn’t know I was living a lie UNTIL I read his word myself. Pray about it, read his word.

This is not to say I’m perfect at all, but this is what I’ve learned on my journey  

A lot of people ask “Well, what made you give your life over to God?” This is my complete testimony:

Last year around February I was dating someone, and his mom kept telling me “anything that’s negative is the devil,” because we kept getting into it. I don’t know if it’s because I wanted to keep my relationship, but I began paying attention. One night we were smoking marijuana, and watching movies… However after the movie my mind was racing. We had watched loopers which is about two of the same people being in the future, and the present… Yet in order to kill the person they would have to send them back to the past to end their existence and avoid them living forever.  However… My mind was just racing, I was just thinking of all type of crazy stuff… It was like thoughts were being placed into my mind… Trying to get me to solve some type of riddle… But in reality it was Satan trying to get me out of the grace of God… The question I was trying to solve was how do we live forever? The thought that came into my mind is “MURDER JESUS.” Instantly I saw spirits coming towards me, It was as if my soul was up for grabs… I became afraid… Something urged me to REPENT… Something urged me to ask God to forgive me for my sins… ​ I was lead to say “God please forgive me for all of my sins.” All those things I saw began to go away. I would ask a question, and God would give me an answer in my mind. The morale of the story was this world is a distraction to keep us from learning about God. When his presence left me paid in full was on, however the movie that I watched everyday, was uneasy to watch. That moment had changed my out look on life. However, I still had one foot in and one foot out, yet God allowed me to continue to seek him. One morning I was up researching different races to see what was everyone’s story, and I realized that we have all been through something yet we walk around with our attitudes as if “I’ve been through more, I have an right.” I was praying to God, crying to him telling him how I wanted to spread his word and tell people the truth. I went to sleep, and this warm, cool chill came over me. As I opened my eyes my vision became blurry and my first thought was “am I going to hell?!?!?” However I heard a beautiful voice say “you promised me.” The following days similar things happened. I went to sleep one morning, the feeling came over me again and I heard a noise but I could not understand it. My hand was then rubbed as if everything would be ok.

This is why I pray I never go astray from God. I know he is the true living God! He is worthy to be praised and I strive to walk like his son in every area in my life! My God is worthy to be praised! No matter what you have done he says come! Even at my last breath… He told me come!!! He is telling you to come!! Surrender your life to Christ!!! We have a savior! We have a redeemer!!! He came to save us from death, hell, and the wrath of God.

1 corrinthians 6:9-11| revelation 3:15-17| Matthew 6:24| Matthew 7:21-23|Ezekiel 33:19-20| James 2:19-20| John 8:31-32| Matthew 15:8-9

Questions? GetReadyForChrist527@gmail.com



8 thoughts on “Testimony

  1. Praise the lord!….I am a member of true testimony of Jesus church here in roseville, mi. I would like yo invite you and your followes yo our annual car wash in support of the women’s ministry. We will also be having a fish fry that day as well to raise funds. Hope to see you there 🙂

    July 19th starting at 10am
    19200 Frazho rd roseville, mi

  2. Hi my name is Barbara, My husband, Brother in christ and I met you a few weeks ago at the barber shop in detroit..We actually talked for a little while..Good to see you…Keep doing what your doing, only what we do for christ will last! 🙂 Do you have a fb???

  3. Hey I love The Lord but I am really struggling with my fasting and praying reading the Bible I am lack of God words and the funny part I have a good memory but when it comes on to God words I have a problem remembering them I am destroyed when it comes on to Daddy God my first time ever see you is when you talking about gay pride I was in that world for 6 yrs God bless

    • GLORY TO GOD!!! I am happy he has delivered you!!! ^_^ What is your name? I will pray for you… However, please pray to God as well… Ask that he makes more time for u to read his word… The more u read it… The more u feed ur spirit… Which means the more the holy spirit will bring his words back to your remembrance… (john 14:26) Remember Jesus said if we stop abiding in the vine our fruits will wither away… (john 15:6) Yet I have to pray that he allows me to stay in his word daily as well… & he is faithful… When u pray… add scriptures to ur prayers… Its like a stamp of approval! Its us praying knowing that what we are asking for is in his will… example: Lord please allow me to read ur word more every day… U said if i continue in ur word I will know the truth and the truth will sat me free! (john 8:31-32) Your word is how I’m born again! (1 peter 1:23) I must be born again to enter into your kingdom! (john 3:5) … Plz help me Lord… Ur son died for this very reason so i won’t perish!!! (john 3:16-17) In regards to fasting… R u struggling once u begin? Or just doing it in general?

  4. With tears in my eyes, I praise GOD for you. You are such an inspiration. I found out about you because s friend of mine posted your video of you bring at the gay pride event. I truly had I idea that it was taken place. I want to encourage you to stay strong in the Lord& in the power of HIS might. Continue to pursue HIM with everything in you& continue to be blessed. I’m apart of s very unique ministry located in Taylor & would love for u to check it out if the Lord allows. We will be having a healing crusade for June 17-19 for any person who may be sick with ANYTHING, we believe God to have the final say so. So anyway let me know if you’re interested& I’ll give u more info later. Keep up the GREAT Work!!!!!

    • Glory to God!! Thank you!!! I definitely hope that he allows me to continue to pursue him with everything in me!!! I would love to learn more about the crusade…. What time is it? Where will it be held? May our father find you watching, purged… and white as snow! I love you with the love of the Lord!

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