I went home yesterday to discover someone had broken in… But you know what? I thank god for all the times my home didn’t get broken into, I thank god that all my babies stuff was there… I thank God that noooooo oneeeeee is going to take my peace of mind and sense of security that I have Christ (Philippians 4:7) . God is good, and he can only do good. He’s still a protector! (Psalms 121:7) He still has a hedge of protection around me. I’m going to be thankful in all things because that’s the perfect will of God concerning me (1 Thessalonians 5:18)… He said he won’t put me through too much than I can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13) 😌😌😌 … Can you receive the good of the Lord, and not the bad? 🤔 (only by the grace of God I can!!!! Job 2:10) the enemy is sooooo mad… Because he thought I was done this summer after allllll the stuff he sent into my life in 2015-2016 began to effect me… But my God is not a liar!!!! He has given me the strength to go on, and he has and will continue to cause me to triump through all things because of Christ!!! Nothing will keep me back from doing what God has called me to do! I know this walk can get tough at times… But that’s where our faith is seen… Do you believe in God enough to keep striving & believing it will get better? Or do you throw in the towel, depart from him & start doing your own thing??? God can tell if we have faith or not from what we do when we see adversity/trials/afflictions… PLEASE PRAY TO NOT BE DECEIVED IN THIS HOUR… There are so many false prophets & deceptions among us… If we aren’t sober minded/aware/alert, we will be deceived EASILY. The bible says if possible, due to all the deceptions/false prophets… The ELECT shall be deceived … The elect is those who serve God FULLY… We have to make sure everything we do is on one accord with God… So that we aren’t deceived! Don’t get caught up in anything but the WORD. Remember, The wheat looks just like the tares, and Jesus said that ppl will cast out Devils/demons in his name… Yet he would say get away from me I didn’t know you!!!! (Matthew 7:22-23)


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