8 ppl stabbed at a mall in Minnesota… And they said Isis did it… By the grace of God… God revealed to me that once that Islam/Muslim/Isis spirit got here… It would run rampant causing chaos in our country just like other countries… And it is… At this time I didn’t know how it would get here, but now I see it’s getting here through the refugee program where so many terrorists will sneak in our country as a refugee… Just like they have done in Europe. Repent! Seek God, he is coming! They have allowed 10k + refugees here this year… Literally 1,000s of refugees within the last few months to meet Obama goal of 10k by September… Yet now they are trying to pass a law to get 100k here next year… I pray that God opens the eyes of everyone so they can see what’s occurring and about to occur.
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Dream from 2015 January 

Islam is Satans religion… Believing in it or conforming to anything of it allows satan to use you as a host and possess you… It’s literally death…I wouldn’t even advise ppl to hang out with them due to what is about to take place… Not to mention spirits can cling to others… (2 Timothy3: 5-8) Last night in a dream satan sent me a strong influence, and in the dream I was influenced to do something that religion does… However right after it I was immediately attacked by a demon… When i went back to sleep God gave me a dream: I was at a basketball game… The back of the jerseys had some weird writing and I was inclined to know it meant they were Muslims… It was like a mark that identified them…. Their were white colored spirits in shapes of horses on the stands at the basketball game and they began to fall upon them, it then began to fall upon everyone at the game and they all became possessed and very violent everyone began fighting each other… It went from person to person… It didn’t matter how a person looked or what their appearance was… once that spirit came upon them it took them completely over…. It was like the spirits in shapes of horses were horses of death… (Revelations8: 3,4,7,8) Plzzzz don’t conform to Islam… Have no parts with its darkness… (2 Corinthians 6:17)Nobody died for them, no blood was shed, no will was left for them… they will inherit nothing but hell… Their whole religion is based off lies and hate. And this is a big deal… God said have no other Gods (Exodous 34:14), come out from them… Jesus died for us… The least we can do is be obedient… Yes we spread the gospel, be a light, and pray for them… But that’s it… Satan is powerful, but he is no where near as powerful as the children of the most high God… Because it is God that dwells in Us… But when u are in ur sin u are so weak and so vulnerable to satan tactics and influences… That’s why everybody is sleep now and don’t understand what is going on… Because of Satan and his witchcraft… (Witchcraft it a form of control… Witchraft can be listed as all the strong influences that are in music, TV, and etc., to influence us to do wrong… Satan is tricky… When he sent me that influence I could tell that it was all planned out) Plz pray against his influences… 

God should be our ONLY influence) Revelations 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.


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