Do you find yourself assuming?

We really need to stop assuming. We need to stop coming up with reasons on why a person did something. We are not in that person mind, “Oh he trying to make me mad, he did that to be funny, she think she slick by doing that, she doesn’t like me because of XYZ” STOP IT!!!! If the person didn’t say it for themselves, STOP IT!!! The bible says that God tries the reins and the heart, to give everyone according to his ways. The bible says that God word is a discerner of the thoughts, and the intents of the heart. The bible says that God eyes are upon all our ways, and our ways are not hid from his face, the bible says God knows our thoughts from afar… (Jeremiah 16:17, jeremiah 17:10, hebrews 4:12, psalms 139:2) In other words only God knows the intentions behind our actions. Only God knows our all of our actions / thoughts. Our ways / thoughts aren’t hid from GOD… not man. SO WHY ARE WE TRYING TO PLAY GOD? AND THINK FOR PPL… AND DISCERN THEIR HEARTS, and come up with the reasons on why they did a thing? That is sin… That type of behavior will draw darkness to your life. You’ll end up stressed, over thinking, and worried about things that aren’t even true…. Stuff that YOU MADE UP… Not to mention assumptions involve passing judgement on someone else… Stop itttt. Allllll of our thoughts must obey the word of God (2 corinthians 10:5)… There is a scripture for every disobedient thought that would come into our mind, the bible says that the thought of foolishness is sin (Proverbs 24:9) The Holy Spirit will give you power, that will stop your mind from wondering off, and thinking on things we have no business thinking about… REPENT, Jesus is coming!!!


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