Don’t give up on God because things appear to be going wrong!

This morning I woke up in the spirit abt 4 times, and each time something different happened. Ive been having these experiences since I started walking with God, and from them God allows me to know before hand what he’s about to do, or what the enemy is attempting to do (and what I/Gods ppl in general need to do). The first time I woke up in the spirit I felt a presence approach me that was not of God, so IMMIDIATELY I began to praise God, and uplift him. As I praised God I felt everything around me shake… As if somethings were charging against me. The harder I praised God, the harder the atmosphere around me shook. God allowed me to know that the more we bring glory/praise/honor to his name, the more we lift him up… The more the enemy will seek to shake things up in our life, by sending different trials & etc., why? because the enemy hates God. He doesn’t want God getting any glory, praise, and honor. He doesn’t want any attention on God, he doesn’t want nobody thinking of him, considering to think on him, & etc., Satan wants praise for himself. He wants Gods ppl quiet, back-sliding, giving up because of all the trials occurring; and not working for God… Yet the best thing about it is the word of God says our enemies can speak words, and come up with plans… But their plans won’t stand, because God is with us! (Isaiah 8:10). The word says no weapon the enemy forms will prosper! (Isaiah 54:17) The word says though the devil fights against us, he won’t prevail! (Jeremiah 1:19) God is with us to deliver us! The devil can send a million trials into our life & still won’t accomplish ANYTHING! God will enable us to overcome, and come out of trials as if nothing occurred. The bible tells us when the enemy comes in like a flood, God will rise up a standard! That means when the devil sends things into your life to overwhelm you, (finances, sicknesses, relationships, jobs, arguments, things to stress you & etc., God word will be the standard, it will rise up and do what God said he will do, his word will stop all the enemies plans from prospering. The enemy won’t be able to do a thing. The bible says the plans of our enemies will be as a person who is hungry that has a dream of them eating, yet wakes up to no food at all… In other words Satan won’t accomplish anything!!! Satans plans will simply take us from glory to glory! They will be used to another level in Christ! We will come out with More wisdom, knowledge, faith, humility, & etc., ***therefore don’t be surprised if your striving to live for God, and to be a vessel for God, yet it seems like everything is going wrong in your life… See your situation as God said it is according to his word, and praise him anyway!!! You will see it all become visible!


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