Jesus is coming!

This man had church in his home and they fined him 630$ in Russia…. This is what they are trying to bring to America… Its starting off with the LGBT community, they don’t want us to be able to say anything biblical regarding the behaviors of homosexuals… They feel “its hurting their feelings” … Well what about God feelings O_o… Do you not know that the bible tells us God cries because of the sins we commit (Jeremiah 9:1)? Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made… You were made PERFECT WHEN THE LORD CREATED YOU. His eyes/pereption of you is the only perception that matters… Nobody else died for you, BUT JESUS!!! See yourself the way God sees you! He loves you so much!!! The devil keeps influencing/persuading us to believe that we are something that we are not! We aren’t homosexuals, liars, thieves, evil thinkers, killers, drug abusers, adulterers, fornicators, & etc., … We are children of the most high God, we are set apart, WE ARE DIFFERENT… A holy ppl!!! & God will teach us to live like it! Learn of him!!! Believe in him!!! He is coming soon!!! <3


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