How to keep your eyes on God?

#repost from 2014

This is what it means to keep your eye on God: thoughts “yea they using u” … Word of God: God divides the intentions of the heart… Thoughts “I need a job I have to pay this, this and that” word of God: God said he will supply all my needs… Thoughts ugh my car broke down word of God: “God will make the bad turn around for my good”… Thoughts: how am I going to do this next week… Word of God: worry about today… Our God is bigger than our problems and we ought to act like it… Don’t let the devil lie to u and allow u to get lost in thoughts created by demons…those things create worldly emotions… And we can’t be lead by emotions, nor thoughts but the word of God… And his Holy Spirit… However u MUST read ur bible… Repent! The kingdom of God is at hand!


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