Do you know what God promised after your trials?

When you are walking with God, know that no matter what the trial may be… Your latter end will be better than the first. (Ecclesiastes 7:8) In other words your out come, will always be better than what it was at first. A perfect example is the story of Joseph!!! Prior to all the lies, him going to jail, and being forgotten, he was the ruler over Pharaoh’s SERVANT house–In other words he took care of things for the secretary of state (the person under the president). God placed favor upon Joseph, and Joseph was able to run the president businesses, finances, and etc., (Genesis 39:2-21)–Yet the lies came, he went to jail, and the person he helped while in jail, forgot about him when he got out… Yet he remained faithful to God (genesis 39:9) Yet surely his latter end was better than his first!!! When Joseph got out of Jail… He was no longer the servant of the secretary of the state, he was the servant of the president… Prior, he interpreted dreams for the presidents servant… Now he was interpreting dreams for the president himself… Prior, he was over the secretary of state businesses, now he was over the president businesses, finances, and etc., (Genesis 41:40) In addition to all that, now he road in a chariot (which would be a car today lol genesis 41:42), he had jewelry, a wife, and kids! (genesis 41:45,50) No one could enter Egypt unless they went through Joseph (genesis 41:44), Not only that, the dreams that Joseph interpreted ended up saving Egypt from a famine, as well as his own family!!! Therefore know that this light affliction is only for a moment! Decree that your latter end will be better than your first!!! Decree that God will give you double for your trouble!!! Decree that the more you are afflicted, the more you will grow!!! Don’t believe the devils lies in the midst of adversity… Cast them down… God knows if you have faith, because of what you do/believe in the midst of opposition… Its easyyyyy to have faith, and speak life over our situation when everything looks well… When everything is lining up with the word of God… But can you have faith, praise God, and speak life over your situation when things don’t look well??? Lets pass these tests people!!! #JesusIsComing … Praise God in your trials!!! Like Job said… shall we receive the good of the Lord, and not the bad??? (job 2:10) —The bible says God makes ALLLLLL things work together for the good of those who love him… Therefore don’t trip when things appear to be going down hill… Tell yourself… GOD IS GOING TO WORK THIS OUT FOR MY GOOD…


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