Are you trying to get closer to God? Read!

For those who are beginning their walk with God, coming back to God & etc., this is a FYI. God HATES when we gossip/talk about ppl/make mean posts about ppl on social media. Throughout the bible their are constant reminders to us to stop letting mean/corrupt/ungodly things come out of our mouth, and to only speak things that will help ppl (Ephesians 4:29)… To the point one scripture says: whoever calls themselves religious, but can’t bridle their tongue… They are deceived and their religion is vain. In other words–if you can’t stop speaking evil, yet your claiming to serve God… The Christian you claim to be/relationship with God you confess to have is vain and pointless/ Non existing (James 1:26). The bible tells us we will give a account for every word we let come out of our mouth (Matthew 12:36), and that it’s not the things we eat that defile us… But the things we let come out of our mouth that defiles us and makes us unclean in the eyes of God (Matthew 15:11). Instead of dogging ppl out/gossiping / making mean posts about ppl via social media when we notice they are struggling in a area / out the will of God… We should be praying that God helps them, and delivers them. Not to mention words hurt. Many ppl are depressed, sad, suicidal, insecure, and Etc., due to the words spoken to them, or about them. Instead of using the power in our tongue to bring death/hurt to someone life… Pray for them that we may bring life/help to their life (proverbs 18:21). The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy… Not us (John 10:10). We have to stop letting the devil use us, and let God use us. Would you want ppl talking about you and dogging you out? No… The bible says treat ppl how you want to be treated, not how they treat you (Luke 6:31)… Feel free to look up those scriptures daily if you feel you struggle with ungodly speaking. Confess to God that you struggle in this area & ask him to help you speak the way he wants you to speak.


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