What’s your purpose?

Before I got saved in 2013 I was concerned about being popular, and material things. I was concerned about the right now world. However, when I got saved my perception/views/outlook on life changed. I realized that none of this stuff will profit me if I didn’t have a relationship with God. I realized I had a purpose in life, and it wasn’t about me being popular, and known, it was about me making Jesus popular and well known. I realized it wasn’t about me creating a legacy to be remembered, it was about Jesus. I realized it wasn’t about me getting my needs met, and being catered to, it was about Jesus using me to meet ppl needs and cater to them. Our life must be a reflection of Jesus: HE WAS USED TO BRING HUMANITY BACK TO GOD, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are being used to bring the world back to God. ❤️
Learn of Jesus now, tomorrow isn’t promised. You do not want to drop dead in a state where you don’t KNOW God. You know your boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, best friend, aunt, uncle because you hang around them, been around them, know their likes, and dislikes… but have you been able to learn God this same way? Let god complete you. You can accomplish all your goals, and new goals, and ideas will surface. Yet in God you will be complete. In God you will be content ❤️


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