Don’t look down, look up and pray! 

Its so EASY to look at a person life and look down on them, but instead we should look up and pray for them. Its so easy to look at someones life and go “how could they do that, what’s wrong with them, their stupid, didn’t you learn the first time? they dumb, they don’t even take care of their kids/never with their kids, how are they on drugs? why would she make that video, and etc.,” Yet this is soooooo incorrect. We need to humble ourselves, and pray for them. We should be praying that God softens their heart, reveals himself to them, break those chains that are causing them to commit sin, open their eyes to the lies of the enemy, enable them to raise their children correctly, and etc., The bible teaches us how to approach ppl when they are caught up in sin: It says if someone is in sin, restore them in HUMILITY, or we may start struggling in those same areas as well (Galatians 6:1) … In other words help that person with a sincere heart, bring the situation to their attention out of love… To help them… Not to condemn them & put them down… Or we may see ourself battling in those same exact areas… Yet because we approach it the wrong way, that’s why some of us find ourselves going through the SAMETHING we dogged someone else out for***. That’s PRIDE when we look down on ppl because of their sins… Know that Its a GIFT to be doing ANYTHING God’s way… In other words God can snatch any Godly wisdom/understanding you think you have, that’s allowing you to be “godly,” and you won’t know where it went… Therefore, instead of looking down on these ppl, and condeming them, we ought to pray. Especially knowing that this is a spirtual battle, strong holds are real, demons influence ppl; because outside of Christ you have NO CONTROL OVER YOURSELF… YOU MAY THINK YOU DO, BUT YOU DON’T… Not to mention there was a time in our life where we were blinded by satan, and caught up in sin as well. Repent… Jesus loves us… The king is coming ❤


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