Don’t get distracted! 

Yesterday I was at work, and soon as I start reading my bible this girl came up to me showing me this cute website boutique… &as I was looking at it God let me know that it was a distraction, simply because soon as I began reading… Here comes something to take my attention off of him… Yet that’s how satan works… He’ll send ANYTHING your way to hinder you, distract you, delay you, so that you lose focus/sight of God… He wants us to be so worried, over whelmed, stressed out, that our focus is no longer on God, and learning of him… But on our problem. Do not be ignorant of satans devices… The word says keep your eyes on God, and he will keep you in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3)!!! In other words focus on what God said for your situation, not the problems going on in your life… Then you’ll be able to think***& I see why the enemy was trying to keep me from my bible yesterday lol, because the stuff I read helped me out and encouraged me so much… God really answered my prayer! ***I remember when I first started seeking God… The devil would send EVERYTHING lol… Mainly reality TV shows… Its like I would put everything before God: exercising, TV, lounging around, and etc., & by the time I got around to bible time… I would fall asleep O_o Pray that God allows you to recognize the tactics the enemy is using against you!!!!


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