Be encouraged!

I hope this greatly encourages somebody to see past their situation! The Bible says “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

Therefore don’t get discouraged by what you see, or what your situation is. Why? Because if the worlds were framed by the word of God, can’t you frame your world, your life, your marriage, your finances, by the same words??? Can’t you speak the word of God over your life and bring in prosperity, peace, joy, and love???? After all the word of God is not bound!!! (2 Timothy 2:9) Your situation has no hold on you, no power over you, it doesn’t define you, nor make you… THE WORD OF GOD DOES!!! It may look like a delay, and a set back, but you need to open over your mouth and decree that God is going to make this work together for your good!!! (Romans 8:28) You need to open up your mouth and declare that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God will deliver you out of them all (psalms 34:19). You need to remember the scriptures in this season. The Bible says before you get weary in your mind, and faint, before you decide to give up, and throw in the towel… CONSIDER JESUS, who ENDURED, OVER CAME, a great contradiction of sinners. (Hebrews 12:3) How??? Jesus was faced with dying for ppl who hated him, gossiped about him, slandered him, accused him, left him hanging, and betrayals. Yet, he didn’t give up his assignment God gave him. He still surrendered!!! He still died for us! Therefore before you consider tapping out because of your situation, consider Jesus… If he didn’t tap out, and walk away… Neither should we. Jesus is the perfect example, keep your assignment, and continue serving God. Stay in the word of God, obtain and maintain an intimate relationship with God through prayer, quiet time / listening for the father to speak back. It’s a serious transaction going on in the spirit realm, and the devil wants ppl to miss it, But the thief that stole can steal no more!!!


Could this be hindering you?

One big thing that’s hindering ppl is: lack of knowledge. However, I’m greatly referring to not knowing what words mean. Ppl are quick to say what they aren’t, especially when it comes to bad emotions, or evil characteristics. Ppl will say I’m not jealous, I don’t envy, and etc., However, when you look at the MEANING/DEFINITION OF THE WORD, you are jealous, and you envy others continuously. How can you begin to discern a spirit, when you don’t know what the definition of the spirit is??? How can you discern lust, pride, hatred, maliciousness, and etc., when you don’t even know what these words mean??? I pray that God will increase your knowledge, and alone time with him ❤️

How do you act when things don’t go your way?

Just like a person that refines, cleans, or purifies gold can see whats in it, that’s unclean, in the fire…So can God see what’s in you, that doesn’t belong, when you are in a fire! A fire is those difficult trials ppl go through, when your back is completely against the wall, and you have no control over the situation. What does God see you do in those situations? Complain? Talk about giving up? Lash out on ppl? Get attitudes with others??? Or agree with his word? Anybody can be nice, happy, and have faith when all is well, but are you the same way in the battle? In the midst of trouble??? Ask God to remove those spirits / behaviors / characteristics that pop up when things don’t go your way. God wants to take you somewhere, but the nasty attitude, and complaining can’t go! I know it gets difficult, but you have to pushhhhh! Over come!!! You have the victory in Christ!!! Praise your way through, it’s a weapon! God gave us the garments of praise for that spirit that tries to make you heavy, and make you feel defeated.

Be encouraged!

Gooood morning! No complaining today!!! Have you not read that Complaining will delay the promise! (Read the book of exodus). Instead of complaining the Bible’s says give thanks always, for all things!!! For every situation that’s unpleasant, you can make a decision to thank God for working it out in advance! He’s faithful right? You can thank him for all the times he kept you back from that type of trial! Thank him for all the times you were speeding, and you didn’t get a ticket. Thank him for all the times you dropped your phone and the screen didn’t crack! You may not like your job, but something is better than nothing right? Your able to feed your family right??? You better thank him!!!! 🎉🎊 God is doing something!!!! #QuickFastInAHurry !!!! And Happy belated Pentecost!!!

Do you find yourself concerned about the things that can go wrong?

I pray that we begin to truly recognize the love God has for us. When we recognize that God truly loves us, his perfect love will cast away / remove allll fears ( 1 John 4:18). Fear is an emotion / feeling ppl get when ppl think something bad is going to happen. Fear is that feeling / emotion that comes when you are anxious/ over thinking / worrying because of the possibility of something bad occurring. Fear is at work when you take a step back from doing something (like a goal/ dream) because you think it’s not going to work out, or you think something bad will happen. Fear is basically the expectation of evil happening.. Fear is soooooo dangerous to a believer. When a person is fearful, it shows they BELIEVE IT; it shows the person believes something bad will happen, their plans won’t work out, and etc., Yet, when you are fearful, because you believe it, you can possibly open up a door to the thing occurring. How? ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE. It’s sad, but Satan does use the scriptures against people, in order to oppress them, and afflict them. Yet, when you recognize that God loves you, and he’s for you, he’s your provider, he’s your protector, your redeemer, your way maker, and he’s faithful, there’s no need to fear, or think something bad will happen. We need to come into an agreement with God, and think how he thinks. God tells us how he feels about us, we need to agree with him and feel the same way way about ourselves. Why are you fearful of starting your business? Why do you believe your business won’t prosper??? Didn’t God say everything you put your hand to will prosper??? Why do you think something bad will happen to your child??? Didn’t God say he will lead you and your young (children), gently? When we recognize God love, and care for you, it begins to push out all fear. It pushes out all those thoughts that something bad will happen, or something won’t work out… ❤️ You have no reason to fear!!!

