Do you know the characteristics of evil spirits / sin?

It is so important to know the meaning/definitions/characteristics /actions /behaviors of the things God calls “sins” (jealousy, envy, lust, fornication, pride, & etc.,) that information will give you discernment, knowledge, and you’ll know what evil spirits are at work around you, and in you (Hosea 4:6). You’ll know what spirits you need to be delivered from as well; then you can start praying and binding those spirits up, which will hinder them from working through you, and your family (Matthew 18:18). The weapons they form won’t prosper! Satan won’t get the results he desired, those things he sends into your life to kill, steal, and destroy won’t affect you! (Isaiah 54:17)–when we bind a spirit up–that means it’s unlawful for them to operate in our life! They are tied up, chained up, and Idle! Why? That’s what the word “bind” means. Not to mention God gave us the authority to bind spirits up, and God has all power/authority over everything (Ephesians 1:20-21), and everything must must obey him… Yet he dwells in us (1 john4:4), therefore when we speak his words everything must obey his word… Therefore learn what those spirits/sin means, that you may call them out by name… Verses talking to the air. #JesusIsComing #repent


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