How to get strong in your walk with God? 

This is a revelation God gave me the me other day: just as the world has a way that things grow, Gods kingdom is likewise. In the world in order to grow a fruit you need a seed, water, sun light, and dirt. Without those things, or the proper amount of those things, the fruit won’t grow properly, they may die prematurely, may not get the maximum of fruit you can get, or it may not grow at all. Yet, it’s likewise when we want to grow fruit in Gods kingdom. We need a seed, water, sun light, and dirt. Without It, we won’t grow! If you want to grow in God, take heed!
The seed is the word of God! When we speak the word of God over our lives, we are planting a seed. We are planting Gods promises, desires, thoughts, mind, favor, love, passions, and actions. 1 Peter 1:23 refers to the word of God as a seed, in Luke 8:11 Jesus said the seed is the word of God.
Yet, as we know we still need water, sun light, and dirt to manifest those fruits. Now Ephesians 5:26 compares the word of God to water. The water is also the word of God. When you speak the word of God, you plant the word of God (the seed) in your life, yet when you continue to speak the word of God into your life, your watering those seeds that you planted as well. Yet as we know, a seed, and water isn’t just enough to produce a fruit. 
Just as we need sun light to grow things, we need SON light to grow us. We must stay in relationship and communion with Jesus. We must speak to him, we must truly know him. Going to church, and being on the praise and worship team, playing drums, being a usher, & etc.. doesn’t mean you know Jesus. Do you truly believe in Jesus to the point your life style is changing? Your behavior is changing? Your desires are changing??? Your thoughts are changing??? He knows you, but do you know him??? You receive son light from being in the word as well. Remember, Jesus said I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (John 8:12). You get the light needed to grow in Christ by staying in the word, reading it, applying it, hungering after it, wanting it, knowing Jesus, and living in his word. 
So while we’ve discussed the seed, water, and the SON, we still need dirt to produce fruit. Remember, the Bible tells us God made us out of The ground (Genesis 2:7), out of the dirt. We are the dirt that the seed, the water, and the Son goes into. When we have the seed, the water, and the son placed into the dirt, fruits will begin to show up and spring up in the dirt, which is us!!! Gods promises will manifest IN US, and around us!!! They will be visible. Healing, joy, peace, faith, godly behavior and etc., will all be visible when we have the water, the seed, the dirt, and the son. Therefore go fourth! Spend time with God! Set times aside where you can just go into his presence, plant seeds, and water them. You are the ground for the seed, whenever a seed, water, and sun, meets the ground (The dirt), fruits must spring up!!


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