What’s an indicator of a generational curse operating in your family?

Consider this: in our families, we see some of us have the same features. Sometimes our eye colors are he same, the size / shape of noses, sometimes we may have the same hair textures, and etc., sometimes a grand mother may have hazel eyes, it skips her kids, but the grand daughter gets them. However, the world tells us it’s hereditary, or something that transferred through the blood line. Now if those things transfer through the blood line, know that behaviors / thought patterns, and etc., travels through the blood line as well. That’s why in some families it’s filled with a bunch of ppl that love getting drunk. You have families where almost the entire family got strung out on drugs. Some families there is Nobody or few ppl that gets married. Some families you have the father, son, and grandson all have heart problems, or some families taken over with cancer. Some families are filled with drug dealers, strippers and etc., THESE THINGS ARE SPIRITS ASSIGNED TO YOUR BLOOD LINE, TO YOUR GENERATION, in order to cause a specific behavior pattern to become visible, and only way you can break these things is through PRAYER, and a life style of fasting. When I say a life style of fasting: meaning you need to have set days out the week to fast, or fast weekly… Not just once a year. Take your family back from the devil, in prayer 🙌🏾 SOMEBODY HAS TO STAND IN THE GAP!!!

Is your kids paying attention in church?

I remember in 2011, or 2012, I was at a bar, and I was reading a flyer, and it had John 3:16” on it. I asked, “what is John 3:16?” All the dancers were shocked like, “You don’t know what John 3;16 means??? That’s the most popular scripture in the Bible! I was stated no, but ok… Yet, I thank God for what he did in me! 😍 On another note, I went to church almost every Sunday growing up, Yet I didn’t know GOD, I didn’t know his word, neither did I know his likes or dislikes. Taking your kids to church, and teaching them about God, and teaching them the word of God is DIFFERENT!!! My mom would put us on a brief punishment if we fell asleep in church, so I never fell asleep in church, yet I couldn’t tell you what was preached because I was day dreaming… Don’t let your kids trick you! Ask, what did he / she talk about today?

Do you keep doing things you want to stop doing?

What’s your problems, habits, addictions, fears? What do you keep doing that you want to stop, but you can’t because it’s a habit??? Believe in Jesus, and get baptized! He can fix it! He died for your sins, and rose so that your life can be fixed! All the sins that you have done, and all the sins your ancestors have done, that have allowed the devil to come into your life, and plague you, hinder you, and etc., JESUS PAID FOR IT, HE WIPED YOUR SLATE CLEAN, and through faith in Jesus, he will restore order in your life, and cause his purpose in your life to manifest! Yet, you must believe in him!!! (John 3:16).

Do you battle with anger, depression, shame?

#Revelation so last week I was on the greyhound bus, and rather it was a dream or a vision I don’t know. Why these type of experiences happen to me, I kinda know, but I know the Bible says the more they afflict us, the more we will multiply and grow! So in the dream or vision I saw my daughter! She was like mommy why you always whooping me, be nice to me, I want to go to my auntie house. I saw she was manipulating me, I got very angry. When I got angry, something entered into my body, I opened my eyes and it was pitch black, (I was in the spirit realm)… because on the bus it was lights, ppl, SeaTac and etc., however, immediately a voice began to audibly speak to me… Thank God I couldn’t hear it clearly. By the grace of God I did come against that experience In prayer / canceled it and etc., but what God revealed to me is this: The devil creates situation, in order to control us / manipulate us into doing things we aren’t supposed to do / or feel ways we aren’t supposed to feel. He wanted to cause my daughter to manipulate me, so that I would give myself up to anger. However, ungodly emotions are DEMONIC SPIRITS AS WELL, which is why something entered me when I got very upset. This is why it’s sooooo important to refuse ungodly emotions (depression, anger, shame, and etc., ) Another thing God showed me is when that anger spirit entered into me, it immediately began to speak to me… When you are operating in a ungodly emotion, that’s literally an evil spirit in you, Yet it’s putting thoughts in your mind as well so that you can do something you have no business doing. Ppl are more inclined to do wrong things when they are under pressure, depressed, stressed, angry, and etc., When ppl are down / or angry, it CAN be difficult to resist the devil, especially when he is so loud in your ear, Yet I pray God always has dominion! When a person is striving to turn from sin, and Satan can’t get them to willingly/ purposely sin, the devil will create situations, to influence / manipulate them into sinning / rebelling against God… This is why things may go on in your family, work place, and etc., The devil wants situations on the outside (ppl), to provoke you / move you to sin! #NotNeverSatan I’m going to forsake wrath! I hope this helps someone see the bigger picture ❤️

The glory of God!!

God dropped this in my spirit the other day: when you speak your testimonies, when you declare my works, the glory of God is present. The same glory / power that delivered you in the situation, the same glory that was present when I made a way out of no way, is the same glory that is present when you SPEAK OF WHAT I DID. Therefore, declare / speak works of God! (Especially during difficult times). That’s why when many praise God, or declare the works of God they feel the chills (goose bumps). When the glory of God is present all fear, doubt, depression, evil voices and etc., has to leave!!! Not to mention, in the presence of God is the fullness of joy!!! Meaning when you speak the testimonies & works of God, you will be joyful!!! #WeOnlyGoingUpFromHere