Did you expect this to happen when you asked to get closer to God?

Many of us want to get to a state where we can trust God, have more faith, rely on him & etc,. yet you must know that one of the ways our faith/trust/reliability in God increases is from us seeing God be faithful to us when we are in TRIALS, and hardships. That means as you pray for your faith to increase, a closer relationship with God, or to see his love… you may see things shake up in your life. But God has your best at interest… Because how can you trust the hand of God, unless you see it help you? Unless you see him be loyal and faithful to you? (just think, the creator of the whole world is so patient and understanding that he works patiently with us, to help us KNOW his love. He could be like I’m God I don’t have to explain and play games with y’all!!! JUST DO IT Lol ) ***therefore when you find yourself going through financial issues, job issues, relationship issues, emotional issues, health issues… Rejoice, he is answering your prayers & using that situation to increase your trust in him. He wants you to see that he loves you, he hears you, he cares about you, and he is your help… Turn to God in trials, the outcome of them will allow you to trust him more, to the point you will be obedient…


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