Are you prepared to get through the darkness?

Jesus spoke of 5 wise virgins, and 5 foolish virgins. While they both had lamps, the wise virgins carried extra oil to keep their lamps running, and the foolish Virgins didn’t carry extra oil. As they waited on the person that was getting married to come, all the virgins slept. When he did come it was midnight, and all the virgins got up to go meet him. Yet due to it being night, they needed to utilize their lamps to get to the bridegroom. The wise virgins were able to get to him, because they had extra oil, yet the foolish virgins had no extra oil, so they had to go buy some, Which resulted in them not being able to attend the marriage. My question for you today is do you have oil in your lamp, that you can get through the darkness, and make it to Jesus? First off what does oil in a lamp do? Oil Allows the lamp to keep burning, that the person can see clearly in order to get where they need to go & etc., yet, this is exactly what the word of God / Holy Spirit does in our life (1 John 5:7) : Allows us to see clearly, from Gods perspective that we make godly decisions, and overcome everything that may come our way. Just as the lamp helps guide us, the bible tells us the holy spirit guides us into all truth as well! (john 16:13) this is why It is so important that you read the word of God daily, that you may be filled with oil… & be able to endure all the dark trials and tribulations that come into your life. The word of God will help you make godly decisions, even under pressure! The word of God, is where we learn of God! Yes you went down to the altar call, and said the salvation prayer… BUT DO YOU KNOW GOD? Do you know what he dislikes, and likes? Has his desires became your desires? Has his ways , and thoughts started to “rub off on you?”–Get in your word! You don’t want him to tell you, “get away from me… I never knew you” –Jesus said this will be said to ppl! (Matthew 15:1-13, Matthew 7:23)
Repent! Jesus is coming! Ask him to come into your life and save you!!!


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