Jesus loves you 

I pray God removes the blinders from our eyes, so that we can see how serious this battle for our souls is… Satan is so tricky, and sneaky… He makes evil look good, which deceives us and causes us to be passive about things we should be against and reject. We listen to music that promotes killing ppl, yet we would hate if someone killed our loved one. Why be apart of it, or associate with that type of stuff at all? Why do we want to go to haunted houses? Haunted means something visited by evil spirits, and torment. Why do I want to go to a place with evil spirits that desire to harm me, and get me to do things God declares to be wrong? Why should I dress up a witch, and they harm ppl and cast spells on ppl? The devil is a liar!!! I passed a billboard the other day that said “visit dead land,” which was a name of a haunted house… Why would I want to go to a place called dead land? We have to wake up… Satan has us agreeing, and being ok with all this evil stuff… & When we agree with evil, we give these evil spirits PERMISSION to operate/manifest/bring things into our life… Please repent and ask God to remove the blinders off of your eyes so you can see things the way GOD sees it, verses seeing things the way we want to see it… Because we as ppl will always come up with a way to justify what we want to do. ***That holiday comes from people trying to merge religions… On the day of halloween, one of the religions halloween stems from would bring their animals down, thinking they had special powers… and praise them/worship them so they could make it through the yr… and they felt during that time of the yr spirits could cross over to our world and dwell among them… We are to deal with no spirits but the HOLY SPIRIT.


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