Are we ministering correctly?

I had a dream a few weeks ago, and in the dream I saw that Gods ppl were sharing him incorrectly. We must share Jesus, his words, and ways in love; To genuinely want to see someone saved, helped, redeemed from hell & etc., verses in a “I’m right, your wrong… Argumentative, aggressive, striving way.” When we mention the sin in someone life, it should never be to put that person down, and lift ourselves up… But to genuinely want them to live for God and know the right way.” ***not to mention that The bible says mention a persons faults in humility, or you could start struggling in that area yourself (Galatians 6:1)*** God is weighing our hearts–he knows what’s motivating us, and causing us to do things, Yes those things matter. Did you give that person a ride because you want to help them/be kind/would want it done for you? Or did you give that person a ride because you know your car will be in the shop soon and you’ll need some help? That’s incorrect, we shouldn’t do things for our selfish motives and needs… But out of love, and compassion for others… A desire to see others relieved and helped. We have to get out of ourselves, and get into God way of doing things ❤️


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