Do you feel like you dont have enough time in the day?

I dont know who this is for… One of the things I learned while working for apple is #TimeManagement as a operational manager I had so many deliverables, and not enough time in the day to complete them. I had to break my day up in increments for the whole 9 hours I worked each day, in order to complete a variety of tasks, verses getting stuck on one task the whole day. In other words i would spend 1 hour doing one thing, 2 hours doing another thing, 30 mins doing another thing, 1 hour doing another and so fourth… Without me doing that I wouldn’t have been able to complete the things I had to do. I realized I couldn’t spend all my time doing one thing, period… Yet if I broke my time up to complete different things, I would end up accomplishing more that way, and everything would eventually come together, verses me completing one task, and having 10 tasks at 0%. Its someone out there seeking God, and they really want him, but your day is all over the place. You can’t find time to read, pray, or even think. God wants you to create a schedule for your day. On your schedule make a time slot to pray, a time slot to read & so fourth. If you have kids, Start making them take a nap, and during that time read/pray. Have your kids watch a educational video/biblical video… & during that time read/ pray (& don’t forget to read / pray with them either). I went through that samething, and God reminded me of what I learned regarding time management, and by his grace I was able to apply it. I’m in a different season right now, In the past I could wake up pray, intercede, talk to God, mediate on the word, read, say my declarations and everything in the beginning of the day.. But now due to my work schedule i’m unable to do it all in one area of the day… But God reminded me of how I learned to manage my time prior, and it has helped me sooooo much… God doesn’t want to see anything hinder you from getting close to him… He loves you soooo much… Continue to ask him things, seek him for things… & watch him give you answers ❤


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