#Testimony I was on leave for 5 weeks with no pay, do you know by the grace of God I didnt have to ask anyone for anything? God sent ppl to give me hundreds of dollars each week… By the grace of God I didn’t have to manipulate anyone into giving to me by mentioning I wasn’t working either lol… God is sooooooooo good!!! I felt as if God was blessing ppl just to bless me… One night I prayed that God would send me some money… That night I had a dream of me hitting at the casino (I’ve never ever played at the casino by the graceeeee of God), yet do you know someone in my family hit at the casino that sameeee morning, and gave me 200$? lol… I was like mannnn that is God! So last week, I found myself not trusting God… Trying to save things because I knew I had to make it to work this week… & someone made a post that really convicted me, regarding exactly that. So I thought to myself, i’m going to do what I want to do… & not according to what I have… But according to what I want to do lol… So this past Sunday, God gave me a dream telling me two things–One was to trust him, and still pay my tithes. God knows I could have used every drop of that to get to work for the week, because I only had abt 30$… But I’m like you know what… I’m going to trust him, and I paid my tithes, and got my baby what she wanted to eat… Do you know that same day… In alllllllll that snow… (This past Sunday) … God sent someone to give me 300$? I was geeked lol… The enemy tried to make me ashamed about posting this… But #NOPE … I wasn’t ashamed when I was praying asking God to make a way lol… Therefore I’m going to declare his mighty works even NOW… #ThankYouJesus


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