Learn Gods word

Psalms 91:4 tells us Gods TRUTH SHALL BE THY SHIELD AND BUCKLER. Yet, What does the bible declare THE TRUTH to be? 
John 17:17 says: Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. *Sanctify means make pure, make clean, Set apart. In other words its a process of removing everything defiling. Yet, the scripture tells us THE WORD OF GOD WILL BE OUR SHIELD, AND BUCKLER. 
*A shield is use for protecting/covering whatever is on the other side of the shield. A shield can stop the other person from advancing, and stops the person from doing what they desire to do. A buckler was a weapon used in older days to fight. It was used to hinder the movements of the enemy, BY BINDING ITS ARMS AND MOVEMENTS, and stopping their punches. 
This scripture is telling us that GODS WORD WILL PROTECT YOU, AND FIGHT FOR YOU. This scripture is telling you that the word of God will stop the devil from advancing in your life. The word of God will stop the devils blows, and BIND HIM UP. THIS IS WHY YOU MUST READ THE BIBLE DAILY. THIS IS WHERE YOUR HOPE, AND STRENGTH TO ENDURE ON THIS JOURNEY WITH GOD WILL COME FROM. 
Its so important to learn what God said for your situations! Learn what God said for your mind, emotions, thoughts, behavior, inheritance, life, & etc., Learn what God said for your health, marriage, lust, envy, homosexuality, gossip, & etc., THOSE SCRIPTURES WILL LITERALLY CAUSE YOU TO RISE ABOVE, AND DEFEAT EVERY EVIL UNCLEAN SPIRIT, POWER, PRINCIPALITY & ETC., THE DEVIL SENDS YOUR WAY!!!!


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