Beware of the 2016 presidential election!!!

God said everything done in the dark is going to come to the light… & it’s definitely coming to pass with this election… I don’t think Christians should ignore what’s going on, because even in the bible God spoke a lot on what the leaders of nations did and he was not pleased… The wrath of God came down on nations because of what the presidents/kings did… Anyways… Did you know that Hilary Clinton gets funded by the same money that funds Isis??? She signed an agreement in 2009 stating she was to let the US know of all foreign donations that her charity received… And she didn’t, yet she received a million dollar check from a country that funds ISIS. Not to mention… Her charity is global, meaning governments from all over the world donate to her charity… Yet at the same time she has been in a political position in our country for years which causes ppl to think there is a conflict of interest… In other words can she be trusted??? Does she has our country best at interest, or is she letting ppl & countries that donate to her organization make decisions for her??? … That’s what they meant when they said she’s apart of a pay to play scheme… Ppl donated to her organization her to get jobs, access to events, things done & etc., because they knew she was in a position of power in the US being the Secretary of State… Research it for yourself… Better get right with Jesus because the government does not have our best at interest!


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