Jesus loves you! 

#PowerOfAgreement the power of agreeing is so powerful to the point Jesus said wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them (Matthew 18:20). In other words there his spirit is doing whatever he said he would do, concerning what we agree on. But what happens when we agree/are ok with with evil spirits (Lying, homosexuality, stealing, sex outside of marriage, cheating on spouses, getting drunk, witchcraft, manipulating, arguing, robbing& etc.,) ? There that spirit will be in the midst of us as well… In other words that behavior will be around us. Know & Understand that as a mother, wife, father, husband, and etc., When you AGREE with evil, you give that spirit LEGAL authority/ rights to operate in your life, and your family life. You may not participate in that activity, but because you agreed with it, felt it was ok, and didn’t stand up for what God said… That spirit has the authority to operate in your family life/ love one life… I mean… You did say that you were ok with it right? Example: While you haven’t physically participated in homosexual activities… In your heart, or during a convo you stated you feel it’s ok for ppl to do what they want to do regarding that topic, and now you’re noticing your son is gay, or While you haven’t cheated on your spouse, you justified your sister dating a married man, and now you’ve found out your husband is cheating on you… Do you get it? When you AGREE with a spirit, you give it RIGHTS/AUTHORITY to enter into your life/children life. That’s why they say some sins/strong holds/rebellious ways we have are GENERATIONAL/inherited/ Through the bloodline of our family… Because that behavior/spirit didnt attach itself to us through a action/behavior the individual did, but an action/behavior that a family member did… THEREFORE COVER YOUR FAMILY, Stand in the gap and pray for them, submit to the word of God, ask God to forgive them and save them!!! God gave us ALLLLLL power over satan (luke 10:19). EVERYTHING must submit to the word, and obey the word. ***For those with children and one parent is saved, and the other is not… Don’t panic lol… God said the word he put in your mouth, and his spirit he put upon you… He won’t even take it from your children, nor your grand children!!! (Isaiah 59:21) So that means that just as its unlawful for those spirits to operate in your life… Its unlawful to operate in your life! Just like you don’t agree with it, your children won’t agree with it!!!*** Lord give us the strength to submit to your word & speak what you said when needed!!!! Let us agree with NOTHING that’s opposite of your word!!!


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