Are you resisting the devil?

The bible says Resist the devil and he will fleeeeee (James 4:7). In other words refuse to obey the devil & he’ll leave you; Certain things won’t tempt you to do wrong as much, you’ll have rest, and peace in those areas you resist the devil in (rather it’s thoughts, doubt, or actions of sin itself). Yet are we resisting the devil, or are we holding hands with him??? How can we bind Devils and cast them out, when we chill with Devils all day (Luke 10:19)? You ask how you chill with Devils, your chilling with him when your watching worldly tv / listening to worldly music that advertises gossip, fornication, homosexuality, lying, stealing sin & etc., How? God said come out from those things (2 Corinthians 6:17)! Have no fellowship with them. The bible says DONT BE DECEIVED, evil communication corrupts good manners (1 Corinthians 15:33) . In other words don’t let the devil trick you into thinking it’s ok to listen/watch evil things, the fact is: if you let evil things into your mind, it will corrupt you and cause you to be evil. Stop holding hands with the devil. The bible says no man that warreth entangles himself with the affairs of this world that he may please God (2 Timothy 2:4). Just like when you water a plant it grows, When you allow things that advertises sin to willingly enter your mind, it feeds your sinful desires… Strengthening those evil spirits/desires within you, ultimately making it harder for you to stop lying, fornicating, stealing, manipulating, drinking, sinning & etc., Why? Because you strengthen/feed it daily with the things you invite into your life. Do you not know that Jesus calls it luke warm when we try to be cool with the devil/sin, and be cool with God (revelations 3:16)? Have you not read that Jesus said he’s going to spit the Luke warm out? In other words they can’t come into his kingdom. We have to be ALL FOR JESUS… Completely submitting to him and obeying him only. We have to stop being disobedient. If this is something your struggle with, confess it to God, and ask him to set you free from watching/listening to things that promote sin.


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