How do you get over hurtful situations?

The word of God is like a band-aid. Band aids assist with healing wounds fast, while keeping it from dirt, and protecting the wound from infections. The problem is many don’t turn to the word of God to be their band-aid, in order to heal their wounds, which results in infections. So now, all those hurtful things that happen happened to many, haven’t been healed properly, which results in infections: bitterness, low-self esteem, pride, bad attitudes, feeling as if you aren’t good enough, depressed, sad, and etc., That one wound has infected other areas of your life, Just like a physical wound can affect other areas of a person life if it’s not treated properly. PLEASE LEARN WHAT GOD HAS SAID ABOUT YOU THAT YOU MAY HEAL FROM THINGS PROPERLY. God wants to allow those hurtful things you’ve went through to build your character, not break you ♥️


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