Jesus is Lord!

Some ppl/pastors/ministers & etc., have awesome words of knowledge, and wisdom… In regards to explaining how God moves & works, which encourages ppl in a MAJOR way & takes away feelings of discouragement & despair for a moment… Yet the ways of God and the life style he calls us to live is never taught which results in ppl not seeing the promises of God occur in their life. It’s like they hear how God moves through the scriptures being preached, they can imagine it from the sermon that’s being preached… But they don’t obtain the promise, nor see it manifest in their life because they aren’t given all the steps. It’s like being given 3 ingredients to make a pie that contains 10 ingredients… Yeah your excited, and encouraged at first because you see the picture of how it’s going to turn out, and you know it’s going to taste good… Yet you only have 3 out of the 10 ingredients, which results in pretty much nothing being produced… Likewise with us when we are only taught HALF OF THE THINGS OF GOD… Mannnn the full gospel needs to be preached!!! —Remember the bible says: we must have faith and works! We have to believe and do! No good thing will God keep back from us if we walk uprighteously. We will be blessed IF we hearken to his voice!!! I thank God for Giving us things we don’t deserve!!!! #Gracee


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