God wants our motives on one accord with him!

As I was reading the Old Testament, I came across how if someone were to offer a sacrifice to God, they had to offer a animal to God that had no blemish. In other words the animal body parts had to be normal, working properly, with no defects & etc., (Leviticus 3:1–in the old testaments killing a animal for God was one of the ways they gave to God, and received forgiveness for their sins). If the people offered a animal that was messed up, deformed & etc., God was not pleased with it; and it was not accepted (lev 22:20). Yet as I was reading God dropped in my spirit: the things people do for God today must be done without blemish, otherwise it’s not acceptable unto our Heavenly Father.
God is referring to our motives, intentions, and how we do things for him, and his people. He is referring to the reasons behind the things we do for people. God does a COMPLETE work in his people to the point he changes our actions, thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Yet, we must examine ourselves, when we do things for people. What’s the real reason we do it? Are you being nice to that girl so you can have sex with her? Are you helping him so you can ask him for some money? Are you taking people places because you want to get them away from you? Are you lending ppl money because you know you want to ask for money next month? Are you doing things for ppl with a nasty attitude? Doing things with ungodly / wrongs motives means our sacrifice/offering/doings for God has been defiled by the evil reason we did it. Do you see how a “godly deed” can be defiled because of the wrong intentions behind it?

Jesus told a parable about people doing things with intentions (Luke 11:5-8). Jesus said if you go to a friend house at midnight asking for bread because you have a guest coming, and you have nothing to give them; they’ll tell you their door is short and the kids are sleep, and they can’t do it. Jesus said they won’t get up because the person is their friend, they’ll get up and give it because the person is troubling/irritating them (like a huhhhh let me get them this stuff so they can go). Yet, Jesus allowed us to see that they gave with the wrong intentions. Remember, We are commanded/ reminded to:

Do all things in love (1 Corinthians 16:14)

Be a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Serve god in gladness (psalms100:2

Treat people the way we want to be treated (mark 12:31) 

Do things for ppl because you want to help them, because you would want someone to help you. Do things for ppl because you see God helping you in those areas, and you want to help ppl in those areas. It’s a blessing to be able to give, therefore be excited of the favor God has shown you. 

Be honest with yourself, if you fall short, or stumble in these areas, confess it to God. Admit it. God said he will be faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you of allllll unrighteousness. That means God will help you start doing things the way he wants it done. ❤️


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