Jesus is coming! Repent!

So I was on mac website looking for this lip gloss I use to wear… and alllllll the pretty colors had the most sinful names… “LUST, NYMPH, HEROINE, EXPLICIT, SPITE, REBEL, MYTH” … O_o Bro, i’m not putting that on my lips… Ppl don’t understand how serious that is… Their attaching evil stuff to things simple as lip gloss/ lip sticks… Lust leads to sin (the bible tells us the corruption in this world entered through LUST, nymph is a spirit, heroine is a drug, explicit means sexual activity in a graphic form, spite is just being evil/mean to someone, rebel is being rebellious, myth…. is a LIE” Whhyyyyyyy couldnt they just name the colors “Pink” … “Rose.” “Sparkle” or something… Satan is a LIAR.


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