Have you been hurt before

When someone has hurt you, and you find yourself questioning your value, what you stand for, or you find yourself in emotional / mental pain… Its soooooo important you take the entire situation to the Lord. Tell him how you feel, and why you feel that way. Let him know what offended you, so he can heal that wound. Otherwise the devil will try to make you bitter, mean, angry, and fill you with unforgiveness. Yet, the Lord will remind you of who you are in him, he will remind you that you are special, important, and unique. He will show you why you shouldn’t let that offend you, nor “get under your skin.” He will show you his love, and care for you. He will give you so many reasons to love on that person, and forgive them, after all… we’ve sinned against others , and hurt others, and God forgave us ❤️


Jesus is coming!

Wow… A college in Georgia told a man he can’t share Jesus there, Even in the “free speech” zones they have on the campus. The enemy is working through sooooo many channels to hinder ppl from sharing the gospel, because he know its the gospel that saves those who believe (Romans 1:16). Its a bigger agenda with all this “fake news,” stuff where they are trying to limit the things we share on the internet, which is one of the reasons the bible says “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” (John 9:4)–In other words work for God now… Because the time is coming where we won’t be able to do so freely… As you can see they are beginning to look into limiting what we post on social media… Other countries are issuing fines to those who share Jesus…. Better learn of him now… Get the word of God in your heart now… Daniel 9:26 says he will be cut off, but not of himself… Meaning the enemy will try to limit ppl from hearing of him (by taking bibles, telling us we can’t share Jesus & etc.,) … But those who know Jesus already, those who have the word of God in them already… won’t be cut off. #Repent JESUS IS COMING…

You feel the bible is difficult to understand?

The KJV bible may be difficult to understand, because we don’t talk like that anymore… But that’s not an excuse to avoid reading the bible, get a dictionary. Whenever we as ppl want something, we go hard for it… We do what we have to do, in order to get what we want. We research what we want. Ive seen ppl take pole dancing classes, to dance better, Buy weed books to assist them at growing weed, watch youtube tutorial videos to learn to do make up, study to get good grades & etc., Yet will you put that same effort towards developing a relationship with God? God said “And you shall seek me, and find me, when you search for me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13).The bible says “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded (James 4:8) In other words when you start seeking God with ALL OF YOU; willing to let God change ALL OF YOU… Verses deciding what you want to give up / not give up… Then you will find him… Let his word clean you and cause the things you do to be on one accord with him…. & Stop being double-minded–Doubting, believing / obeying the scriptures you want to obey and believe.

Revelation From God!

#RevelationFromGod the other night, I whooped Neriah a few times… Yet I noticed after everytime I whooped her, she came right up under me. She would lay right on me, or right under me as if nothing happened. She wasn’t mad at me, acting funny, pushing me away, or ignoring me … And God dropped in my spirit “forgiveness.” Forgiveness shows in our ability to treat a person as if nothing ever happened, even after they have hurt us. It’s The ability to treat a person kind, in spite of the pain, and heart ache they have caused. The ability to avoid speaking negatively about someone, even when all they have done is negative things to you. Doing the opposite of those things is a sign of unforgiveness, and bitterness. Remember, God said if we don’t forgive, neither will we be forgiven (Matthew 6:14-15) . We have all done ppl wrong, even God himself, therefore we must forgive. If this is something you battle with, ask God to help you to forgive the person. Remember, we have not because we ask not, are you asking God to help you forgive? (James 4:2) Don’t try to hold on to that hurt and pain… Hold on to Gods word ♥️ repent, Jesus is coming!