Give yourself to God completely!

A few weeks ago I was reading the book of chronicles & the book of kings & I read something that disturbed me… Yet i saw it a few times about different kings. while many Kings (or presidents) served God with all their heart, meaning they obeyed God completely… There were also many kings that gave God half of them. The bible stated some kings “did right by God, but not with a perfect heart,”or “he served God but he didn’t remove the places where they would praise Devils.” Now I don’t know about y’all, But By the grace of God I want God to have allllll of me… I want to give up everything that’s not like him! I don’t want to serve God with a bit of me. I don’t want him to rule over just a bit of me. I don’t want him to just be lord over my money, and not Lord over my attitude, and mouth…. I don’t want to have areas in my life where I willingly obey the devil. I don’t want my actions to appear well, but the reasons behind my actions are evil… We need to ask God to put a clean heart in us that shows no partiality… A heart that desires God, and his ways alone… The bible says the kingdom of God is like a person that finds a treasure hid in a field, hides it… & sells allllllll he has and buys the field with joy… In other words when you find God, you keep him/his word close to your heart by reading in it daily, and give up everythingggggg that doesn’t line up with his word that you may get him… WITH JOY! How much are you willing to give up for God??? Pray that you give up all that isn’t of him!


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