The devil is a liar!

God had to take me back to Exodus to remind me lol… What happen when God sent moses to deliver his ppl from slavery/bondage, So they could worship God? Pharoah was like oh… They trying to serve God??? Let me lay some burdens on them, let me make it hard on them, let me overwhelm them, let me assign things to afflict them, and oppress them…. (Exodus 5) The devil is trying to do those samethings today, as God delivers his ppl from sin. The enemy see’s us getting close to God and he is sending things into our life, with attempts to overwhelm us, stress us, and worry us… But what does the word say happened when Pharoah tried to oppress them? THE MORE THEY AFFLICTED THEM, THE MORE THEY MULTIPLIED AND GREW (EXODUS 1:12) These present trials are not worthy to be compared to the GLORY of GOD that’s going to be revealed to us!!! (Romans 8:18) What’s Gods glory??? His ways, his things, his love, his joy, his blessings, and etc., The bible says Don’t be surprised because of these FIREYYYYY trials… Dont start thinking O_O something strange and crazy is going on in my life… REJOICEEEEEE!!! BE HAPPY BE GLAD…. for sharing sufferings with Christ!!! (1 peter 4:12-14) … The enemy is just mad because we are on our way to the kingdom of God!!!


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