Are you seeking God? 

The moment you start getting intimate with God, focusing on God, your thoughts are becoming consumed by God, The enemy comes to STEAL THAT FROM YOU YOU by consuming your mind with things that are out of your control (John 10;10) … Give it alllll to God… Believe God will work it out for your good & prepare the way before you (Romans 8:28, Deuteronomy 31:8) … & then keep your mind on God 😌😌😌 be heavenly minded (Colossians 3:2) . Focus on Gods promises, love, mercy, word & etc., verses the drama, and issues the enemy wants you thinking about: How am I going to pay for this, when will I be able to do this, family issues, car issues, job issues, he say/she say… #No #GiveItToGod God is trying to take us to another level & the enemy is trying to hinder us #Nope I thank God no weapon the enemy forms will prosper! (Isaiah 54:17)


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