The devil is a liar! 

The devil tried to switch it up… He knew he couldn’t get away with ppl literally worshipping items by getting on their knees, praying to items; praising items, cutting themselves/burning things for statues that couldn’t breathe, walk, talk, see, or hear… He knew that ppl would catch on and stop worshipping those things, because reality is those items can’t Save them (this is in reference to how in the Old Testament ppl literally would bow before statues as a form of worship & etc.,) So what did the devil do in order to switch it up? He now influences ppl to disregard others, and God for items, or themselves instead. How? Well he’ll get a person to lie for a item, have sex for a item, murder for money… Which would be putting a item or yourself over what God said, which is disregarding God for a item… Which basically means you worship /serve that item and not God… The enemy will influence ppl to Rob a person, talk about a person, and etc., which is disregarding God ways by not treating ppl the way you want to be treated. The devil is a liar!!!! Learn God ways so that you can put him first!!! The bible tells us that God is his word, therefore that’s how you learn of him!!!(John 1:1)


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