Jesus loves you!

Lets put on the full armor of God–the helment of salvation… Be heavenly minded… Don’t focus on your situation, focus on what God said for your situation. Get your sword out–the word of God to fight off all the lies/thoughts the devil tries to whisper, the breast plate of righteousness… Let’s strive to live according to what GOD DECLARES TO BE RIGHT, your shield of faith–believe what God said inspite of what’s going on… Rejoice in his promises, he is a God that can’t lie… It will happen… Be girded in truth–let everything we do be justified by the word. Put your sandals of the gospel of peace–spread the gospel, stand on his word… Rely on it, depend on it… God isn’t like man, he won’t let us down if we choose to do what he said, verses doing what the devil wants us to do…. While I hope no one finds themselves having a rough day, yet if you happen to… Ask yourself… Do I have on my armor??? Am I thinking how I’m supposed to think? Am I using scriptures to resist the devil? Is my mind on the promises of God? Am I doing what God declares to be right… & etc., even if your not pray that God gives you the strength to do it! Someone reminded me that the bible says the devil will wear out some of the saints of God in the last days… No no no… He’s not wearing me out!!! Be merciful to me God!!! You said even the young ppl will get weary and faint… But those who wait on you will mount up on wings like a eagle and soar, nor will we get weary!!! (Ephesians 6, Daniel 7, Isaiah 40:30-31)


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