Do you find yourself complaining?

The enemy wants to use unfortunate situations to influence us to complain… He knows what happened to the complainers when God was taking them from slavery, to the land he promised them: the wrath of God came upon the complainers, and they didn’t make it out the wilderness, into the promise land (numbers 14:26-35) … Therefore we must learn, take heed, & go about our tough situations a different way than complaining! Instead of complaining about your situation, thank god for all the times you weren’t in that situation! Thank god for all the days you didn’t have a head ache, thank god for all the days you were able to pay your bills on time, thank God for all the days he allowed your car to start, thank God for what he’s already done!!! & praise him for his promises in his word concerning your situation!!! The devil is defeated! God will do what he said he will do… Learn what he said ❤️ #LetsStopComplaining our situation doesn’t define how good our God is! Remember Moses told the Israelites when they were complaining about their situation, “your complaining isn’t against me, your murmurings are against God! (Exodus 16:8)” so in other words when we complain, we are really complaining against God .. The word says give thanks in all things because that’s the perfect will of God concerning you ❤ (️1 Thessalonians 5:18)–yet the word also says do all things without murmuring, In other words stop complaining. (Philippians 2:14) –Lets strive to live according to Gods word… Nothing is to hard for him!


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