God purpose for your life is great!

Isaiah 51:16 says God put his word in our mouth, and protects us, so that he can plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto us YOU ARE MY PEOPLE. 
Yet, Do you know what this means? God wants to use us to bring HEAVEN TO EARTH. He wants to use us to manifest his kingdom, and bring his promises/word here! He wants to use his people to demonstrate/display his word in this earth: miracles, healing, signs, wonders, obedience, & etc., This is an indicator that we are his people! (Mark 16:17-18). I don’t want to be an ordinary, regular Christian, going to church, bible studies, and going home. In the Bible they healed, cast out devils, performed miracles, and much more!!!! The word of God is TRUE!!!! His word will PROSPER IN MY LIFE, HIS WORD WILL NOT RETURN VOID IN MY LIFE!!! I WILL SEE GOD DO WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO IN HIS WORD!!!! Come into agreement with the word of God right now, and begin to speak his word over your life! His word won’t return void! Just like rain produces fruits, speaking the word of God visualize his word, it manifests his word in your life, it brings fourth his word in your life!!! (Isaiah 55:10-11). After all, it is power of life, and death in what you speak! (Proverbs 18:20).


Praise Party Tomorrow!

If its Gods will, join the praise party tomorrow night. What’s a praise party? Its when we get together to speak highly of God, and declare his works, mercy, kindness, compassion, and etc., Ppl rap, sing, read poems, and etc., The goal is to bring attention to God, and uplift him… Feel free to join & praise him! In the world we gathered to do worldly stuff… Now lets gather to praise God ❤ The praise party will be tomorrow @ 10P EST, 9p CST, 7p PST. Conference #: 1-857-232-0156 Access Code: 193128 ***Set your alarms*** If you want to OPT in a text message reminder, inbox me your number… I will try to send one today, and tomorrow… Remember, the bible says LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Jesus is coming!

Wow… A college in Georgia told a man he can’t share Jesus there, Even in the “free speech” zones they have on the campus. The enemy is working through sooooo many channels to hinder ppl from sharing the gospel, because he know its the gospel that saves those who believe (Romans 1:16). Its a bigger agenda with all this “fake news,” stuff where they are trying to limit the things we share on the internet, which is one of the reasons the bible says “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” (John 9:4)–In other words work for God now… Because the time is coming where we won’t be able to do so freely… As you can see they are beginning to look into limiting what we post on social media… Other countries are issuing fines to those who share Jesus…. Better learn of him now… Get the word of God in your heart now… Daniel 9:26 says he will be cut off, but not of himself… Meaning the enemy will try to limit ppl from hearing of him (by taking bibles, telling us we can’t share Jesus & etc.,) … But those who know Jesus already, those who have the word of God in them already… won’t be cut off. #Repent JESUS IS COMING…

Do you read the bible front to back?

The bible isn’t a ordinary book, therefore you can’t read it any ordinary front to back way… When ppl tell me they read the bible front to back, its like cool… Ok, but consider this:
1 Kings
2 kings
1 Chronicles
2 chronicles

The above books are listed in that order in the bible, yet the events that occur in the bible are not limited to a particular book… In other words one topic, or person may be spoken of in 5 different books of the bible… Each giving more insight on who it happen to, why it happened to them, how it happened to them, where it happened to them and etc., For example: 2 kings, the book of Jeremiah, and the book of Ezekiel all speak of the king Zedekiah being taken into slavery… YET in the last book listed (Ezekiel 12:11-13) is where God told his prophet BEFORE HAND that Zedekiah would be taken into captivity… Which allows us to see that the bible isn’t in a numerical sequence order, because you would think Ezekiel would go before the book of the kings, considering Ezekiel is the person that received the heads up that Hezekiah would go to slavery. If you read the bible in the A-Z back to front order, you may not have full understanding of whats going on regarding particular stories. For example, if you only read 2 kings regarding zedekiah (2 kings 18-8), you may not have all the knowledge required to know why his kids were slain, he was taken into slavery, his eyes were put out, his face was covered when taken into slavery & etc., yet if you read all the books that speak of Zedekiah, (the book of Jeremiah, and the book of Ezekiel are some) you will get more knowledge on why it happened. Whenever I read about the kings in the bible, I always try to go to the book of the prophet that spoke of the king as well in order to find out why things were happening / going to happen; even if I have to google “verses that talk about Zedkiah”, then i’m able to go read everything he did, and the things the ppl of that time did… Which gives me more information/knoweledge of what was going on… Another thing is read the bible strategically… ALWAYS pray to God for what you should read regarding the bible… But I say strategically because if your battling with doubt, lying, depression, and etc., Is reading scriptures about who had a baby by who going to help you over come that? (Numbers 26:5-44) Make it a prioirty to read the scriptures you battle with first… Even if you have to google scriptures regarding what your battling, and then read chapters that contain them, so you can get the help/healing/deliverance needed to become more like Christ…. ***Again, always take it up to God in prayer… & ask God to give your daily bread so you read/eat exactly what you need to read/eat (matthew 6:11) #NoteToMyselfAsWell lol


God is justttt soooooo goooood!!!!!!!!!! I gave this guy some gloves last week because it was VERY cold outside, and Neriah asked mommy you gave him your gloves, why? I said because its cold and he don’t have any…. God will get me some more… So if your in Detroit, you know its been cold…. So my hands have been cold this week and those gloves would pop up in my mind, and I would just go… God will get me some more. Do you know that I went to work and this lady got me some gloves, a scarf, and a hat?!? #ThankYouJesus #Repent #JesusIsComing

Avoid Distractions!

I advise anybody that’s striving to serve God to get rid of all distractions, and things causing you to stumble. All its going to do is cause you to backslide. You’ll find yourself battling with things God delivered you from… & Although God is faithful to deliver us… Let’s not take advantage of him by doing what we want to do.