What is the circumcision? Does God still require it?

A lot of the things we read in the Old Testament is a shadow of things to come. In other words in the Old Testament God was just showing us a glimpse of what he would do in the future (Hebrew 10:1); one of those things is the circumcision. In the Old Testament, God made a covenant (agreement) with Abraham, and the Lord told Abraham this agreement is with you, Me, and your descendants FOREVER. God also told him that he would prosper him / cause him to be successful. However, another part of the agreement was that every MALE child among him, or a descendant of him (grand children/ great great great grand children) had to be circumcised. If they didn’t get circumcised they broke the agreement, and they would be cut off from the agreement (Genesis 17:1-14). Yet, today we are still required to be circumcised rather your a man, or a woman. However, it’s not a physical removal of the flesh of a penis, it’s a spiritual circumcision; a removal of ungodly/ sinful / rebellious things from our hearts. This is why romans 2:29 says:
But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. 
Meaning, a person is a child of God/ believer in Christ because of what’s going on within their heart. Circumcision is based on what’s getting cut out / removed from your heart. Circumcision is not based on you just saying your a Christian, it’s not just wearing a name tag. 
Why does our heart have to be circumcised? Our hearts contain our values, morals, desires, standards, and passions. Our hearts contain what we want, what we feel is wrong, and what we feel is right. The things we do, say, watch, & etc., is a direct indicator of what’s in our hearts, otherwise we would have no desire to do it, say it, or watch it. With that being explained know that the things in our heart isn’t always what’s in the heart of God. 
Yet, this is the circumcision: God is requiring us to put away, disagree with, refuse, refrain from everything that rebels against his word. God wants us putting away sin (lying, gossip, stealing, homosexuality, jealousy, maliciousness, arguing, & pick up love, joy, peace, faith, & etc., )
Remember, if we break the agreement, we are cut off from him (Genesis 17:14). This means that when people die in a state of mind where they agree with sin, they think it’s ok to lie, have sex and not be married, lie on ppl, be rude, disrespect their parents, oral / Anal sex, lie on ppl, & etc., they cut themselves off from God forever, and they end up in hell (revelations 21:8). 
Now ask yourself, how many ppl do you know that agrees with / willingly do the things listed above??? This is why the Bible says MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN (Matthew 22:14). All hear the word of God, but few obey what God said, therefore few are chosen to enter the kingdom of God. Alotttt of ppl will enter hell if they don’t repent. Yet God wants me to tell you that hell isn’t your portion, it isn’t your lot. It isn’t your dwelling place. Believe in Jesus, believe that God will change you, and He will free you from every unnatural, evil desire that is in our heart. Let the Holy Spirit circumcise your heart, and remove things from your heart that doesn’t belong. Let the word of God correct you and remove things out of your heart that doesn’t belong. Just believe that God will do it. Believe that God ways are right. God will perfect that concerning you. ❤️


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