Do you desire to impress God or man?

Who do desire to be honored by? Who do you desire to be praised by? who do you desired to be acknowledged by? God or man? Many ppl make decisions because they want to receive praise from man, verses praise from the creator, and this should not be so. Many ppl get involved in illegal activities, robbing, lies, sexual activities, dancing, smoking, drinking & etc., just to impress family, friends, women, men, or just to be considered cool by others. This should not be so. We should be living to impress God, and be honored by God; the one who died for our sins in spite of everything we ever did (John 3:16-17). The one who knows every wrong thing we do, and think, But decides to wake us up every single day giving us another chance to turn from rebellion (psalms 139:2) . Only the Lord can save us. Only he can make ways out of no ways for us. Therefore Seek honor from God, not man. Do things that please God, and make him happy. Read the bible so that you can find out what pleases God, that you may be able to do it ❤️ (John 6:44, Galatians 1:10)


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