The word of God is coming to past! 

This is not a time to backslide, this is a time to draw near to God. The solar eclipse that’s going to occur this month is the word of God becoming visible, it’s the word of God manifesting, it’s God being faithful, it’s a WARNING. It’s a SIGN that Jesus will come for his people soon. Yet, if you don’t read the Bible how will you know the signs? How will you be able to identify the signs that Jesus is about to return, considering he gave us the signs in the Bible, if you don’t read it? You’ll just think it’s getting bad, crazy, and etc., Yet, if you read the Bible you’ll see that God word doesn’t fall to the ground, and God does what he says he’ll do. 
Acts 2:20 tells us The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:
This month the sun is going to go BLACK, it’s going to be turned into DARKNESS. Many call it a solar eclipse, yet it’s God performing his word. The word of God says God will turn the sun into darkness before his return. He already turned the moon blood red twice in 2014, and twice in 2015. REPENT PPL, believe the gospel! Say “Lord please forgive me for my sins, I have done wickedly by not obeying you, yet you have been faithful and kind to me. Forgive my ancestors as well for not walking in your ways. Please come into my heart and transform me, and make me born again (John 3:5). Cause me to endure til the end and trust in you forever. I thank you that your blood covers my family and I. Amen”

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