Here is a reason you shouldn’t assume

Take all things up to GOD in prayer, don’t be ashamed to ask God for help, and admit you don’t know something to him… After all his Holy Spirit is our teacher, didn’t we ask our teachers in school questions when we were uncertain about something? (John 14:26) 
While many Pharisees, priests, and people in general during Jesus time mentioned “no prophet comes out of Galilee,” in order to disqualify Jesus of being the savior, yet they never asked Jesus himself where he was born (according to scripture John 7: 40-42,52). Instead they assumed that because he grew up in a area, he was born there, Which was not so, Jesus was born in bethemlem, where the bible said the savior would be born. If the people asked Jesus where he was born, verses assuming (believing something Is true without proof) , that answer would have been a HUGE confirmation that Jesus was the savior. ASSUMING played a big role in the ppl unbelief, and rejection of the savior. Therefore Don’t be proud, take your concerns, and questions up to God… We don’t know it all. Don’t let assumptions about Gods word, or certain situations in general be the reason you don’t BELIEVE IN OUR SAVIOR, or the word of God. Instead take it up to God in prayer. God doesn’t want to see us deceived and in lies, he wants you to know the truth! (John 8:31-32, John 17:17)


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