Don’t be deceived!

Most Christians don’t want to stop watching TV shows that promote sin, nor stop listening music that promotes sin… Because they feel they are grown, and it won’t influence them. Yet, if this was true… Do you think companies like Doritos, Budwiser, different movies that come out, restuarants, cheetos, GM, FORD, Chrysler, car dealerships, bars, strip clubs, and etc., would spend billons of dollars a year on PROMOTION/ADVERTISMENTS & etc., FOR NOTHING? Do you think they are going to waste their money on getting their business out to you if they didn’t think the ad’s would influence you enough to make a purchase, or come to their venue? Do you think they would spend this money year after year after year… With no hopes of getting something from you? Well understand the devil works the same way… For one… Your already out the will of God when you take in that stuff willingly… Because your not resisting the devil… Therefore those evil spirits you need to be delivered from won’t free… Because you let them entertain you daily… Yet satan knows if he advertises REBELLION/SIN to you over, & over, and over… you will begin to think its ok, you will No longer resisit it… & you will ventually end up doing it… Therefore come out from the worldddddddd….. Let that stuff go… The devil is trying to lead you to hell… Its not worth it… This is why God says what has light to do with darkness (2 corinthians 6:14)? Let your eye be SINGLE ( matthew 6:22 taking in the things of God only) Come out of Babylon/SIN (Revelations 18:4)… If Jesus died to save us from sin… Do you think he wants us to keep playing with something that can kill us? and agreeing with it? That’s like if you got saved from a bacteria you caught while smoking weed… Would you want to keep smoking that same weed? No… So why should we keep living in sin that we were saved from? We have to leave it alone! I pray God gives us strength and a WILLING mind to want to serve him. Because the bible says he will receive us if we have a WILLING mind! (2 corinthians8:12)


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