Don’t give up on God! 

The other day I was coming off the freeway, and I saw this man standing there with a sign saying he was hungry… I was going to give him these fruit cups… But as soon as the light turned green, he started walking the opposite way of traffic and I wasn’t able to give it to him… I began to think… How many ppl give up right when God is about to move in their life bless them? How many put their prayers, and confidence to the side… Right when God has sent his word fourth to answer you? How many ppl stop resisting lies, and doubt… Just when God is about to break that strong hold and give you peace in your mind regarding that situation? God said we are to pray and faint not (Luke 18:1) we must Be fully persuaded that God will do it! (Romans 4:21) that means don’t give up on what your asking for when God has told us in his word that he will do it! God is not a man that he should lie (numbers 23:19), we have NO REASON TO GIVE UP. WE HAVE A GREAT HOPE IN GOD… WE HAVE MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO… DIDNT HE SAY HE LOOKS OVER HIS WORD TO PERFORM IT? (Jeremiah 1:12) DIDN’T HE SAY HEAVENS AND THE EARTH WILL PASS AWAY BEFORE HIS WORD DOESNT COME TO PASS? DIDNT HE SAY SCRIPTURES CANT BE BROKEN??? (John 10:35, Mark 13:31) SO WHY GIVE UP ON A GOD THAT CAN’T LIE? HIS WORD WILL BECOME VISIBLE IN OUR LIFE… HE SAID BE STEADFAST… THAT MEANS DONT DEPART FROM THE FAITH… STAND ON HIS WORD!!! RESIST THE DEVIL LIES AND HE WILL FLEE!!!


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