What does “Dont judge” mean?

Whenever the word of God is spoken, in regards to what GOD SAID we are to do, and not do, Ppl mention “The bible says don’t judge.” Listen, i’m not judging you. I didn’t write these words, I didn’t come up with what’s right, and what’s wrong, I’m just repeating what God said. The Lord is JUDGING YOU, not me. He wrote these words, NOT ME. God is givnig you a chance to consider your wicked, evil ways, before you die in your sins, and perish. But do you want to know what’s judging? When you speak evil of someone (James 4:11). When you slander someone, speak down/badly about them, when you gossip about ppl. Do you know what the bible says about this? DONT speak evil of each other, he that speaks evil of his brother, and judges his brother, speaks evil of the law, and judges the law… Yet if you judge the law, you aren’t a doer of it, but a judge. In other words–When you speak evil of someone, your speaking evil of Gods law. How? Because God said don’t speak evil of ppl, so by you speaking evil of ppl, your basically speaking evil of his laws, which means your judging Gods law, and saying his laws are wrong… Yet, WHO ARE WE TO TO JUDGE GODS LAW, AND SAY WHATS RIGHT OR LONG??? WE DIDNT CREATE ANYTHING!!! CAN THE SUN TELL GOD IM NOT GOING TO SHINE ANYMORE? CAN THE MOON TELL GOD, I’M DONE GOING UP?!?! Repent!!! Jesus is coming!!! Yesterday morning in the spirit I heard the enemy trying to plant seeds of gossip, and slander… But as I wrote this post, God dropped in my spirit how slander is going rapid in the word… You have the phone carriers, slanderring each other on commercials. You have the Television, and internet carriers slandering each other. You even have the restaurants on commercials, slandering each other with their 2 for 4, and 3 for 4, and 4 for 4 deals. Not to mention all the slander we saw in the last presidential election. HE IS PLANTING SEEDS OF GOSSIP/SLANDER. Yet, this is what Satan wants… The whole world worshipping/serving/obeying him, and disobeying God… We say we believe in God, but we dont listen to him. Yet, we say we don’t believe in Satan but we listen to him… #Repent, JESUS is coming… NOTHING is too hard for God. Confess your sins, admit the wrong things you have done.. God will surely cleanse you from all your sins! (1 john 1:9)


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