Revelation From God!

#RevelationFromGod the other night, I whooped Neriah a few times… Yet I noticed after everytime I whooped her, she came right up under me. She would lay right on me, or right under me as if nothing happened. She wasn’t mad at me, acting funny, pushing me away, or ignoring me … And God dropped in my spirit “forgiveness.” Forgiveness shows in our ability to treat a person as if nothing ever happened, even after they have hurt us. It’s The ability to treat a person kind, in spite of the pain, and heart ache they have caused. The ability to avoid speaking negatively about someone, even when all they have done is negative things to you. Doing the opposite of those things is a sign of unforgiveness, and bitterness. Remember, God said if we don’t forgive, neither will we be forgiven (Matthew 6:14-15) . We have all done ppl wrong, even God himself, therefore we must forgive. If this is something you battle with, ask God to help you to forgive the person. Remember, we have not because we ask not, are you asking God to help you forgive? (James 4:2) Don’t try to hold on to that hurt and pain… Hold on to Gods word ♥️ repent, Jesus is coming!


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